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  1. I know but @ZKOKQ said he got the issue fixed by copying the Airac Data from the older EFB version to the new one. I was just curious how this could work.
  2. I tried to use the Aerosoft Navdata but the issue remains the same. I also tried to install the Server into the default location as well as a custom location but this also doesn't help. I'm on Windows 10 (Latest Update) and Prepar3D v4.3. I disabled my AV (Norton) and also checked the history to make sure that Norton hasn't removed the file. What exactly did you copied? As far as i can see the data is quite different: EFB 1 Navdata: EFB 2 Navdata:
  3. For me it doesn‘t work - regardless of if i‘m starting the database builder from the server app or stand alone...
  4. Hi, i get errors while running the database builder: "Database creation finished with 6 warning(s) and/or 2 error(s). ...". The logfile shows some warnings about missing add-on.xml files but also the following errors: 2018-07-01 01:04:26.395 Debug : Start scanning 23156 files 2018-07-01 01:04:33.043 Debug : Navaids read: 22069 2018-07-01 01:04:33.045 Debug : Airspaces read: 46084 2018-07-01 01:04:33.046 Debug : Airports read: 24625 2018-07-01 01:04:33.048 Debug : Creating navaids repository ... 2018-07-01 01:04:33.488 Error : Der Objektverweis wurde nicht auf eine Objektinstanz festgelegt. 2018-07-01 01:04:33.554 Debug : Reading magdec.bgl OK 2018-07-01 01:04:33.554 Debug : Writing magvar.bin ... 2018-07-01 01:04:33.563 Debug : Writing magvar.bin OK 2018-07-01 01:04:33.564 Debug : Reading Navigraph FMS Data, cycle 1802 Rev 1 ... 2018-07-01 01:04:35.120 Debug : --> Merging simulator and navdata P3Dv4/NG 2018-07-01 01:04:35.124 Error : Die Datei "C:\Users\Florian\Documents\AivlaSoft\EFB2\Server\DbBuilder\Base\P3D4\comservices.bin" konnte nicht gefunden werden. 2018-07-01 01:04:36.045 Warning : Database creation finished with 6 warning(s) and/or 2 error(s). If i ignore the errors and start the server a message comes up: "Trying to verify demo license but could not reach any time server on the internet.". If i then click "ok" and enter my data again the license could be validated but a new error comes up "Could not read database due to errors. Please see the logfile." The serverLogfilter.txt contains the following error (which is much likely caused by the issue of the database builder): 2018-07-01 01:08:30.200 Debug : Loading database ... 2018-07-01 01:08:30.205 Error : Die Datei "C:\Users\Florian\Documents\AivlaSoft\EFB2\Server\DbBuilder\Ready\P3Dv4NG\airports.bin" konnte nicht gefunden werden. bei System.IO.__Error.WinIOError(Int32 errorCode, String maybeFullPath) bei System.IO.FileStream.Init(String path, FileMode mode, FileAccess access, Int32 rights, Boolean useRights, FileShare share, Int32 bufferSize, FileOptions options, SECURITY_ATTRIBUTES secAttrs, String msgPath, Boolean bFromProxy, Boolean useLongPath, Boolean checkHost) bei System.IO.FileStream..ctor(String path, FileMode mode, FileAccess access, FileShare share) bei z.z.g.u.g.nn(String A_0, Action`1 A_1) bei z.z.g.u.g.nn(String A_0, Action`1 A_1) bei z.z.z.g.i.m() 2018-07-01 01:09:04.463 Debug : Server settings saved to: C:\Users\Florian\Documents\AivlaSoft\EFB2\Server\Settings\serverSettings.txt 2018-07-01 01:09:04.465 Debug : ========== Terminated ========== PS: I attached the debug package. Any ideas? Best regards Florian Server_201807010111.txt.zip
  5. Hi Urs, yes - i totally understand that! I'm fine with waiting for v2 - if you need a beta tester for verifying that the issues from v1 are not occurring anymore i would be happy to help!
  6. Hi Urs, i made a test flight with the following settings: -> Global Texture Resolution to 1024x1024 (was 2048x2048) -> Target frame rate to 32 (was unlimited) -> Terrain Texture Resolution to 60cm (was 15cm) Unfortunately the same stutters are occuring. To be honest, i'm very unhappy with lowering my settings for an add on as all my other add ons are working absolutely fine. I would have no problem with just lowering the texture resolution but if i had to lower all my settings, just to get EFB to work as it should, is nothing i'm willing to do. Maybe you could take a further look into the SimConnect connections - i would really appreciate that! Don't get me wrong - EFB is awesome work and maybe it's just some little crap which has changed in Prepar3D and thats why these issues are occuring. If i could assist with some testing please do not hesitate to contact me (btw i'm a software developer too and so i know how hard it is to reproduce such kind of issues). Last question: I read that version 2 of EFB will use FSUIPC instead of simconnect - do you think that these kind of issues could be a thing of the past then? Thanks in advance and best regards
  7. Thanks Urs! Regarding the xml files both of the files are active - i don't know if this has introduced in Prepar3Dv3 but as you can see in their docs the two files are merged together: http://www.prepar3d.com/SDKv3/LearningCenter/add-ons/add-on_configuration.html Thanks for the info regarding the SimConnect calls - what i don't understand is that i'm normally using ProATC, ActiveSky and FS2Crew as well as other add ons which are using the SimConnect API. I would assume that ProATC needs the same amount of information from SimConnect as EFB (and it also updates every second) but even if i only use EFB the problems remain. I've never experienced such issues with other add ons... It's so frustrating as EFB is absolutely awesome but currently i cannot use it because of the stuttering. I'll make a test flight with other settings and let you know the results asap. Thanks and best regards!
  8. Urs, here are screenshots of my settings: Prepar3D: ​http://prntscr.com/b3w10p http://prntscr.com/b3w1c9 http://prntscr.com/b3w1gm http://prntscr.com/b3w4mr http://prntscr.com/b3w4qa DataProvider: http://prntscr.com/b3w4xj http://prntscr.com/b3w517 http://prntscr.com/b3w544 http://prntscr.com/b3w58k I haven't used EFB before Prepar3D v3 so i cannot say if it is working on older versions of Prepar3D. I made another testflight without the add ons i usally use (ActiveSkyNext, FS2Crew, ProATC) and the stutters are still occuring. The only external application in use was the DataProvider on one PC and the DisplayUnit on another. I'm using the PMDG 737NGX (latest version) and Prepar3D v3.2. Here are some videos from another user which are showing the behaviour: Stuttering in the air: https://youtu.be/gL60Ay_Jp6Q Stuttering on the ground: https://youtu.be/9TKLOBjAAJ4 Stuttering airport vehicles: https://youtu.be/-bEWGmtSVbA Here are my dll.xml and exe.xml files: dll.xml from C:\ProgramData\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v3: <SimBase.Document Type="AceXML" version="3,0" id="dll"> <Descr>AceXML Document</Descr> <Filename>dll.xml</Filename> <Launch.Addon> <Name>Flight Recorder</Name> <Path>Aerosoft\Flight Recorder\AS-FlightRecorder.dll</Path> </Launch.Addon> </SimBase.Document> exe.xml from C:\ProgramData\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v3: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="Windows-1252"?> <SimBase.Document Type="AceXML" version="3,0" id="exe"> <Descr>AceXML Document</Descr> <Filename>exe.xml</Filename> <Launch.Addon> <Name>XHT.APController</Name> <Path>C:\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v3\Aerosoft\AirportController\APController.exe</Path> </Launch.Addon> </SimBase.Document> dll.xml from C:\Users\Flight\AppData\Roaming\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v3: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <SimBase.Document Type="Launch" version="1,0"> <Descr>Launch</Descr> <Filename>DLL.XML</Filename> <Launch.ManualLoad>False</Launch.ManualLoad> <Launch.Addon> <Name>Addon Manager</Name> <Disabled>False</Disabled> <ManualLoad>False</ManualLoad> <Path>bglmanx.dll</Path> </Launch.Addon> <Launch.Addon> <Name>ObjectFlow</Name> <Disabled>False</Disabled> <ManualLoad>False</ManualLoad> <Path>ORBX\FTX_AU\FTXAA_ORBXLIBS\Scenery\ObjectFlow_P3D.dll</Path> </Launch.Addon> <Launch.Addon> <Name>PMDG HUD interface</Name> <Disabled>False</Disabled> <ManualLoad>False</ManualLoad> <Path>PMDG\DLLs\PMDG_HUD_interface.dll</Path> <DLLStartName>module_init</DLLStartName> <DLLStopName>module_deinit</DLLStopName> </Launch.Addon> <Launch.Addon> <Name>RAASPRO</Name> <Disabled>False</Disabled> <ManualLoad>False</ManualLoad> <Path>.\RAASPRO\RAASPRO.dll</Path> <DLLStartName>module_init</DLLStartName> <DLLStopName>module_deinit</DLLStopName> </Launch.Addon> <Launch.Addon> <Name>SODE DLL</Name> <Disabled>False</Disabled> <ManualLoad>False</ManualLoad> <Path>SODE\SimObjectAnimationModule.dll</Path> </Launch.Addon> <Launch.Addon> <Name>FSUIPC 4</Name> <Disabled>False</Disabled> <ManualLoad>False</ManualLoad> <Path>Modules\FSUIPC4.dll</Path> </Launch.Addon> <Launch.Addon> <Name>as_connect</Name> <Disabled>False</Disabled> <ManualLoad>False</ManualLoad> <Path>as_srv\as_btstrp.dll</Path> </Launch.Addon> </SimBase.Document> exe.xml from C:\Users\Flight\AppData\Roaming\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v3: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <SimBase.Document Type="Launch" version="1,0"> <Descr>Launch</Descr> <Filename>EXE.XML</Filename> <Launch.ManualLoad>False</Launch.ManualLoad> <Launch.Addon> <Name>as_btstrp_config_manager</Name> <Disabled>False</Disabled> <ManualLoad>False</ManualLoad> <Path>as_srv\as_btstrp_config_manager.exe</Path> </Launch.Addon> <Launch.Addon> <Name>Couatl</Name> <Disabled>False</Disabled> <ManualLoad>False</ManualLoad> <Path>fsdreamteam\couatl\couatl.exe</Path> </Launch.Addon> <Launch.Addon> <Name>EZdok camera addon</Name> <Disabled>False</Disabled> <ManualLoad>False</ManualLoad> <Path>C:\Program Files (x86)\EZCA\EZCA.exe</Path> </Launch.Addon> <Launch.Addon> <Name>SODE</Name> <Disabled>False</Disabled> <ManualLoad>False</ManualLoad> <Path>SODE\SimObjectDisplayEngine.exe</Path> </Launch.Addon> </SimBase.Document>
  9. Made some further tests with my settings: Again stutters after landing. Then i made two tests: 1. Restarting the DataProvider at the Gate and then slewing the aircraft around some times -> Stutters are getting worse and worse 2. Restarting the DataProvider at the Gate and just viewing my aircraft from the outside view (without even moving the camera) -> Stutters are also getting worse and worse from minute to minute The stutters have nothing to do with GSX (it is only the easiest way to verify it). Even if i move the camera around the aircraft the stutters are occuring. This happens also without the DisplayUnit (so just the DataProvider is started). The free VAS at this time was >800MB. I've absolutely no clue but as i've read in several other threads many users are having the exact same issue. BTW: I'm using Prepar3D v3.2 Thanks!
  10. What do you mean by "too few resources"? What can i do to prevent this behaviour? Here are my specs: i7 4790k GTX980 16GB RAM Windows 10 BTW: The free memory after approaching looks good! Thanks!
  11. Made two flights today - the issue is'nt related to the network configuration as it also happens if i'm running the dataprovider and display unit on the same machine. I'm using Prepar3Dv3.2. I'm noticing the stutter mostly at the approach phase and on the ground. I could perfectly observe the stuttering while my GSX vehicles are moving. The stutter occurs every 1-2 seconds until i close the dataprovider. After closing it, all the GSX vehicles are moving perfectly.
  12. Hi Urs, thanks for getting back to me! Yes, i'm running a wireless network between the two machines. Should i try it with a lan network instead?
  13. Is there any solution yet? I'm facing the same issues here. Running the dataprovider and display unit on different machines and after a while i get the stuttering and bad fps. Shutting down the dataprovider helps but this is painful...
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