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  1. Hi Luis, Sorry, it is completely impossible for us to determine the state of your install. We do not know WHAT you have installed HOW MANY times. Please UNISTALL EFB2 (both Server and Client, using the uninstallers, do not just delete any files), download the latest installers for Build #108 from here: https://www.aivlasoft.com/download.html and reinstall EFB2 according to the procedures laid down in the Manual. Please also bear in mind that whenever an update is offered, BOTH Server and Client need to be updated and restarted, before you can continue using EFB2.
  2. Hi ??? (please observe the Forum Rules) Do you have by chance also JetStreamDesign's LFPO Paris Orly installed? This install has - most probably for AI traffic reaons - a file named "LFPG_Default_ADEX_JSD.bgl" in its Scenery path. This file overrides Taxi2Gate's "LFPG_AF.bgl" and produces a ground layout without Parking Stands. You need to set JetStreamDesign's "LFPG_Default_ADEX_JSD.bgl" to OFF and rebuild the database. The Info Window for LFPG should only list the two Ground Layout Files: This Ground Layout of Taxi2Gate shows all Parking Positions:
  3. Thanks Albert, for the nice compliment! Nevertheless it seems a bit strange to me that the automatic start does not work with your FSX installation. Mine has worked flawlessly with FSX and it still does with P3DV4. Actually there is no reason why it shouldn't do so as the exe.xml is something that is handled by FSX itself. As long as everything is correct within the exe.xml SimpleCam should start right before the FSX-GUI is loaded. Just mae sure that the call-up for the exe.xml is correct (exe.xml ISO dll.xml) as in your last listing it is wrong and will of course not work that way. Let's hope that one way or another it will eventually launch automatically...πŸ˜€
  4. Hi Marc, Sorry, but for the time being we do not know what causes the issue. FsAerodata is a 3rd party software which seems not to be fully compatible with EFB. I do have the same installation for BIKF (without FsAerodata) and the RWY assignment is correct here - as well as all procedures are available. The neighbouring thread: https://forum.aivlasoft.com/topic/3680-kdfw-navigraph-airac-1907-kdfw-no-stars/ is dealing with a similar issue on another airport. Deactivating FsAerodata has obviously cured the situation. We need to analyze the whole situation first before we can issue any recommendation. For the time being be aware that AivlaSoft/EFB does not warrant compatibility with FsAerodata.
  5. Hi Jeff, Thanks for reporting. We will have to investigate what can be done in this respect. Up to now we didn't have any report about "misbehaviour" when using FsAerodata. The main problem is that any 3rd party simulator data replacing default data are out of reach for us. The only exception is with HervΓ© Sors' Navaid Updates: https://www.aero.sors.fr/navaids3.html which work flawlessly with EFB as they only replace default BGLs. It will therefore take some time until we can come up with a solution. Just be aware that EFB does not warrant compatibility with FsAerodata.
  6. Jeff, I don't see any errors during database creation, except the one concerning YWCH from new ORBX AUSV2, which has been discussed and solved here: https://forum.aivlasoft.com/topic/3649-orbx-australia-v2/?tab=comments#comment-22349 Do you see missing procedures only in KDFW or also on other airports? I see that you are using FsAerodata, however this should not have any impact to the EFB database creation - at least as far as we have learned till today, as EFB does not read procedures from BGLs, but only navaids and airport data. As I'm not familiar with FsAerodata, could yo check if there is a possibility to deactivate the FsAerodata Files, then re-run the DBBuilder with deactivated FsAerodata files and check again for KDFW?
  7. You mean the Support Files? https://forum.aivlasoft.com/topic/3046-how-to-create-a-support-file/ ? On the Desktop, as mentioned in the description.
  8. Hi Jeff, Please re-install the AIRAC Cycle 1907 and re-run the DBBuilder (Tab "Update Navdata"). Thereafter if nothing has changed please post the set of Support Files. I don't see any missing STARs on my NavDataPro 1907 Cycle.
  9. Hi Bernd, What are you referring to with "there was an update this morning"? An update to Win7 or EFB?
  10. James, Great to hear that the problem is sorted! Nevertheless it is important to know that the startup order of EFB and Simulator is of no importance as long as you run the Server as Admin: https://forum.aivlasoft.com/topic/3621-how-to-run-efb-server-as-admin/
  11. Hi Bernd, Build #108 is ok. There's one part of your initial message that I don't understand: "After reinstallation Client is waiting for the Server PC although active there and correct IP adress." I take it that you are running both Server and Client on the same PC? In this case you don't need a specific IP address of your Server. It might be worth to post a set of support Files to dig a bit into this case. So far I have no clue why those warnings appear and I have never seen it before. I have installed EFB2 quite a few times on several computers, locally and networked. Still I'm really missing an idea what could cause this.
  12. James, now back to your initial complaint. You claim that all those folders were empty, but in fact they aren't. So what problem does persist now? To give a clearer picture, please do the follwing: - reboot your computer - start EFB2 Server (as admin) - start EFB2 Client - start Simulator Then if something ist still not working correctly, shut down all and post the new set of Support Files. This way we can get a complete and refreshed picture of the system and its eventual malfunction.
  13. Hi Bernd, Did you uninstall the Client first? Which build # of the Client did you try to install?
  14. Hi James, That all sounds a bit strange. I can clearly see all profiles and a few additional ones like a Rafale or a RobinDR400. Did you restart the Client after reating the new Profiles? As this is necessary to create the new index. Can you please post a screenshot of the windows explorer with the following path: C:\Users\JIM\Documents\AivlaSoft\EFB2\Client\Profiles\ ? According to the Client LogFile all profiles are to be found within this path.
  15. Hi Albert, I can't say for sure but IMHO the lines at the beginning <Descr>Launch</Descr> <Filename>dll.xml</Filename> should not be contained in the exe.xml. This is a wrong launch call-up from the dll.xml. Nevertheless I have no idea how this entry has made it into the exe.xml. Unfortunately I cannot compare my installation to FSX, as I don't have it anymore for several years but I'm sure that FSX does not handle these *.xml data differently than P3D. As a first remedy I would suggest to first make a safety copy of your exe.xml and then replace the entry "dll.xml" by "exe.xml". This change can be accomplished by any text editor. Make sure that no additional characters are entered and none of the esisting are deleted. If this doesn't work, simply delete the modified exe.xml and replace it by the (saved) original.
  16. Hi James, Please submit a set of Support Files: https://forum.aivlasoft.com/topic/3046-how-to-create-a-support-file/ If all the mentiones folders are empty, the installation seems to be gone wrong. At least the Folders ...\profiles and ...\Minima must contain a number of files from the original installer.
  17. Hi ???? Please observe the Forum Rules: https://forum.aivlasoft.com/topic/2522-forum-rules-read-before-post/ We need distinctive information about your problem to help you.
  18. Sorr,y Jeff, my bad. I simply have overlooked it...😯
  19. Hi ??? (please observer thre Forum Rules) See our answer to a previous post on the same issue here: https://forum.aivlasoft.com/topic/3575-server-doesnt-go-to-tray-after-startup/?tab=comments#comment-22093
  20. Hi Dave, Puzzled too... πŸ˜„ We will have Urs to step in here to solve this problem. hang on.
  21. Hi Dave, If your serial number has exactly the format mentioned in the FAQ (xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-n), then it has exactly 31 characters. It should not be too complicated to check whether the serial number consists of five groups of five characters, separated by a hyphen and then at the end one single character, also separated by a hyphen. This results in 5 x 5 = 25 5 x 1 = 5 + 1 Totalling 25 + 5 + 1 = 31. I doubt that you serial number is different πŸ˜„ If so, something went wrong at the initial issue and it would not work in EFB V1. If you copy/paste the key, make sure that no unwanted or hidden character will be pasted into the text box, most likely at the beginning or at the end of your copy/paste character set.
  22. Hi ???? (please observe the forum rules) This is an issue we have with more than one of ORBX' airports. it is a general rule that EFB uses the Airport Layout ("AFCAD" BGL) given by the scenery designer. Unfortunately a few designers of ORBX have the extremely uncommon peculiarity to "design" more than one airport within their design. In this specific case there are two airport layouts for Monterey: KMRY and KMRZ. The latter does not exist in the ARINC database, nevetheless ORBX has decided to use this one as the airport with the smaller runway 10L/28R, whereas KMRY features the instrument RWY 10R/28L. You will notice that - depending on the A/C position in respect to the ARP - the map will switch back and forth between the two airports. A similar issue exists within Australia, where YSCB Canberra "features" a second airport for the crossing RWY, named ZSCB (chinese ICAO code...πŸ˜„). The only remedy would be to create ONE airport (AFCAD) BGL for the entire airport and use it along with the rules laid down here: https://forum.aivlasoft.com/topic/3005-afcad/ So far nobody has created a layout BGL for neither KMRY not YSCB. We introduced this feature to encourage and enable the community to help each other for such and similar cases. Unfortunately not too many contributions have shown up from the user community. ATM I'm unable to create such a layout, but maybe at a leater stage it will follow. Unfortunately also the layout of the taxiways and parkig positions does not correlate between the two "airports". Edit: I have uploaded KMRY.zip in the abovementioned AFCAD thread. You can use this one according to the rules stated in the thread. Please read carefully. While the airport layout is correct, it may not feature all parkig stands as per ORBX' scenery layout.
  23. Hi James, I'm not sure what you mean. have you ever looked at a specific ILS procedure??
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