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  1. what a complicated mess.....? SIMBRIEF HAS SIDS AND STARS !!!
  2. What a poser ! you obviously did not understand what it is about... Sorry, but guys like you make me very annoying ! if you can not write anything reasonable, then please leave it ...
  3. Ray, I have been using several flight simulators for several decades now I admire your professional statements in many relevant simmer groups, but believe me, in this case your answer (or instruction ;-)) unfortunately has nothing to do with my problem! Believe me: I know the difference between RL and simulation Alright, I accept that I have to live with this map-display problem (without using ADE)..... Thank you all very much for the many more or less successful explanations greetings ggerolamo BTW, EFBv2 is really a great piece of software - and thank you very much for the great support !!
  4. In this case, unfortunately, this is a huge step backwards In the Simulator world, The 'real world' is the SIM-WORLD not the AIRAC-WORLD ! And if the sim don't have the correct (airac world) scenery-datas I want the map to read the FS data to show me... In this case I have to compare to EFB1 - That works like all other maps and addons too...
  5. Urs, thank you for the answer ! Yes, I know that all - that 'real world' and AIRAC infos are 04L 04R 22L 22R ! Nevertheless I want that my intern EFB MAPS shows me the the same Infos that my P3D has (05L,..22L,..)!!! Simple Question again: In EFB1 it was possible to remap the runways manually via Runways.txt - to show me 05L,..22L,..(the reality of my simulation) regardless of the 'real' airac data ? Is this also possible in EFB2 or not ? If it is possible, please tell me how ! greetings ggerolamo PS.: thanks for the next meaningless answer... 'Real life' airways are 04,23,.. I never denied that that was right - but it's not my current problem...
  6. But why is at the same time the AIRPORT-MAP in EFB2 showing 04 and 22 ?? That's the thing I don't understand ! should not DatabaseBuilder and MAP show the same results ? greetings ggerolamo
  7. meaningless answer is ignored ... Sorry, who says correct ? All programs, as I explained earlier, show the same runways (05L 05R 23L 23R) inkl. P3D !! (...nothing to do with ATC...) Even the Database-Builder shows 05L 05R 23L 23R....!? But not the GROUND MAP - there are the runway descriptions 04L,04R,22L,22R !!?? Within the same program, two different contents are recorded.... that's weird... ggerolamo
  8. Hello to all, In efb2 the runway description (EBLG) is shown as: 04L 04R 22L 22R But all other Addons (inkl.P3dv4 and ATC-Programs,....) recognize those runways correctly as: 05L 05R 23L 23R How can I correct this error ? In EFB1 there is a text file (Runways.txt) where I can correct such things ! Is there a similar possibility in EFB2 ? Didn't find anything so far.... thanks in advance ggerolamo
  9. thank you very much for the effort to get this great piece of software! ?
  10. Ah, didn't notice that, thanks for the Info But with the library settings, I have another Problem: If I change the library-folder to another non-default folder (drive), I can not see any documents in there !? Only the default folder is working as an library-folder.... Can someone confirm this !? Am I doing something wrong? Was there something to consider? thanks in advance Gerolamo
  11. So, after a few successful connect-attempts, I was very brave and bought the license ! All works fine now I just need the current AIRAC, then we go...... Nothing ventured, nothing gained thanks all for replys greetings ggerolamo great piece of software, btw
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