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  1. Hi together, the navdata-update is a real dilemma of course 😜 Herve Sors updates are really good, but only update stock airports. This is not working out with standard addons like Vector (which adds a lot of elevation corrected airports! - with old navdata of course) fsAerodata follows a different approach, it deletes the airport navaids that are outdated and adds an updated version to the top scenery priority (with a provided fix it also works regarding the elevation issues after 4.5HF2). Still the problems with addons remain, because these navaids will not be disabled, so it may happen that there are several ILS-facilities for a specific airport. Also the addition of these ILS-facilities in a separate scenery layer is done a bit unconventionally and therefore EFB is not compatible with it 🙁 The perfect tool would do it this way 😉: Scan the scenery library and identify all available airports (only those with the highest priority of course / also considering addons) Identify the airports which need an update of their facilities (ILS, NDB, RWY ID, etc.) Change that specific airport and update it, changing the navdata inside the BGL itself. But I would guess one would run into some copyright-problems doing that approach and that's the main problem with it... Marc
  2. Hi Oskar, here is a post from Rob McCarthy confirming the upcoming hotfix: AFAIK there are several issues that should be addressed with this fix: - flying into invisible mountains on approach - some issues with the updated airports/landclass - lot of CTD-issues - VRAM-issues So this time it seems there are some major issues putting pressure on LM to bring out this hotfix quite fast. For me P3D V5 is performing quite nice at the moment, but I did not operate too many flights right now 🙂
  3. Sorry Oskar, of course you do not need the P3D Hotfix for EFB2 to work. Just wanted to say, that the Hotfix is around the corner and in my opinion it would be a good idea to wait for that as well for a good start... I definitely chose the wrong words in my previous post... 🙈 Marc
  4. You will have to wait for the V5 hotfix from LM anyway 😉😂 At least I will do that 😄
  5. Hi lunix, there are two other threads about compatibility already. Link to one of them.
  6. That it's working is not too unlikely, but creating a new database will not be possible. So please don't do it right now! See the following answer from Oskar: Link At the moment use it for display only 😉
  7. There's a topic on this already: Link Urs first has to check on the new/changed Bgl-Files in V5, but I'm sure he can dort it out 🙂 As far as I can see we then should have up to date navdata in P3D for the first time without the need of any 3rd party addon! Marc
  8. Hey Urs, thanks for your reply. Thought that maybe you had the chance to be on the beta of P3D V5 😉 There will be some changes in the airport data regarding the sloped runway feature I guess, as Pete Dowson already mentioned that over at the Prosim-Forum (he adapted his tool "MakeRunways" accordingly). I'm not really sure about the line "Updated over 24,000 airports with new data across the entire globe." in the changelog 🤔 Of course it would be great to have a complete update off all navigation data, without fiddling around (ok Orbx Vector airports will still be a problem 😂). Think we'll have to wait and see, but despite all the negative comments around the forums, I'm quite excited to see the next update of P3D and I think it offers great opportunities. Wish you Happy Easter and stay safe during this crazy time 🙂
  9. Hi Aivlasoft-Team, I know P3D V5 is not yet available, but maybe you can shed some light, if EFB2 will be compatible with the new version or maybe needs an update? 😀 Take care. Marc
  10. Hi Jeff, you should try EFB Build #109, which is available from today. Urs fixed some problems regarding FSAerodata and also improved the matching of ILS-facilities to runways. For me this new build works perfectly, so hopefully your problems can be fixed too 🙂 Regards Marc
  11. With Build 109 of EFB, which is available today, the above mentioned problems are solved! 👍 Urs managed to change the data-extraction from FSAerodata files and also fixed some problems with matching runways to the correct ILS-facilities. On my side (with FSAerodata and ORBX OpenLC) all approaches on several airports I have tested are now visible, so just give it a try 😉 Marc Note: Circling approaches (e.g. some approaches in LPMA) cannot be displayed at the moment, because this data is not included in the Navigraph or Aerosoft Datasets.
  12. Hi Oskar, hi Urs, thanks for coming back on this issue. I just provided further information as requested. Hopefully the issue can be identified that way. For the time being I excluded the ORBX OpenLC-folder (\FTX_OLC\) in the "BglSceneryExclude.txt" and this brings back my approaches. Also disabling FSAerodata alone brings back the ILS-approaches, so these addons are interfering somehow. If there is anyting else I can do, just let me know! Regards Marc
  13. Hello! I have some problems with my Navdata, as I cannot see the ILS-approaches in BIKF. Here are the files the client lists for BIKF: Active AIRAC-cycle is 1903 Rev 1 from Navigraph / Also FSAerodata cycle 1903 installed BIKF data from Navigraph: RWY (01/19) (10/28) EFB-data: 1) only COM-frequencies update 2) only approaches update (ILS for RWY (01/19) (10/28) - etc.) 3) Updated airport data from ORBX OpenLC: Deletes all underlying airport data - includes RWY (02/20) (11/29) (04 closed) + ILS data 4) Stock airport with RWY (01/19) (10/28) + ILS data (in my case this is an updated file from Herve Sors - cycle 1903 of course) I would guess, that this is an issue due to the different runway numbers, because ORBX has different identifiers. Therefore I tried to use the DB-Builder function "Enhance / Update Runways", but this did not solve the problem. (Mapping 02->01 / 20->19 / 11->10 / 29->28) There is also no entry for BIKF in the "runwayMappings.txt", which is kind of strange. It seems that runway identifiers changed from 02/20 and 11/29, to 01/10 and 10/28 around 2016 (and ORBX was released before that -> not up to date). Shouldn't it be possible to assign the runways correctly, so that EFB recognizes these approaches? Maybe somebody can help 🙂 Marc Server_201907111555.txt.zip
  14. Dear Aivlasoft-Team, I experienced some problems using the navdata from FSAerodata (cycle 1903R1). Stock files have been updated before using Herve Sors navdata updates (cycle 1903R1). EFB2 is on the same navdata cycle from Navigraph 😉 For example I could not see any ILS approaches in EDDF: ARINC display is strange because there are no runway identifiers shown: [SOLVED] I double-checked my scenery.cfg and found out, that the FSAerodata-navaids folder was missing and I have absolutely no idea why this happened 😡 I added the missing folder "fsAerodata Files\Navigation Data\Navaids" and everything was fine after a new DB-build 😃 All approaches are shown again and are working in the sim...absolutely perfect! So if you have similar problems with FSAerodata please check, that you have all entries in your scenery.cfg (Navaids/PROC/Comms/PROC_SIDs) Have been a user of EFB1 for years BTW and I really like EFB2...great work! Marc
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