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Simple cam losing positions where mouse operations are possible

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I have been pleased with SimpleCam but have found with the FS Labs A320-X that when I select the main virtual cockpit ( allocated to NumPad 5 which I have allocated to be my starting view) I frequently have to reset the view with 'Ctrl-space bar' to be able to use the mouse to operate the mouse operation areas ( such as to change altitude or speed for example). If I go to he overhead and then return to numbed 5 I have to then press 'ctrl-space bar' to be able to use the mouse  to change the mouse operation areas.

In fact if I go to the overhead and then use 'ctrl-space bar' this takes me back to the default virtual cockpit view and the mouse operation areas work fine. I have tried on several occasions to save this default virtual cockpit view but this does not resolve this problem,

I did go into the Camera settings and change the initial zoom setting to 0.5 . Could this be of significance?

Any comments would be appreciated.


Michael Houghton

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Hi Michael,

although I don't know exactly the views in your simulator, I have experienced that sometimes the camera position is 'behind' something (or too far from the panels) although I can see the panel. Then I cannot operate the switches on that panel with the mouse. More or less the same issue that you described. If you then move the camera closer to the panel (using the arrow keys, NOT the zoom or Mouse Wheel) then the switches become operable again.


Hope this helps.

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