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  1. In fairness, it was an unusual situation. Urs, feel free to delete the entire contents. Nothing is relevant now.
  2. Affirm Oskar. I cannot see a delete option. I have exceeded my allowance by a factor of around 8. Maybe I’ve broken it! 😁
  3. Just a gentle reminder I have exceeded my allowance for uploaded files from beta testing days and cannot see a way to delete them.
  4. Hi Oskar, Yes, I'm on 1908 but I've just heard back from Stephen Cooke who advises LGRP renamed them to 06/24 in May. So a change to the AFCAD is needed. I shall do that later. CTRL + Alt + A shows 06/24. πŸ‘
  5. Update. I've just remembered EFB will use Navigraph data for runways so I've posted on Navigraph asking them to check the designations.
  6. I am baffled by the EFB Client showing the wrong runways for Just Flight Rodos LGRP addon airport. They show as 06/24 when they should be 07/25. P3D v4.5, EFB Server v2.1 Build #109; Client v2.1 Build #109. I have checked the AFCAD using ADE and the runways are shown as 07/25. In P3D Airport selection they are 07/25. I tried Enhance / Update Runways in the Database but when I enter LGRP the runways are returned as 07/25. So I abandoned that. Here are the entries in the airportFiles_P3D4.txt... LGRP D:\P3Dv4\Scenery\0602\scenery\APX55190.bgl (53) Base D:\P3Dv4\SimMarket\JustSim-LGRP P3Dv4\data\scenery\AFX_LGRP.bgl (259) COM, and more No duplicate AFCAD apart from the default but that's never been a problem with other addon airports. runwayMappings_P3Dv4-NG.txt contains no entries for LGRP. I would attach the BGL but I have run out of space and cannot find a way of clearing all the files I attached when I was a beta tester. Hope you can thrown some light on this problem and free up some space for me.
  7. Having just substituted Ray Smith's FSX AFCAD I don't think it's worth it. Taxiway B is misaligned and there are taxiway signs in the middle of taxiways. I'll revert to the original but keep the ZSCB one disabled. That's how the others have coped when flying airliners.
  8. I've read through a few topics about this issue and from the replies it's pretty clear that even if I was to complain or ask for an alternative AFCAD that includes both runways the request would fall on deaf ears. I've just taxied to 35 and at least EFB now shows my aircraft at YSCB without the switch to a non-existent airfield. I see there is a modified AFCAD on AvSim and althought it was designed for FSX I imagine there's a reasonable chance it might work with P3D. It's worth a crack. https://library.avsim.net/esearch.php?CatID=fsxafcad&DLID=155044
  9. Hi Oskar, I searched the ORBX forum and found someone with this question. They add this ZSCB AFCAD for light aircraft for Rwy 12/30 as you state. Since I have no interest in seeing GA use a different runway I shall disable that BGL. That will fix my problem but if you wish to find a solution for the wider EFB customer base that would be a good idea. I agree they are a law unto themselves with their imaginative AFCAD designs but their scenery does look very good.
  10. Thanks Oskar. It’s the strangest thing I’ve seen in P3D and EFB. If it displayed ZSCB continuously whilst on the ground it would make more sense than switching based on ground position. The installation has has been handled by ORBX as it places all scenery into its own parent folder. I shall investigate and report back.
  11. EFB Server v2.1 #108 and Client v2.1 #108. I have Orbx Canberra installed. When positioned at a gate the client corrrectly shows the airport layout for YSCB. However, when I taxi towards 35 and pass the half-way point the map changes to ZSCB - Canberra GA (China). I line up on 35 and take-off. Once airborne the map detail returns and I can see my route to Sydney. But in the top of the map it still shows ZSCB but then soon changes to YSCB. All is well thereafter. Any ideas how to fix this?
  12. Thanks Oskar. I must admit I didn't consider real-world data. To ensure Radar Contact gives me the correct runway designator I should really edit the AFCAD and amend the runway so it matches the real-world one.
  13. I have FS DreamTeam KORD installed for P3Dv4. Looking at the runway designations in ADE, Runway 10/28 is described as that. But after running the database update that runway is shown as 10L / 28R in the Client map. I'm reading AP_KORD.bgl in the OhareX\Scenery folder. When I run MakeRwys it creates a runways.xml file that also identifies them as 10/28. I'm confused. Why the difference and how to correct it?
  14. I should clarify my statement. The server is running on Win 10 build 1809 but the client is running on Win 7 Pro.
  15. Just for info I’ve been running 1809 for a couple of months now and EFB v2 has been fine. I run the client in a networked PC.
  16. Thanks Urs. That feature will be very helpful when deciding on a suitable parking gate.
  17. In EFB v1 the gates that had a working jetway were identified on the display in blue with a black circle. Unless I've missed something obvious I cannot see the same in v2.
  18. If you overlaid a political map on the EFB interface it would be a complete mess and you'd never see anything. Use a 2560*1440 or larger display and you can fit both on.
  19. Zoom was the first thing I tried. No joy. Everything is okay on the ground. Regarding Ai settings I have Above Aircraft at 12099, Below Aircraft at -10999, Label background transparent (Ground) unchecked but perhaps Label background transparent (World Map) being checked is the problem. I'll remove that check and report back. Thanks. LATER: Yes, it was the transparent option on World Map. Sorted.
  20. Gents, I'm running #61 and #78 which appear to be the latest. See the attached images. The Ai info for the Finn Air flight is clearly visible in Traffic Monitor and Little Navmap but not in the EFB Client. The aircraft shows but no flight info. I'm running P3D v4.4, FSUIPC v5.15 and UT LIve with the newly released Winter 2019 schedule released in the last few days. I haven't changed the default settings for Ai so it's a bit of a mystery. And yes, I do have the T/LBL option selected.
  21. I doubt it. It's a navigation tool, not a political map. But political maps are useful for finding out what city, river, lake etc you're flying over. I use LittleNavmap for that. The author doesn't make a charge for what is excellent software but I made a contribution in recognition of his effort and generosity.
  22. There is a forum if you wish to ask why the big increase.
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