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Meanwhile I have implemented the integration of P3Dv6. As I already mentioned in my post above, I have no longer an installation of P3Dv6 and therefore I cannot test it on my computers. Would you be willing to test it and report back your findings? If so, please send me an email to support@aivlasoft.com and I will give you a download link for the new 2.3 #140 installers. Thanks.


BTW this offer is also valid for other P3Dv6 users who have a fully licensed EFB v2.3 #139 installation running.

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Many thanks for the implementation! Unfortunately I can not help with the tests because I have not yet got p3dv6 ! 
Since many (for me important) other add-ons are not really compatible yet, I will unfortunately have to wait a bit, because with the best will in the world I can't do anything with a  'vanilla' p3d ;-)

best regards


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Hi Urs!


Good to see you're still supporting your great product. I bought P3D V6 quite early, but was not in the mood installing it until this evening... 😂


Really looking forward to the release... 😎


Thanks for your great work and all your efforts... 👍

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