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  1. Ok, disregard the part about changing the storing path for Flightplans in the "ServerSettings.txt" files. This path is alyway read from FSUIPC and and thus not alterable. I wasn't aware of that anymore. In a newer build this path is not accessible anymore either. The point is that something with your installation seems to be wrong as FSX:SE is obvioulsy using the FSX Default Data path although in the registry the FSX:SE Data path is available. ATM I don't see any possibility to change this. Did you in the past change the FSX:SE installation in any way?
  2. Die you check in BOTH directories and did you check the timestamp(s) of the "EFB_current_gps.pln" ? Could you please attach the SupportFiles?
  3. That's ok then. Those are the most recent builds. I assume that you have standar installation paths. Then go to C:\Users\<Username>\Documents\AivlaSoft\EFB2\Server\Settings and look for the file "serverSettings.txt" - Make a backup copy of that file then open the original file with a text editor - Look for the section [SimulatorFsxSe] - Within that section look for the line - FlightplanFolder = C:\Users\User\Documents\ Flight Simulator X - Steam Edition Files - Here you should replace this entry with Flight Simulator X Files - Do not change anything else nor add any lines and save the file. - This should replace the Flight Plan path.
  4. Ok, but first we need to sort out a few things about your installation. Please repot the build # of both Server and Client.
  5. To me it seems that for whatever reason I don't know - FSX:SE is accessing and using the FSX default Documents path. I muyt admit that I'm not familiar with the what's and whereabouts of FSX Steam Edition. When and why it is using the default FSX path is completely unknown to me. As a first remedy you can try to change the Flight Plan path manually. Do you have enough knowledge to manually edit a textfile?
  6. Please let's take one after the other. We need to know which folder your FSX:SE is accessing for a *.pln type Flightplan. According to specs FSX:SE reads Flightplans from <Documents> "Flight Simulator X - Steam Edition Files". If EFB detects (correctly) an FSX:SE installation then this would be the correct path for any *.pln type Flightplan. Unfortunately not every FSX.SE installation uses this path as default, the reason for it is unknown to me. Now the first thing you need to look at is where the transfer-file for the GPS is located. The name would be: "EFB_current_gps.pln". Please check in which of the two documtens paths you see this file. Make sure that you use an A/C which has this automatic transfer enabled.
  7. This documents path to the "Flight Simulator X - Steam Edition Files"is in fact (AFAIK) the correct default location for Flight Plans in FSX:SE. Did you change this folder earlier or did you have a double installation with "normal" FSX before?
  8. I see that you have your documents path set to a Cloud Drive (oneDrive). Can you confirm that also the EFB documents ase using this cloud path? EFB is not designed to work on any cloud, only within the computer's own (physical) drives. Virtual drives are not supported.
  9. There are two things contradiction each other: "simulator in yellow" and FSUIPC working fine". If "Simulator" is depicted in YELLOW it simply means that the Simulator has NO CONNECTION to the Server. Have you checked the proper version uf FSUIPC is in use?
  10. Jason, As those warnings were issued when building the Database, they were logged in the DBBuilderLogfile.txt. It might also be interesting to know that a WARNING does not prevent the database from being built normally, contradictory to an ERROR, where the database building process will be deleted. So after a WARNING you still have a functioning database, although the ground layout of the aiport triggering the WARNING may or may not be properly depicted. After an ERROR you won't have a database at all.
  11. Jason, if you look at the warnings, the are all about the airport "PKSIM-Barranquilla". This airport is not properly installed. It seems that is is installed using the P3DV4 package system, nevertheless is is still present in the scenery.cfg. You need to clear this issue to prevent furrther warnings. I recommend to clompletely uninstall this airport, make sure it is not listend in the scenery.cfg file anymore and re-install the airport from scratch.
  12. Hi Peter, EFB v2 can only depict what the developers are willing to supply! Or in other words, a Ground Layout is not necessarily correct according to real life charts if the developers chose to use different - maybe outdated - data. This is true not only for the gate positions and size but also for taxiway layout and other things on the ground map. While this may sometimes look like a disadvantage, it has the advantage that EFB2 is always drawing what is present in the SIMULATOR, but not in real life. EFB v2 is always using the BGL on top of the list to draw the ground layout. Unfortunately there are a few rare developers who do not even supply a correct layout in their AFCAD file or - as a worst case - do not supply an AFCAD BGL at all with their scenery. In this case EFB v2 will simply draw whatever it can find for a pecific airport, mostly the default AFCAD then. So as a conclusion, the ground layout is dependent on the accuracy of the developer's BGL.
  13. Hi Peter, It is very simple to find out which BGL is used to draw the ground map. Just press the Info (i) button on the top and look for the entries under add-on/file(s). See screenshot. The topmost 1) is used for ground layout. if this is not your add-on, the the priority (layer) in your scenery.cfg is wrong.
  14. Great to hear that all works now as it should...
  15. Hi John, There will not be a separate EFB version for X-Plane. X-Plane functionality will be incorporated in EFB V2. There is no Demo-Version for EFB v2 either. The full version of EFB is always available for a 30-days trial. This is AivlaSoft Standard 😀 However no release date is fixed yet.
  16. In the Server Settings there are only the Weather Folders to be set as the Installation of those weather engines can also be selected individually. The Online Folders are default an under normal circumstances do not need adjustment as they are given by the Online Services. The System Folder is not shown anyway as it is also a fixed simulator dependent path.
  17. The updated file is now available in the Contributions Section: https://forum.aivlasoft.com/topic/3005-afcad/ Download the EBBR.zip and continue as per description in this section. The corrected file should now look like this (Don't forget to update the database after adding the file to the Server's AFCAD path):
  18. EDDB = Typo of course, already corrected some time ago. The file you sent is the correct one. I'll give it a try to convert. As presumed rwy 02/20 has not AIT traffic and is therefore not active. Be aware that RWY 02/20 is not existing anymore today. It has changed to 01/19 some time ago.
  19. Hi ??? (please observe the forum rules) There is no specific path setting for the GPS flight plan, as EFB detects this path (default path for FSX flight plans) automatically after first run. For FSX it is (if I remeber correctly, as I don't use FSX anomore for years) "C:\Users\<Username>\Documents\FSX files" or similar. If a GPS flight plan is transferred it will show up in this folder as "EFB_current_gps.pln". So after creation of a flight plan it might be interesting to check (also with date and time) whether this mentioned file was created. The file will however only be created if Server, Client and Sim are running and the A/C is at the proper departure airport. If for any reason the file was not sent to the mentioned folder, there is a button in the Client Settings Tab -> Miscellaneous to allow resending. his however is only necessary in exceptional cases.
  20. Well, My guess is that Aerosoft's Designers deactivated RWY 01/19 to prevent AI traffic on crossing RWYs. A remedy is described here: https://forum.aivlasoft.com/topic/3005-afcad/ So far noone had complained about this specific airport as it is quite old. Nevertheless if someone could post the AFCAD BGL of EBBR here, I could modify it for use in the mentioned AFCAD folder. The AFCAD BGL is most probably named EBBR and -AFX- somewhere in the name.
  21. The location is not of any importance as long as everything on this different disk has unlimited access. A SINGE click on the desired frequency (no matter which device is selected) returns the value into the setting field above the numeric keyboard and the "Set" button becomes active: A DOUBLE click on the desired frequency returns the value to the LOWER field of the desired device and the "Set" button remains greyed out: Regarding the upload limitation you might need to delete some graphics of your earlier post. However a decent Screen-Capture Utility might also be helpful to produce small cutouts. The two screenshors in my example here have 39 kb each...
  22. Roger, Just a personal thought on this topic: in my opinion storing of flightplans is much too overrated. Sounds strange? No, not at all. We have so many means to create a flightplan within extremely short time. Furthermore using an updated (always actual) Navdatabase is a requirement for serious simming anyway. In this context you will note that within a relatively short time routings will change considerably just by the fact that the ARINC navdatabase has changed. This becomes more and more true by additional flow limitations within future modern free airspaces. So, as a conclusion a stored route loses its value quite quickly. A fresh one is created almost instantly. I personally do no store ANY route for exactly that reason. Just a thought from an old aviator though...😁
  23. Well, just as a comparison what EFB v2 shows today 1t 17:47 UTC. So EFB v2 is definitely able to show all available online data.
  24. No idea how you could create this scenario. I have tried every trick to create but so far I'm unable. Delete the database in question (chose delete in the DatabaseBuilder) and rebuild the new database. Be sure the correct database is loaded from your Navigraph/NavdataPro Client.
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