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  1. Hi Oskar, This new BGL just did the trick All works fine now and properly aligned. Correct, when approaching onto short final and coming out of the fog i was off the centerline, in fact if i did not correct manual i ended on the grass... With ImagineSim i had some more issue's regarding there support with other scenery's witch are more recent 😕 VIDP is one of there addon's called "legacy" ... I think i will focus on working with ADE indeed... Thanks again for your great and fast support😊
  2. Hello, I read in other topics that for some airports ILS-data is missing. I encounter a similar problem. Some facts: Running EFB v2 - build 114 P3Dv4.5 HF2 I have updated the latest P3D-navaids update (https://www.aero.sors.fr/navaids3.html) Cycle 2001 just as i'm writing this. I have rebuild a new database, but that could not resolve my problem @ VIDP. Problem: After planning a flight (VECC-VIDP) (via PFPX and imported into EFB) when selecting the ARR-procedure, there is no ILS-data for Rwy 10 - 28 and 29 @ VIDP. I'm pretty sure there is one, when looking in the airport information window - tab [Nearby Navaids] the ILS-designator and freq for all Rwy's are available, as my plane could intercept the ILS for Rwy 28. Also i have only ils available for rwy's 09 - 11 - 29. Rwy's 10 - 27 - 28 are not available (but they are there). I can only select VOR/DME app's. I have VIDP as addon (Imagine Sim), with is also recognised by EFB v2. It has priority above the stock BGL-file. I provide the BGL hereby witch has priority by EFB. I had the same problem @ VECC earlier today, but after updating with the latest P3D-navaids that problem was resolved. Here i have no addon. So i guess the problem will be the addon-bgl Hope you can find my problem? VIDP_ADEX_ADE_without_T2.BGL
  3. I had this issue also some times. DIR-TO solves it. It mostly happens during the SID, when the flightpath deviates a bit from the one in EFB. But there is no possibility to alter or enlarge that "certain limit" in one or other ini-file?
  4. Hmm, your right offcourse Will test it also some days with Vatsim traffic.
  5. Well i could test it with "None" selected (I have no Vatsim account). Sinds a few days now i did not have any error's, even with IVAO selected. So i can't say how long i will test as i fly only on IVAO and use the functions supplied by EFB for IVAO intensively.
  6. Thanks Oskar and Urs for the answers. Unfortunately i have no account with Vatsim, so can not test with their servers. Well it seems i have to live with it. It happens from time to time, no idea what triggers it. But not that great problem, just restarting the server and the client reconnects and continuous where it was before the error...
  7. I'm getting more and more this error from the server: "An exception occurred during a webclient request. System.IO.IOExepcion: unable to read data from the transport connection: An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host. ---> System." (no more info to read from the screen...). Obviously i run everything as administrator and all my files and folders are excluded from scanning by Win Defender (no other AV running!). I attach the 2 support files i have generated after the error. I can simply restart the server and it runs normal again (untill the next error ...) What am i doing wrong? Thanks for any help... Server_201811231125.txt.zip Client_201811231125.txt.zip
  8. Excuse if i use this topis for another update question: Is there a possibility to increase the range of the "range rings" to let's say 1000 miles (or more), as was the case in the first version EFBv1?
  9. For those who have this error: at the forum of Aerosoft they have provided a new Afcad-file with all runways "open" to AI-traffic, so all the runways are now visible in Aivlasoft. Works like a charm for me! See this topic ...
  10. OK thanks, i will update him about this. Will report back when i have (good) news
  11. Hi, Thanks, i will try to reinstall that scenery and see what it gives.
  12. When updating the scenery data i get the following error: After clicking OK all seems to be fine, and after a restart of the data provider i can without problem starting the display unit. Afterwards i seem to have no problem. Anyone knows what this error means? It gives me the error between two UK2000 scenery layers, but not sure if this has to do with one of these layers or any scenery of UK2000. Thanks,
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