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  1. No, this is a hardcoded figure which changes depending to flight conditions. The Algorithm for waypoint sequencing is quite complex. There are no "simple" figures that can be changed.
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    EGKK Incorrect taxiway

    Hi ??? (please follow our forum rules) The Ground Layout has nothing to do with AIRAC. It is depicting exactly what is in the AFCAD BGL of the respective airport. So, as a consequence you need to complain with the respective Add-On Developer.
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    it's in "C:\Users\<your name>\Documents\AivlaSoft\SimpleCam\Manual
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    P3D V4.4

    Please comply with our forum rules and sign your posts with your real first name. Apart from that, it might be helpful to be a bit more specific about "not working". Unfortunately this is nothing that we can trace any error with.
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    P3D V4.4

    No update is required for P3D V4.4. I have it working flawlessly from the beginning of V4.4. Make sure the correct FSUIPC version is installed.
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    It's available now.
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    Hi Daniel, Please comply with our forum rules and use English for any contribution in our forum. the main reason for not "recognizing" these taxiways is that there are no taxiways in the respective AFCAD BGL! Those connections are made of runway links, to allow for AI traffic to be guided on these taxiways. Runway links however arenot depicted in EFB as they usually are part of a runway. With our special AFCAD feature we will however be able to depict the taxiways correctly. I will make a respective file to show the taxiways where they ought to be. You will soon (give me an hour or so) find a special AFCAD BGL in our contributions Section. See here in a few: https://forum.aivlasoft.com/topic/3005-afcad/ and read the installation instructions carefully.
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    Flickering Black Box

    I had a similar issue on other add-on software that I used in parallel with P3D V4. We traced it to a memory conflict within the Graphics Memory. An update of the Graphics Card driver (I use NVIDIA) cured the problem. This might at least be a hint. Apart from that I can't recreate your issue here. I use NVIDIA GTX 1070 and 1080 on my computers with the latest 417.35 drivers.
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    Maddog X

    Hi Pat, I take it that the Maddog X' airfile is named md-83-88.air, right? So, the only thing you have to do is: - either create a new profile with all respective data from the Maddog X, using md-83-88 as the proper entry in the respective "Airfile name" field or - add the entry md-83-88 in the existing profile's "Airfile name" field. There is no need to create any additional paths or files. As long as the Simulator finds the installation path for the Maddog X, EFB v2 will find it too.
  10. Hi Colin, Yes, this is something that can happen under very rare circumstances, if the discrepancy between the Routing and the actually flown path is exceeding a certain limit, as EFB is then not able to synchronize waypoint passage. It mainly happens (but not exclusively) with heavier metal. A simple remedy to re-sync EFB is to make a DCT-TO to the next waypoint in the EFB-Flightplan.
  11. Please Daniel, before you start complaining and accusing in a general matter you should specify your problen in a way that everyone in this forum is able to understand. And please also respect our forum rules which require all contributions in English.
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    Multiple Server disconnect

    Hi Dirk, Thank your for your kind words 😃! I have analyzed the attached clientLogfile, however I don't see any trace of a disconnect. What I see however are a few errors encountered during the last flights. One was invoked by a (improper?) profile and a few others by an invalid minia file for EHAM. you might want to check the respective profile and minima file by the ones that we have published in our "contributions" sections. Maybe they are different to some extent. Regarding the disconect it might be interesting how the disconnect manifested itself on the (remote) Server display. Did you see the red "Server Connection" Warning in the STATUS window? Did the Client reconnect automactically?
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    Missing in Airports

    Great to heat that you sorted it out! Just for my own interest: Why would you use a Migration Tool to install Aerosoft's ENGM into P3D V4? The latest installer (ENGM 2.0 V1.13) is including P3D V3 and V4 for native installing. I personally never use a Migration Tool anymore. Those things are outdated quite a bit as today you get more or less all modern Airports updated to P3D V4.
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    Missing in Airports

    Hi Jarle, Yes, of course a Logfile is alwyays helpful. Please create a set of support files as described here: https://forum.aivlasoft.com/topic/3046-how-to-create-a-support-file/ It's the best way to find out what went wrong. Nevertheless be advised that a "Warning" is not necessarily something that prohibits operation of EFB v2. An "Error" would be more serious. The Support Files will give us a clue of the what's and whereabouts of these warnings.
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    Missing in Airports

    Have you rebuilt the database ("Update Simulator" Tab on the DbBuilder) ? Mine looks exactly like the screenshot from Jonas.
  16. lonewulf47

    Missing in Airports

    I'm sorry, this seems to be a giant misunderstanding! EFB v2 does not read any original data from AIP's or similar sources for ground layouts! EFB v2 reads data from Simulator Installations (Add-Ons or default airports). Any updates in that respect must of course be implemented by the respective Add-On developer(s). This is one of the basic concepts of EFB v2. It shows EXACTLY what you have INSTALLED on your simulator.
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    Missing in Airports

    Hi Henning, Not sure what you are talking about exactly. My guess is that you are using an Add-On for ENGM. Whatever is depicted from an airport is derived from the BGL of the respective Add-On developer. Missing parking spots an similar are beyond the scope of EFB v2. They need to be added by the Add-On developer.
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    I can not use checklit in EFB2

    Hi Jean-Luc, The checklists in EFB v2 are no longer in XML-format. The "old style" checklists from WFB v1 can however be imported into the checklist editor. This part is described in the manual "5 Client", in chapter 12.2 "Profile Editor", subchapter 12.2.5 "Checklists". On the Checklist page of the profile editor you will find a button "Import v1 checklist", which allows ou to import the old XML format, the edit it /if necessary) and save it for the respective A/C.
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    Help needed with simple assignments!

    You're welcome 😃! Enjoy !
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    Help needed with simple assignments!

    Sorry, it's all described on page 9 of the manual:(make sure the NumLock is activated) The manual is to be found at: C:\Users\<username>\Documents\AivlaSoft\SimpleCam\Manual if a standard installation is 1) Move the camera by the described keys into the desired position (and ONLY by the described keys. DO NOT USE the Hat Switch for that!) 2) Hold down the "Ctrl" key and press (simultaneously) the desired numeric key (the key where you wish the Camera Position to be stored) That's all. The Position is now stored on the desired key
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    License server down?

    No problems at this time (2 min ago)
  22. Just as a sidenote: Did you ever consider to also start P3D with Admin Rights? AFAIK this is a requirement for PMDG. Not sure whether it is for other Add-On developers too. As I always start all programs with full Admin Rights I can't give any comments on that. I just don't have any of the problems mentioned here.
  23. You can easily do a search on the Username "leodirk". You will find out that the reported problem was of a completely different kind and was finally solved by rebooting teh computer.
  24. I can't confirm that. I did exactly the same starting order with the A2A C172 loaded in P3D and that did not cause any problem. The profile also loads without a glitch. I would wonder about any problems with a specific A/C. I am a longtime betatester with A2A and always have a number of A2A planes in my Simulators. It never caused any problems with EFB v2. in fact, I can't see any correlation other than the profile not loading if the *.air file were not matching the requirement in the profile, but in case of the A2A C172 the respective entry is "C172" and that loads the profile as required.
  25. To delete those attachments, you need to go into the specific thread (link to the right side) and delete it there. Nevertheless I do not see any quota indicated and I have a filesize limit of 511 MB despite having 5 pages totalling 121 attachments. So I'm not sure what is going on in your browser. I would suggest to send the Logfiles to the support address indicated above.