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  1. Hi Urs, Thanks for your answer but I'm not sure I made my point clearly enough. Let me give an example. All times are UT for convenience. Using current time at Manchester of 11:07UT The Info page shows sunset at 20:40 UT with a time to go of 09h 38m. So 11:07 + 09:38 = 20:45. That's close enough. But if I put the time in the sim back 3 hours so it's now 08:11UT the sunset time is still 20:40 but the time to go remains at 09h 33m. Shouldn't it be 12h 29m or thereabouts? The time remaining seems to be calculated on current time and not sim time. Might it be more helpful to the user if sim time was used for Time to Go?
  2. Hi Urs / Oskar, On the Airport Info page the Overview tab shows the sunrise / sunset times for the selected airport together with the time to go before those events happen. I'm flying eastward from Phoenix, Arizona to Dallas, Texas using historic time from yesterday. Date is 26/6/20 and current local time is 19:54 (01:54Z 27/6). However, the time to sunset states 23:51 to go. In fact it's around 45 mins. Any ideas on this?
  3. Gents, on some of my flights I have to pause the sim for a while. EFB is fine in this respect except for logging the total flight time on the flight log. For example on today's flight from Dubai to King Khaled I paused P3D for 30 mins for lunch. The time I departed was 04:54Z and arrival time was 06:14Z. Total flight time = 1h 20m. But EFB is showing Total Flight time as 1h 49m. That is including the pause of 30 mins. Shouldn't it just be the time difference between departure and arrival?
  4. I've only transited through Dubai, not stayed. Back in March 2011 from EGCC landing around 07:00 local. We had to take a coach to the terminal but it never struck me as too hot fortunately. Once the epedemic is over there'll be lots of cheap holidays there... in August! I don't know how people cope with the heat.
  5. Thanks Oskar. I had a quick look at it but will reserve judgment until there are some reviews. Quick hop over to Dubai and all was well there albeit with quite low fps because it’s quite an old scenery now. AFCADs are always treated as low priority by developers. I’ve only had one without any faults in all the scenery I’ve bought. It’s more of a winter destination. 42°C when I landed at Dubai. Phew!
  6. Hi Oskar, thanks for the warning. If it's for v5 only then it's easy as I'm still with v4 for a while. What are the chances of me installing those updated BGLs and then hitting a problem like this on the first airport I fly to! 🤣 I guess I must have accidentally killed a few black cats and broken some mirrors. I hope you get that problem resolved soon. Yes, more airports in the Middle East would be nice instead of just Dubai. I'm on my way there now on leg number 57.
  7. Hi Oskar, well it is a very good program. 😉 Thanks for explaining the problem. Despite me removing duplicate ILS and frequencies I still get the problem but it's now clear it's unrelated to those. It's a default airport and Ihave no desire to buy an addon. At least I know my install was fine and this is a general problem. I was able to tune the 08L ILS and land using it.
  8. Hi again chaps. I took your advise and installed the modified BGLs from this site. https://aero.sors.fr/navaids3.html I started P3D v4 and it rebuilt the indexes. Then I started EFB and scanned the new BGLs so the data was up to date. My next flight was from Karachi to Muscat (OOMS). When I selected the ARR option for Muscat a warning appeared saying "No procedures available due to missing runway mappings". Strange as I've never seen this in 55 other airports in my world tour and most have been default airports. So I opened the newly supplied BGL - APX63230.bgl using ADE. A message appeared saying there were orphaned ILSs for both 26R and 08L. It provides an option to link then so I use it. As I curremtly have P3D open I can't save the file to replace the one supplied. I'll do that once P3D is shutdown. That would explain why EFB couldn't use them. Can you confirm if you get the same problem please? I have installed World Update, Middle East Update and Africa Update so it looks like I have done everything correctly. I'm just trying to establish if the problem is only on my setup or others.
  9. Hi Marc, I have no immediate plans for v5 but will get it eventually I'm sure. That's a nice piece of work you've done there. 👍 Strange copyright has become an issue for v5 when it never was previously. He's a very clever chap to create these tools that can edit BGLs especially the airport ICAO and name. Thank you for the info and the link. 👏
  10. As my problem didn't involve ILSs I wouldn't have looked at that topic. Maybe a para dealing with clashing ICAO names for airports? Far less frequent I grant you. But fair enough. You're the best judges of what's best.
  11. I thought that site you pointed me to was payware. Seemingly not. I just downloaded the world update. Bit late for Dhakar but I'll use that instead of ADE. Given how useful sites like that are why don't you give it more prominence on the forum? Maybe a Useful Software link. 😉
  12. I checked the price of the Pro version of ADE and it's $10. Very reasonable. That version allows you to change / move airports including ICAO and name. Who knows what I'll be using for my next world tour. Concorde maybe! 😁
  13. Hi Oskar, thanks for explaining. So you got that replacement BGL from that source. Given I've just departed Dhaka probably never to return I'll leave things as they are. Thanks for your help. All is clear now.
  14. Mornin' Oskar, Thanks for the link to that source. If you have used the data in that it probably explains why our two P3D v4.5 installs differ. I have checked Dhakar in both P3D v3 and v4 and both show the main airport in Dhaka as VGZR. This confirms it. What I cannot work out is we have exactly the same file. How can that happen? Unless yours has been replaced by that external data you subscribe to. Not only has the ICAO changed, the airport name has too. Active Sky P3Dv4 is interesting. It displays wx for both ICAOs and for VGZR states "shared by duplicate station VGHS". Ditto for VGHS. There seems to be some confusion with this airport having two ICAOs.
  15. I haven’t checked the ICAO and airport name in v4 itself. It was after I created a plan in PFPX and exported it the problem began. EFB v2 didn’t recognise VGHS as a valid ICAO so wouldn’t load the plan. I edited it with Notepad++ and changed the destination ICAO to VGZR after searching the airports in EFB for Dhaka. It then happily accepted it. I’ll check tomorrow what I have and report back. No, never applied SORS update. Wouldn't know where to get it. More tomorrow. 👍
  16. Oskar, I was using v4, not v3. I only fly to around a dozen airports in v3 with Concorde and they’re fine. It’s v4 where the ICAO needs changing. I assume the airport in v3 would have the same ICAO.
  17. Sorry Oskar, me having a senior moment. 🙁 I think its its worth investing in a licence for ADE so I can change the ICAO and airport name. It’s reasonable enough.
  18. Yes, I understand I cannot tune an ILS that doesn’t exist in the sim. I run both v3 (for Concorde) and v4 for everything else. Makes it more complicated as I have to keep two record sets up to date. Do LM ever update airport ICAO and names with a point update or only on a major release? When I eventually move to v5 you would hope all airports would be correct at time of release. Whats VGHS?
  19. Hi Oskar, I asked because I wasn't sure which ICAO is the current one. It appears EFB is using the older one since it reads BGL files. But when it comes to ILSs etc you use real world ones, not those in the sim. Since I can't change the default ICAO without buying ADE Pro I'll work around the problem for my departure. After that I guess I'll never visit Dhaka again.
  20. As part of my world tour I planned a flight from Mandalay, Burma to Dhaka, Bangladesh today. EFB didn't recognise the ICAO generated by PFPX of VGHS. I did a search in the EFB database and found the only entry for Dhaka is VGZR - Zia Intl. Active Sky also shows it as VGHS. I use Navigraph for both products so it's strange that they conflict over the name and ICAO of the main airport. Thoughts?
  21. Hi Oskar, The reason I didn't want to change my EFB plan is because I'm logging all my times, fuel used etc and that would have been lost had I started with a new plan. I was around 200nm out when I realised my mistake so unlike real world alternates mine was down to pilot stupidity, not adverse wx or the like. 😄 This wasn't a request out of necessity since I manage to add the new airport into my plan so when I landed I had taxi routing etc. And the fuel and times were okay too. Unlike mine, yours was a real-life situation and probably caused a few heart flutters. As much as we like to think flight sim is as real as it gets the reality is somewhat different. This was a request that enquired about whether you are considering such a feature rather than needing it as a necessity. I doubt I'll make that mistake again. Typing this enroute from Alice Springs to Darwin. No chance of choosing the wrong airports this time! 😁 My best wishes to both you and Urs and it's nice to hear more features are being planned.
  22. Hello chaps. I hope everyone is keeping safe in these difficult times. As part of my world tour I recently planned a flight to Fiji from Pago Pago. Stupidly I didn't research my destination airport enough and chose the smaller airport on the eastern side of Fiji as my destination instead of Nadi on the west coast. Whilst I was able to choose an alternate in Radar Contact v4 - something I haven't done since beta testing days 13 years ago 😲 - I couldn't find a way of choosing an alternate in EFB. After landing and reading the manual and then searching here it became obvious no such facility exists. In the two years since this was last discussed are you considering adding such a feature?
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