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  1. Two short answers: - About the profile: TOD is not used by the GPS. It is displayed on the route depiction. See the manual for details. - Check the latest downloads here. https://www.aivlasoft.com/download.html You might note that build #106 is not really the most recent.
  2. Hi George, Thank you for the Support files. However there is still one important information missing: Where do you display the Client? On a second screen? in this case: What is the size and the arrangement of all your screen? Are you aware of the minimum requirements for a possible scond screen to be as per specifications to be read here: https://www.aivlasoft.com/specifications.html Screen Resolution: Minimum 1280 x 960 is required.
  3. Hi Cedic, it's exactly the way you descibe. ATM the database providers do not include so-called "circling approaches" in their dataset. There are quite a number uf such approaches throughout the whole world. Even .e.g the LOC/DME at KASE is NOT tied to the RWY either (according to the official FAA data, as can be seen on the Screenshot attached), but for any unknown reason it is designed as LOC/DME15 in the Navigraph dataset und thus appears on EFB v2. Neverthless EFB v2 would be ready to display "Circling Approaches" as soon as they are included in the regular dataset.
  4. Hi Roger, As all the airports mentioned in your list have relatively short runways (<1000m) I strongly presume that your actual profile is for an aircraft requiring a longer runway. Either you choose another Aircraft or you deactivate the button "PRFL Filter" in the Airport Selection menu. All these airports are of course normally available. BTW, whether an airport is available or not is depending on the simulator, not on EFB 😀 They may just be filtered by the above mentioned Profile Filter.
  5. It seems that the feature "Run as Admin" is still rather unknown and many users are not aware of how to achieve this without any additional clicks, once the properties are correcty set up (Example below (left) from German Win10 Version, (right) from English Win10): - Open the "Properties" box by right clicking the application and choosing "Properties" in the drop-down menu - Select the "Compatibility" Tab and check the box "run as Admin" and close the the Properties Box with the "Apply" button
  6. Sorry if this might sound a bit stupid: Why would no need to type ANY password to start an application as Admin??? The only thing you need is to check the respective box in the properties/Compatibility box (sorry for publishing a Screenie of a German version) and your application will start as Admin FOREVER!!
  7. It's all here: https://www.aivlasoft.com/download.html It might be worth downloading it from the same site...😀
  8. It's not a problem but an occurrence that can happen with the Demo License. It is described here: https://forum.aivlasoft.com/topic/2813-could-not-reach-any-date-server-port-13/
  9. Because no one source of magnetic variation is the same and can differ by quite some amount. Every state is allowed to use its own source and there is only an ICAO recommendation to update variation and station declination of navaids every year ending with -5 or -0 (zero). Every source can be used as long as it is shown somewhere on the map. GPS's and onboard navigation systems hold their own declination tables as do the various simulators. Furthermore e.g. LOC bearings are defined as magnetic bearings, recalculated to true bearings by using the magnetic variation noted in the respective state publication. You will always see a difference within different sources. No chance to overcome this unless the whole (real world) navigation is based on true bearings. Not sure when this will ever be introduced. the good thing is: whatever navigation tool you use, you will always reach your destination, regardless whether variation is absolutely correct or not😀
  10. Hi Dave, From a logical standpoint there is no reason why P3D V4.5 should not work the same way as the previous version. EFB v1 connects via SimConnect and there haven't been any recent changes in that protocol.
  11. Hi Volker, Please check your firewall settings. See this thread.: https://forum.aivlasoft.com/topic/3586-cant-start-server/
  12. Hi Jay, We do not display the Airline Codes in the Taxi Selection page but on the Information Page, Tab "Parking".
  13. Hi Erdal, Not sure what you are referring to. The procedures are not dependent on the scenery but on the database used. That's why we require the Support Files.Taxiway depiction OTOH is DIRECTLY dependent on the scenery used. There are AFAIK two sceneries for LSGG, one Payware (actually for XP10) by PilotPlus and the Gateway scenery. Both have taxiways, however the Gateway Scenery is more accurate and complete. the Payware is very basic.
  14. Hi ??? (please observe the forum rules: https://forum.aivlasoft.com/topic/2522-forum-rules-read-before-post/ ) Those are two separate issues. I do have all relevant procedures in LSGG displayed as you can see in dthe screenshot attachend The issue about the "Sync Pos" we might need to investigate. It would be very helpful if you could supply more information. Please make a set of Support Files and attach them to your next post.
  15. George, We still do not know your exact configuration and installation. Please submit the Support Files, so we can at least try to figure this out.
  16. No update on Client?? Please submit Support Files.
  17. Sorry George, You did not even answer ONE of my above questions. I am unable to help you this way. Please uninstall EFB v2 (using the standard Uninstallers) and make a complete re-install using the default installation paths. Then proceed to the setup as per Manual and when finished provide all necessary information as per Forum Rules, section 3. https://forum.aivlasoft.com/topic/2522-forum-rules-read-before-post/
  18. Hi George, Sorry, I have no explanation for that as I have never seen it. To me it sounds as if the Client Window is larger than the display screen. What is the size of the screen you are using for EFB display? Is it a scond screen? Does it fulfill the size requirements of minimum 1280 x 960Pixels? It would be really helpful if you could provide a bit more details on your installation. This way we have to go back and forth to find out basics on the what's and whereabouts of your installation... A question though: why did you not use the default installation paths for EFB v2?
  19. Do you have the standard window symbols in the top right corner? What installation path did you use for EFB v2? Did you try the Windows Standard Resizing Command by double-clicking the top bar?
  20. System Menu Button, lower left Corner. See manuals...😀
  21. Hello ??? Please read this carefully: https://forum.aivlasoft.com/topic/2522-forum-rules-read-before-post/ Without accurate and thorough information it is virtually impossible to give any advice. Just as a sidenote: no changes in the respect you are mentioning were incorporated in the last update.
  22. Hi Manuel, Ok, I need Urs to step in here as I'm unable to produce an AutoZoom "Level undefined". No idea what is triggering this. I have never seen it so far.
  23. Hi Manuel, have you checked the checkmark in the Settings Dialog:
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