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  1. I would also welcome such a feature ! It would make the taxiing much more comfortable :-)
  2. I disagree a little, an appropriate option would be very desirable... But well, unfortunately not my decision... greetings ggerolamo
  3. I've been using EFB2 (and before that EFB1) for quite some time now and am extremely happy about this purchase! A little thing has been bothering me for some time now: Every time I open EFB via SimstarterNG I get the following (error) message: Since I activate or deactivate certain sceneries with each start, it is quite logical that the configuration changes Is there any way to disable this hint window ? To click on the button 'NO' manually at every start is quite annoying... I would like to start the DbBuilder on my own only if I think it is necessary ! Thanks in advance ggerolamo
  4. The way it looks I wasn't the only one with the problem I also think, that this behavior was created with one of the last WINDOWS patches ! ..never had the problem before ... I am happy, if the tip helped some others too greetings ggerolamo
  5. So, for everyone who cares, i have found (for myself) a solution to the problem: Right-click the prepar3d.exe In the context menu, select Properties. Go to the Compatibility tab. Enable the option Disable fullscreen optimizations. That worked great for me - no more flickering!!! greetings ggerolamo
  6. Thanks for the answer ! Normally I use efb2 on my 2nd screen. I have tried everything to that end... I only notice this strange behavior since the last (or second last) update !? - a constantly flickering black bar in the middle of the screen unfortunately a complete showstopper Any idea ? Change any setting ?
  7. Yes, I have the same problem !!? I tested with all of my addons (enabled,disabled) - EFB2 causes this problem ! This constant flickering in the background is really disturbing !? any ideas ? greetings ggerolamo
  8. what a complicated mess.....? SIMBRIEF HAS SIDS AND STARS !!!
  9. What a poser ! you obviously did not understand what it is about... Sorry, but guys like you make me very annoying ! if you can not write anything reasonable, then please leave it ...
  10. Ray, I have been using several flight simulators for several decades now I admire your professional statements in many relevant simmer groups, but believe me, in this case your answer (or instruction ;-)) unfortunately has nothing to do with my problem! Believe me: I know the difference between RL and simulation Alright, I accept that I have to live with this map-display problem (without using ADE)..... Thank you all very much for the many more or less successful explanations greetings ggerolamo BTW, EFBv2 is really a great piece of software - and thank you very much for the great support !!
  11. In this case, unfortunately, this is a huge step backwards In the Simulator world, The 'real world' is the SIM-WORLD not the AIRAC-WORLD ! And if the sim don't have the correct (airac world) scenery-datas I want the map to read the FS data to show me... In this case I have to compare to EFB1 - That works like all other maps and addons too...
  12. Urs, thank you for the answer ! Yes, I know that all - that 'real world' and AIRAC infos are 04L 04R 22L 22R ! Nevertheless I want that my intern EFB MAPS shows me the the same Infos that my P3D has (05L,..22L,..)!!! Simple Question again: In EFB1 it was possible to remap the runways manually via Runways.txt - to show me 05L,..22L,..(the reality of my simulation) regardless of the 'real' airac data ? Is this also possible in EFB2 or not ? If it is possible, please tell me how ! greetings ggerolamo PS.: thanks for the next meaningless answer... 'Real life' airways are 04,23,.. I never denied that that was right - but it's not my current problem...
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