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  1. Thanks Lonewulf47 for your work. I will try this tomorrow. Thanks again.
  2. Here my technical information: Simulator: P3Dv4 EFB v2 Server and Client Build: 2.1 Build 108 EFB v2 Networked EFB default path Licensed Navigraph Cycle 1907 rev 1 Airport in question: KMRY Airport add-on: ORBX KMRY
  3. I am running P3dV4. I load my aircraft at KMRY. When I load EFBv2 it sets me at KMRZ. I select KMRY in EFB but it only gives me one runway. It does not show the parallel shorter runway. I can the second runway in my GTN750. Anybody have any ideas? I have ORBX KMRY loaded. Thanks.
  4. I gave it the name PC28. Yes, I filled in all mandatory fields. After working on the problem this problem happens when only when I attempt to create a new profile by copying the DEFAULT PROFILE. If I copy from a CUSTOM profile and make changes then everything works ok.
  5. I looked at the clientlogfile and it verifies that "Profile received: PA32 Saratoga Profile saved. But is was not saved.
  6. I have tried to create a new profile for my PA 32 Saratoga. I followed the manual and forum tips. When I go to APPLY the new profile the profile window opens, I type in the profile name, save, but it does not save. I open the profile window at documents/aivlasoft/efb2/client/profiles and it is not there. Can anyone help?
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