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  1. Hi Jeff, you should try EFB Build #109, which is available from today. Urs fixed some problems regarding FSAerodata and also improved the matching of ILS-facilities to runways. For me this new build works perfectly, so hopefully your problems can be fixed too 🙂 Regards Marc
  2. With Build 109 of EFB, which is available today, the above mentioned problems are solved! 👍 Urs managed to change the data-extraction from FSAerodata files and also fixed some problems with matching runways to the correct ILS-facilities. On my side (with FSAerodata and ORBX OpenLC) all approaches on several airports I have tested are now visible, so just give it a try 😉 Marc Note: Circling approaches (e.g. some approaches in LPMA) cannot be displayed at the moment, because this data is not included in the Navigraph or Aerosoft Datasets.
  3. Hi Oskar, hi Urs, thanks for coming back on this issue. I just provided further information as requested. Hopefully the issue can be identified that way. For the time being I excluded the ORBX OpenLC-folder (\FTX_OLC\) in the "BglSceneryExclude.txt" and this brings back my approaches. Also disabling FSAerodata alone brings back the ILS-approaches, so these addons are interfering somehow. If there is anyting else I can do, just let me know! Regards Marc
  4. Hello! I have some problems with my Navdata, as I cannot see the ILS-approaches in BIKF. Here are the files the client lists for BIKF: Active AIRAC-cycle is 1903 Rev 1 from Navigraph / Also FSAerodata cycle 1903 installed BIKF data from Navigraph: RWY (01/19) (10/28) EFB-data: 1) only COM-frequencies update 2) only approaches update (ILS for RWY (01/19) (10/28) - etc.) 3) Updated airport data from ORBX OpenLC: Deletes all underlying airport data - includes RWY (02/20) (11/29) (04 closed) + ILS data 4) Stock airport with RWY (01/19) (10/28) + ILS data (in my case this is an updated file from Herve Sors - cycle 1903 of course) I would guess, that this is an issue due to the different runway numbers, because ORBX has different identifiers. Therefore I tried to use the DB-Builder function "Enhance / Update Runways", but this did not solve the problem. (Mapping 02->01 / 20->19 / 11->10 / 29->28) There is also no entry for BIKF in the "runwayMappings.txt", which is kind of strange. It seems that runway identifiers changed from 02/20 and 11/29, to 01/10 and 10/28 around 2016 (and ORBX was released before that -> not up to date). Shouldn't it be possible to assign the runways correctly, so that EFB recognizes these approaches? Maybe somebody can help 🙂 Marc Server_201907111555.txt.zip
  5. Dear Aivlasoft-Team, I experienced some problems using the navdata from FSAerodata (cycle 1903R1). Stock files have been updated before using Herve Sors navdata updates (cycle 1903R1). EFB2 is on the same navdata cycle from Navigraph 😉 For example I could not see any ILS approaches in EDDF: ARINC display is strange because there are no runway identifiers shown: [SOLVED] I double-checked my scenery.cfg and found out, that the FSAerodata-navaids folder was missing and I have absolutely no idea why this happened 😡 I added the missing folder "fsAerodata Files\Navigation Data\Navaids" and everything was fine after a new DB-build 😃 All approaches are shown again and are working in the sim...absolutely perfect! So if you have similar problems with FSAerodata please check, that you have all entries in your scenery.cfg (Navaids/PROC/Comms/PROC_SIDs) Have been a user of EFB1 for years BTW and I really like EFB2...great work! Marc
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