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Keflavik by MK-Studios - BIAR Akureyri


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If you happen to have purchased this newly published scenery, you might have noticed that many of the interesting approaches into BIAR Akureyri (mainly the two ILS RWY 01 & 19) are missing. The reason for this is that - sad to say - unfortunately MK-Studios got a few things wrong on this AFCAD BGL.

Inorder to overcome this uncomfortable situation you might want to replace the original "BIAR_ADEP4_MK.bgl" by the one published below. This brings back both ILS' with the correct inbound tracks and idents.




Inorder to replace this file, navigate to the scenery folder of the BIKF installation (normally to be found here: \Prepar3D v4\Ecosystem\MKSTUDIOS\Keflavik4\Scenery), set the original BGL to OFF and copy the new BGL into the scenery folder. Don't forget to re-run the DbBuilder thereafter.

This will bring back to life those interesting apporaches. Have fun!

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2 hours ago, Headley said:



MK-Studios have just released an update for there new scenery.

I have not purchased the scenery yet, but can someone verify if there new update needs the *.bgl-file as mentioned above ?

I have installed and checked update V1.01 of the abovementioned scenery. As far as I can see there is no improvement on the BIAR Akureyri airport BGL. I therefore still recommend to use the replacement BGL. I have informed MK-Studios about the incorrect BGL. In addition to that also the lead-in lights to RWY 01 are missing.

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1 hour ago, Aviator1979 said:

Also at BIKF on runway 01/19 exit taxiway S2 is not showing up, ive scanned multiple times, anyone else having this (maybe in v2 its different, im on v1) sincerely...

Sorry, I have no idea how V1 handles partially closed taxiways. The designers have obviously closed S2 to avoid misguided AI ground traffic. In V2 it shows up normally:



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