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  1. Yes, agree, great work, thx for your effort!
  2. That would really be great I can't wait to try out v2! ? Regards, Klaus
  3. No, you'll get a 20% discount with your v1 key, it's well described on the website. Regards, Klaus
  4. That's what it looks like for me normally during approach (sometimes the whole flight)
  5. Thank you for your quick answer although it's a bit of a shock for me...let me explain why: Usually I have the DisplayUnit on my left monitor open the whole flight like an advanced moving map. If I'm on final for example I want to see the vertical profile permanently during the approach to check if I'm on path. Another example is the checklist...I would have to switch via Alt-Tab after every step because when I click the switch in the VC the window with the checklist will disappear. This totally kills the immersion for me. And apart from that I don't understand your given simulator argument as it worked well in full screen with P3D v3 and v4. With the situation you described v2 will only work for me if I use my old notebook (10 year old dual-core) or if I buy a fourth monitor. So it seems as long as I don't decide to buy another monitor I will have to stick with v1 which is very much disappointing for me as I was looking forward to the new version but hitting ALT-TAB a hundred times during a flight would be a step back for me. Regards, Klaus
  6. In Version there were some shortcut definitions in the data provider settings which are very important for me to bring the display unit to front or send it to the back. Do you mean I can't do that anymore in v2? Regards, Klaus
  7. Yes I will see I ordered a new notebook today maybe I'll use the old one as the EFB monitor or I'll use it just the way I did with v1 as long as there is the possibility to bring it to front/back by using a shortcut. Reading the manual I could see the shortcut section in the server module is gone but there is one in the client so I hope there is still a shortcut for it.
  8. Too sad but I'll live with it...thx for your quick response!
  9. No, sorry, that was not what I meant. What I was asking for is if you can make the window stay on top. I use a triple screen setup with the sim view stretched over all screens and with v1 whenever I click somewhere in the EFB and switch back to the sim the EFB window disappears until I get it back with the key command. I seem to remember that you once said regarding that issue with v1 that it is not possible but if I look for example at the landing rate tool by ProjectFly there is a working option to make it stay on top!?
  10. Is it possible with this version to set the program window to "sticky"? Regards, Klaus
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