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  1. This was exactly the problem, I removed the :: and all works again, thanks! Jaap.
  2. Hi Oskar, Thanks for your fast reply and I'm definately not complaining, just looking for a bit of support. I will make the changes, thanks again! Jaap.
  3. Hi Urs, I have tried it again this afternoon and started up MSFS, filled in the flightplan and MSFS was running at least 10 minutes. After that I started up the EFB2 server and the EFB2 client. Again I am getting the message "FSUIPC7 is not running, please start FSUIPC7.exe Any other suggestion? Thanks, Best regards, Jaap.
  4. Hi, I use the MSFS batch file from FSUIPC (paid version) to start MSFS and FSUIPC. After that I startup the EFB2 server and Client. Often I get the message from the client that I have to run FSUIPC. I am very sure that FSUIPC is running, because it automatically does with this batch file. When I run FSUIPC again, it works. Any idea why it doesn't work while FSUIPC has been started? Why do I have to load it again? Thanks!
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