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  1. Hi Joan, Sorry, we have to limit our conversation to one language, and this is - as mentioned in the Forum Rules - English. I can however answer your question as follows: there is no direct conversion within the various Flight Plan formats. Usually if you use a Flight Planning tool like PFPX or SimBrief, various export formats are available. If you solely use Aerosoft's CORTE tool, there is a simple possibility to use the CORTE's routing string: Open CORTE and copy the routing string into the clipboard (Ctrl+C). Make sure that you have selected the option without SID and STARs - Now open the FPL window in EFB2 and copy (Ctrl+V) the routing string in to that window - add the departure ICAO code into first position - add the arrival ICAO into last position - make sure that there is always 1 space between the mentioned entries - complete the EFB routing the usual way That's it. Happy flying 😀
  2. Hi Chris, Yes, we are aware of that. So far we haven't come across too many airports that have the same Parking Position numbers used on more than one Parking Stand. In most cases they are all defined by a unique number with a prefix-letter. Sometimes they are also just numbered through, e.g. like in EDDM Munich. If however there are double numbers, we unfortunately do not have any means to distinguish between them, as information concerning terminals are not contained in the respective airport BGL. Sometimes the list in the Airport Information can provide additional information, like in the attached example of EDDS.
  3. Hi Claus, As you might have noticed, we had to move your misplaced contribution to the EFB v2 forum. To answer your question: Normally it's the airport designer's duty to properly assign parking positions regarding position and A/C size (required radius). it is however also possible to change the parkings with the help of the freeware tool ADE (Airport Design Editor), but it needs some skills and thorough knowledge of the airport layout BGLs to achieve a useable result.
  4. Yes, it sometimes may happen that you leave the Settings-Page without confirming the changes made by pressing the "Apply" key
  5. Did you select the proper Online-Nework under "settings"?
  6. Hi ??? (please sign you posts with your real name according to our Forum Rules) EFB2 is for several reasons a bit more "picky" on the navaid information gathered through the respective airport BGL. It is of utmost importance that the ILS data contained in the respective BGL is identical to the one used in the currently installed AIRAC. Several airports had some changes on their ILSes. This is the way things are worldwide. Currently the following data are valid for the mentioned aiports: For EHRD: ILS06 109.10 ROS ILS24: 109.90 RSV For EHGG: ILS23: 109.90 GRO You might need to update your airports. If you are using default airports you may consider the excellend freeware of Hervé Sors' "World Navaid Package": https://aero.sors.fr/navaids3.html If Add-Ons are used for an airport you need to check with the Add-On developer or make the changes using ADE.
  7. Hi ??? (please observe the Forum Rules and sign your post with your real name) You certainly mean LIPE (LIPV being Lido, Venetia, a pure VFR field...) According to my installation with the default airport LIPE all Instrument Apporaches are present. If you are using an Add-On airport, you migh need to check whether there has been a recent change in ILS Frequency and/or IDENT. In this specific case I'm sure you won't hear the correct identifier when selecting the audio on either iLS, because most probably the ID has changed in the meantime. For default Navaids it might be adviseable to use Hervé Sors' magnificent free website: https://aero.sors.fr/navaids3.html to update all navaids worldwide and all ILS'es within Europe. There were many changes over time. The thing is that FS-based simulators like FSX or P3D have their own navdata within the worldwide main scenery BGLs. While these Navaids are not relevant for EFB2's procedure depiciton, the are relevant for tuning in the simulator and for comparison towards the AIRAC cycle in use. If a change has occurred in the meantime, you will maybe still be able to tune the navaid if the frequency has not changed, but you may not hear the proper ID. For EFB2 however it is mandatory that the airport BGL contains the actual Navaid as in the AIRAC.This is something we can't avoid with this system. X-Plane is much more straightforward in that respect. There is ony ONE database for the simulator, which can be updated to the current AIRAC cycle.
  8. Ron, Do you use an Add-On for KTEB? Maybe some sort of your VA's own depiction of your hub? Whatever case it may be, with the default KTEB airport all ILS'es are available. You might need to check whether there has been a change in the ILS' frequency and/or ident. .
  9. See manual: 6 Flightplan, Chapter 2.3, Flightplan via Uplink
  10. Don't forget that you also can use the uplink directory in the server path. You have sooooo many possibilities to uplink😀! I'm sure one of those will fulfill your requirements...
  11. You're welcome! One of the great advantages of flight simming ...😉
  12. Hi Todd, It is neither a Navigraph nor NavDataPro problem but a Flight Simulator problem 😀. The problem can be identified by pressing the Ctrl+Alt+A combo. It shows a mismatch between the THR 06L used on the ground layout and the one used in the AIRAC data. In this case the difference is just above the "trigger distance" of 1000 m. Therefore EFB2 cannot assign any procedure for RWY 06L. (see also missing DEP procedure). I'm not sure when this THR displacement was issued. According to the official ground chart is it now active. I'm also not sure whether this is a temporary shortening or not. in any case, using the correct THR position brings the procedures back on RWY 06L. See screenshot. As a temporary solution you can use one of the the attached BGL in the AFCAD folder of your EFB2 installation. Be sure to re-run the DBBuilder therafter. We will publish and amend these BGLs also in the Contributions AFCAD section. In case you have already used a CYUL AFCAD file, delete the old one and replace it with one of the new ones. For Default CYUL: CYUL.zip For FlyTampa CYUL: CYUL_FT.zip
  13. Just a shot in the dark: FSUIPC (correct version) installed?
  14. Hi ??? (please sign your posts with your real name according to our Forum Rules) This is most probably a small bug that was lurking around for quite some time already on a few approaches. It mainly happens when the connection to the preceding approach transition or STAR fails. As I'm unable to reproduce it here, I presume that this is already corrected and will be puiblished in a future update.
  15. Get -> Get the actual take-off weight for performance calculation max-> use MTOW for performance calculation Normally the actual weight is used and shown. Nevertheless it is still possible to switch between ACTUAL and MAX. That's why both "Get" and "Max" Buttons must be available.
  16. Hi Tom, Actually you don't need to convert the flightplan into X-Plane format, as this is done automatically as default function. Whenever you have entered a flight plan in EFB, it will be available as "EFB_current_gps.fms" in the "\X-Plane 11\Output\FMS plans" directory. You can then load this flightplan into any default GNS/GPS of X-Plane. Unfortunately there is no dataref available to do this automatically, as we do on FS-based simulators. The specs for the X-Plane fms-flightplan ar to be found here. https://developer.x-plane.com/article/flightplan-files-v11-fms-file-format/ Just be aware that due to those specs the same AIRAC Cycle needs to be used on EFB and X-Plane.
  17. Yes, I agree, however this depends on the scenery which has been unsed to create the database. Could you please check on the (i) Information page, which BGL is being used to display this scenery? And then of course please also submit the Support File of the Server. There must be a mismatch in your scenery build up.
  18. Hi Jacques, It seems that you are not completely familiar with the way EFB2 works. Airports are depicted according to the data available from AF (AFCAD) BGLs in your Simulator. It your airport, be it default or AddOn does not incorporate the required RWY, EFB cannot use it. The default variant of CYYC does not incorporate the requested RWY 17L/35R. See the attached screenshot. A remedy would be if someonce could create a AF BGL that incoprorates the missing RWY or if any AddOn with all RWYs avaiable would be installed.. As soon as EFB2 recognizes the RWY in question, all procedures are available also for this RWY, provided of course that this AF BGL also contains - in this case - both ILSs for RWY 35R and 17L. BTW, were you able to find RWY 17L/35R in your Simulator Installation??
  19. Hi Michel, Thank you for your offer. We will soon reorganize our contributions section for Profiles and will include your profiles into our collection. Anyway thank you very much for your contributions.
  20. Hi John, To add to what Urs has written, so far I have only seen a Freeware Add-On published in AVSIM: https://library.avsim.net/esearch.php?DLID=208350 but only for FSX and without any information on neither quality nor usefulness. Once a AFCAD BGL with basic ground layout is available, at least all procedures could be flown. Maybe someone frem the community can help?
  21. Hi Michel, I must admit that I have no idea what is going on on your system. Inorder to trace an error we of course need to be able to reproduce the error on our side. Unfortunately this is not the case. Whatever aircraft I load in X-Plane, its profile is properly identified and loaded. As I understand your problem description you are saying that every other A/C in X-Plane loads its profile properly, just not these two, right? This is something I have never seen before and I'm definitively out of ideas what is causing this. Just as an idea about any programs running under Windows, it is heavily recommended to run every program as admin. I personally have activated the respective checkmark in the compatibility tab of every *.exe file. No idea whether this could be of any help, just one more shot in the dark... And one more thing, just to confirm: we are talking about X-Plane 11.30 and higher and Windows 10, right?
  22. Hi Michel, Well that's very strange indeed. I quickly installed the Fokker 50 into my X-Plane and copied your F50 profile into my EFB2's profiles folder. It shows up normally as you can see in the screenshot attached. I have no explanation as to why the profile is not showing up in your installation. Just one hint: Could it be that you are also using a FSX/P3D database and you have selected the wrong database?
  23. Hi Ray, Great to hear that is worked as predicted. Airport elevations are - despite all possible means to avoid - always a problem and cannot be sorted out all the time. My personal "handling" of such anomalities is to check out a newly installed airport whether anything is wrong with airport elevation. In most cases the elevation correction tool from ORBX vectors will do. Sometimes even the developers of an AddOn offer elevation correction BGLs. Nevertheless my guess is that this is a neverending task, if you chose to have 500+ aiports installed worldwide...😉
  24. Hi Michel ?? are you aware that the Client needs to be restarted after a new profile is entered? The indexfiles have to be rewritten. If it doesn't work after restarting the Client, please attach the failing Profiles in your next post. There's nothing else required than opening the .acf files in PlaneMaker, exactly as you did.
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