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  1. Hi Oskar, I was able to change the ICAO code to SPJC using Airport Inspector Editor and all the approaches and runway data is now available in EFB2 and Prosim737. Thanks much for the heads-up. I'll keep your other suggestion using the DbBuilder. Regards,
  2. I an using LatinVFR SPIM - Lima, Peru airport scenery, but for some reason I am not getting any arrival or departure data listed in the "PROC" page. Why is this so? SPIM is now coded with a new ICAO code SPJC, could this be why? Thanks,
  3. Oskar, I did as you suggested and modified the profile's min. runway length; and that fixed it. Thank you.
  4. Thanks for the reply Oscar. I am using a Boeing B737-800 (Prosim737 flight model with Prosim737 Avionics suite. I check that out, you probably are correct. I have attached an image of the Client display whilst landed in St. Maarten. As you can see the aircraft symbol is in TNCM (1) but the location is in Antigua TAPA (2). Will reply with the results after the changes. Thanks again.
  5. At one particular airport (St.Maarten TNCM) the Client EFB does not display the airport map when on the ground, and the info bar at the right says TAPA (Antigua). On the external visual I see the installed airport scenery correctly, and my other addon (FS-Flight Control) shows me at TNCM and the correct airport map. Flight plan created with TNCM as destination, with all routes and procedures displayed correctly on the client, but as the aircraft touches down the ground map is not displayed, and TAPA shows up on the right bar. Log files attached. dbBuilderLogfile.txt runwayMappings_P3Dv4-NG.txt
  6. How can I get Performance data on EFB2 Client when I have Topcat on another remote? I have Topcat on my IOS with EFB2 Client as Master, and EFB2 Client on two other remotes (Capt and F/O sides), but cannot get Performance data on these. Can this be done?
  7. Hi Oskar; I repeated the import of the EFB 1.x checklist.xml and it is now working. I am using EFB Client on two remotes, one is the master where I imported the checklist, but I do not have a checklist on the other client (non-master). Thanks,
  8. Hello Oskar; Yes, but only the normal checklist. I have no abnormals checklist.
  9. I imported my xml checklist from EFB 1.. , but the Checklist Button on EFB2 is grayed out. When I open the editor I see all the checklist items (child) listed correctly, etc. Why is the button grayed out? Thanks,
  10. It seems to be a Navigraph problem, there is a discussion about this very problem on Navigraph's support forum; check this viewtopic on the forum https://www.navigraph.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=74&t=2815. They offer a solution, but it does not work for all, including myself. Manual update is my only fix so far (AIRAC 1510 ONLY, worked fine before). Regards, Michael.
  11. Hello, Why do I get this error (see attachement) on my Data Provider whenever I load TTPP (Piarco, Trinidad & Tobago). Navdata is up to date 01/15? Regards, Michael. [attachment=0]EFB.png[/attachment]
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