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  1. I have checked and rechecked the manual but still cannot find what I am doing wrong. First, when I load the Client it opens to my last flight: chart, path, plane's last position, etc.. so I delete this flight plan. Then starting a new flight plan No company routes shown (grayed out).... and the Copy/Paste text box always has PPOS (present position) waiting for another entry. Deleting PPOS and Company Routes still not available. Double-checked and 7-8 routes are in the proper folder. I suppose most of this problem is because Client will not open with out a plan. This is a superb program. Before this problem I did a full ifr flight with SID/STAR, ILS in nasty Wx and it was really nice. Please get me on the right track Regards Neal Howard
  2. KFHR typo sorry I DID use the correct ICAO in both versions of EFB. Correct ICAO used for others mentioned above as well. I agree and I just logged on to request that my post be removed. Obviously the various problems are at this end. I have no intention of flaming a good product with super support. Unfortunately I have only a limited amount of "Sim time" and too much has been lost of late. A week or two without problems and I will be ready to try again. Regards to you all
  3. I should have tried the free 30 days after all. After finally getting it to at least START a flight I thought it would be great. EFB 2 WILL start a flight plan but here is what happens half the time: Plane at Friday Harbor (KHFR)v but EFB map says I am at Burden Field (6IWA) at town of Friday Harbor. There is no database entry for KHFR...BUT my plane is there right where I usually park. Flight plan from Monterey (KMRY)...not in DB so no plan From Juneau ((PAJN) not in DB etc etc. In every case the plane IS exactly where it should be. I reran the database builder, update simulator, update Navdata Latest Navigraph 1808 R1 in both P3D v3 and v4 This is about the fifth day that I have wasted all my flight time troubleshooting. At this point I am giving up on EFB v2 and will return to original EFB. Maybe when an update comes along I can try it again. An expensive lesson but my own fault. Free trial still had a couple of weeks. NOTE: I tried ALL these plans with EFB v1 and each worked perfectly
  4. All Fixed and EFB v2 is now MINE....license and all I've been using EFB almost six years and plan on sticking with it.
  5. Been trying fo 30 minutes to buy version 2 but Cleveridge says my license key is invalid. Sent request to aviasoft......think I've had it since 2014
  6. I have used EFB v1 for years and never needed any help. Naturally I downloaded the new version...30 days free trial, why not. Right from the start my problems started with Flight Planning. Read my thread re. problems with it. NOW to the good part: Lonewulf47 "took on my case" and we exchanged many emails trying to solve the "invalid Plan" problem. Frankly, I was about ready to give up but not lonewulf47. After working through several routines following his troubleshooting I can now use EFB 2!!! and the new version is superb. Don't know where else I have ever seen such support. Many Thanks Neal H
  7. This seems to work for everyone else so perhaps a corrupt file? Try a reinstall? Neal H
  8. Same again: I followed your procedure precisely. Here are pics....hope they are in order
  9. I have no problems with either of those either. Try KCLT, KGSO, KPHX, KABQ. All have nice long, wide runways. Aircraft selected Cessna Skylane, Cessna 310, Pilatus PC 12, A2A J-3...all get the same message. Frankly, any pilot who does not know whether his plane can fly into or out of an airport probably is too stupid to understand the "invalid" message. I was an active pilot (military and private) for 30 years and luckily never met one. Also noted that the UNITS selected: Feet, pounds, degrees, etc. are not locked. Still metrics. Sorry to be a bother but I am not giving up...yet
  10. I am STILL unable to get a proper flight plan. Maybe my tired old brain is wearing out. All I want is a plan from A to B with waypoints/SID/STAR which I select. However, almost any departure or destination selection I get the following : step 1 efb2.pdf What filter criteria is this ? No matter which plane selected the routing is "invalid" So far plans attempted to or from KCLT, KGSO, KSEA, etc are all "invalid. Plans have been attempted with P3D v4 not loaded and also loaded with plane waiting. Help requested Please' Neal H My old daddy once said: "Just wait...someday you will be as dumb as you think I am"
  11. I normally use SimBrief. However the "Internet" button on EFB took me to ROUTE FINDER which is also a good source. The flight plan generated is shown below. Although the plan calls for SID and STAR there is no SID that will admit HEC as a waypoint. I know there is no SID in this routing. As for "A routing never includes SID and STAR" there are several programs that DO recommend both runway and SID/STAR. My intention is not to be negative about EFB 2 and most likely I will buy it. My point is that (to me) the planning aspect is not nearly as simple as the original EFB....which is still my favorite. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ROUTE FINDER Route generator for PC flight simulation use - NOT FOR REAL WORLD NAVIGATION (C)2005-2007 ASA srl - Italy NAT: Eastbound track message identification is 211 NAT: Westbound track message identification is 211 NATs: NATU: can't identify fix 5030 (-1) Computed route from MC CARRAN INTL (KLAS, KL) to LOS ANGELES INTL (KLAX, KL): 3 fixes, 209.4 nautical miles Cruise altitude between FL100 and FL330 KLAS (0.0nm) -SID-> HEC (100.2nm) -STAR-> KLAX (209.4nm) Details: ID FREQ TRK DIST Coords Name/Remarks KLAS 0 0 N36°04'48.20" W115°09'08.10" MC CARRAN INTL HEC 112.7 215 100 N34°47'49.26" W116°27'46.51" HECTOR KLAX 237 109 N33°56'32.98" W118°24'28.98" LOS ANGELES INTL Tracks are magnetic, distances are in nautical miles. KLAS SID HEC STAR KLAX
  12. At this point I am still undecided about upgrading. Lots of features, agreed, but seems a bit confusing to me. This is particularly true with flight planning: I still have not generated a flightplan as described in the manual. Going online (with P3d v4 running, aircraft at a gate) The plan ignores SID and STAR. For example KLAS to KLAX plan is: KLAS sid HEC star KLAX. Using all three methods for planning are about the same result. Sorry, too many black popups for me. Had it 3 or 4 days and still have not gotten past planning and actually in the air.
  13. My remote PC lost EFB settings for some unknown reason. I went to the Settings and Links tab, reset all links, etc but: There is no SAVE button that I can find. Scrolling down as far as possible, resizing the window, but still am not able to find it. How can I save my settings? Bothe the remote PC and server are the same and EFB has worked perfectly on them for a year or more. Thanks in advance Neal H
  14. I have tracked the source of the error but know nothing about fixing it. Please read the attached file. EFB Error.txt I could really use some help here. EFB is the best tool I have for FSX Neal Howard
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