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  1. Hi @lonewulf47 I corrected the addon scenery ILS data (incorrect Ident) and the outdate problem is gone. Thanks.
  2. Ah, OK thanks. I'll check into that and see if I can update it if necessary.
  3. Why does MPTO 03R ILS show "outdated"? When I select MPTO arrivals and runway 03R the ILS/LOC is dimmed and says outdated. My Navdata is up to date 2106. Thanks.
  4. Yes; thanks Urs. That ..Exclude is to remove default scenery addons to the scenery. I will add the file to the server. Now I see and understand the importance and use of the Airport Info button.
  5. What do I look for to indicate this, and to be sure I am looking at the correct thing is this the panel that displays when I select the button at the top left of the client screen next to "AIRPORT"? I have attached image to be sure.
  6. Hi Urs, I am using FlyTampa Vienna v3.1, this is their latest for P3Dv5. I do not fly online, that is VATSIM, etc., and have attached the .bgl file in use. Thanks, Michael. LOWW_DEICE_ADEP4_FLYTAMPA.bgl
  7. When I open the Radio Panel for LOWW (Vienna) the panel does not show any "Type" or "Remarks" data for the COMMs. When I check the AFCAD comm and nav listing for LOWW all the data is there. Images attached of COMMs and NAVs. Thanks, Michael.
  8. I have found that the taxiing routes given to aircraft departing or arriving could be a bit better, rather than these zigzag route directions, that a lot of times brings one head-on to opposing traffic. Most times this happens when taxiing out to the runway and generally on the ramp. At most large busy airports with inner and outer parallel taxiways, the controllers will use one or the other depending on whether an aircraft is arriving or departing. Is their any way to fix this?
  9. Oh, OK! I'm now trying to solve the problem of these airports with GSX and its gates control. It seems GSX is choosing the old airport RJCJ for its gates over RJCC where as I am on the new airport RJCC. However it is correctable using the GSX ini file. According to their manual and Umberto at FSDT.
  10. OK, thanks. Maybe you can consider in a future update allowing the user the chance to elect a preferred airport in such circumstances. Example in my case, where the new airport is in such close proximity to the old one, that I choose the new one over the old (in AUTO). Thanks again. Just in case I did not mention it before in a previous post, your EFBv2 is a fantastic addon to my/any Sim (mine is P3Dv4.5) Always looking forward to your updates with new and improved features.
  11. Hi, I installed an airport scenery RJCC (New Chitose Airport, Japan this airport replaces the old airport Chitose RJCJ, Japan. What is happening is when I load the airport RJCC into P3DV45 instead of EFB2 showing me the airport RJCC it shows the airport RJCJ. I have to manually enter the RJCC airport in the EFB2 client to display the correct one, and I don't like having to do that. How can this be rectified? I used the "ICAOCodeReplacements.txt" file and entered RJCJ=RJCC, but that did not fix the problem. Screen prints attached of the auto display and the manual display on the client - rjcc1 is the auto display, rjcc2 is the manual display; as you can see the new airport changes are omitted in the auto display. Thanks, Michael.
  12. Hello. Why are their differences between the AivlaSoft EFB and Jepperson arrivals for KSLC (Salt Lake City) in the holding patterns at points in red boxes (AIRAC 2006)? I have noted in another post a similar difference at another airport TTPP (Piarco, Trinidad & Tobago) for the MA for runway 10. Thanks.
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