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  1. 1St  LVE efb v2.  I have it running using fsx se.  Am trying out P3d. Want to use efb in P3d. Do I have to purchase another copy of efb for P3d, or I can I use the same copy for both flts sims? Thanks for any help.

  2. Thank-you for that. The profile editor took a bit of finding but once I found it I have been able to sort this out. Regards, Mike
  3. I usually fly airliners with programming of FMC and MCDU I am sure I have read and seen a picture that the TOC and TOD will appear in the A/C ambient column but I cannot get it to appear. I am sure I have read that all information has to be put into EFB2 correctly for it to appear. I am entering the flightplan which has been provided by PFPX. I have entered information including SIDs and Stars into the Wx and Proc buttons but still to no avail. Obviously I am missing something out. Is there a tutorial flight or is there any advice for this. Thank-you. Michael Houghton
  4. Problem Resolved. I looked again at the other reference on this forum mentioning this problem I had tried moving copying the Microsoft sim Connect.dll from the redist folder in P3Dv4 to the Aivlasoft folder and copying and replacing the existing Microsift sim.connect dll. This did not help. After a further look I noticed Nicola mentioned(July 2017) you need to run the installer . I found the installer in the lib folder of the FSX-SP2_Xpack version in the redist\interface folder in the Lockheed Martin \P3Dv4 folder . It then worked. I must say I was surprised I had to run this installer assuming this would be already installed. Sorry to have troubled the forum with this Mike
  5. I have run into a problem trying to install the Aivlasoft EFB v1_6_15 into Prepar3Dv4.2 on a Windows 10 64 bit computer. I have attached several screenshots . I have looked at the forum and tried the alternative Microsoft Flight Simulator .Sim Connect Files in the LM/P3Dv4/redist/interface/FSX-SP2-XPack without sucess. It appears to have come to a halt at Stop Sequence ..Please Wait. I have uninstalled the EFB and tried reinstalling wothout success. I have attached a copy of my simulator and Navigraph set up page in case this is wrong I have owned this program for several years and have not had a problem previously, On this computer i have not installed FSX. Any ideas would be appreciated. Thank-you. Michael Houghton
  6. Hi Urs, Thanks for your reply. At last i think i have got it. I have succesfully imported the Simplecam views from PMDG 600-700. Thanks for all your explanation and patience which is much appreciated. Regards, Mike
  7. Hi urs, Thank-you. I now have SimpleCam working in P3DV4. I now understand the air file allocated to each aircraft. However I tried copying the PMDG 737NGX 600 air file to the PMDG 737 NGX 700 folder and renamed the 600 air file 700 and it did not work. What have I done wrong.? Thank-you. Regards, Mike
  8. Thank-you Urs. I note on my simplecam configurator there is no P3D V4 but presume this is because I have v 1.011 installed and the latest version is 1.013. Do I just install the latest version over my present install or do I have to uninstall and instasll the latest version.? Also please could you explain your final sentence. I do not understand whether I need to copy and paste files from my FSX SE into my P3D V4 to be able to use camera settings.? Also If I own the Aerosoft Airbus A319 and the A320 and I have made views for the A320 can I go to C\Users\My name\My Documents\Aivlasoft \SimpleCam and just copy the A320 SimpleCam file and rename the simple cam file A319 to enable views in the A319 ? Thank-you for your help. Regards, Mike
  9. Hi Urs, Thank-you for your prompt reply. When I open the SimpleCam configurator there is no path to P3DV4 presumably because I have discovered I do not have the latest version of SimpleCam installed. Do I install the latest version over my existing installation or do I have to uninstall my existing installation and install the latest version? Please can you explain your last sentence about all camera settings in FSX SE being available in P3DV4. Do I have to copy and paste files for this? Another thing I am unclear on is if I have as an example the Aerosoft A320 and I make camera settings is there a way I can make those views available on the Aerosoft A319? Thank-you for your help. Regards, Mike
  10. I have Simple cam installed on my computer working with FSX Steam edition. I have recently installed P3D v4 onto my computer. Do I need to install Simplecam again into P3D V4 or is it a question of telling Simplecam where P3D V4 is in the configuration manager? I would be grateful of clarification how I can get SimpleCam working in P3D V4. Thank-you. Michael Houghton
  11. I have been pleased with SimpleCam but have found with the FS Labs A320-X that when I select the main virtual cockpit ( allocated to NumPad 5 which I have allocated to be my starting view) I frequently have to reset the view with 'Ctrl-space bar' to be able to use the mouse to operate the mouse operation areas ( such as to change altitude or speed for example). If I go to he overhead and then return to numbed 5 I have to then press 'ctrl-space bar' to be able to use the mouse to change the mouse operation areas. In fact if I go to the overhead and then use 'ctrl-space bar' this takes me back to the default virtual cockpit view and the mouse operation areas work fine. I have tried on several occasions to save this default virtual cockpit view but this does not resolve this problem, I did go into the Camera settings and change the initial zoom setting to 0.5 . Could this be of significance? Any comments would be appreciated. Thank-you. Michael Houghton
  12. This is a question prior to purchase. I have recently purchased a Logitech G13 Advanced Gameboard. http://gaming.logitech.com/en-gb/gaming-keyboards/g13-advanced-gameboard Is it possible to use the SimpleCam with this device or does it have to use the numpad keys? Thank-you. Michael Houghton
  13. I have installed on my computer FSX Legacy version and FSX SE. I transferred from FSX Legacy so I now use FSX SE. My question relates to updating the Navigraph database. I have noted that I have an Aivlasoft folder in my FSX but not FSX SE. I have checked the database in the Navigraph folder inside Aivlasoft folder inside FSX Legacy and it is the current version. However I often find that the SIDS for example which have been produced by PFPX are not present in the Aivlasoft EFB SIDS. My normal procedure is to save the flight plan in PFPX in Microsoft format and open the Flight in Aivlasoft EFB as a Microsoft saved route if that may have something to do with it. The Aivlasoft EFB appears to work perfectly normally with FSX SE apart from this. Is there an explanation for this. Thank-you for any advice. Michael Houghton
  14. Thank-you for your reply, I have managed to find the BGL file it was referencing and interestingly it was looking at a file in my My Traffic. After looking at the forum and noticing someone else who had a similar problem I tried reinstalling the Aerosoft Rome software which was successful and interestingly the BGL file now appears to be the correct file for the Aerosoft add on airport Rome LIRF. https://www.dropbox.com/s/fhkc1mwx4jbh75l/LIRF%20BGL.jpg?dl=0 I assumed this would show the correct frequency for the 16R of 109.75 according to FS Commander and Navigraph but the ILS frequency on the Aivlasoft EFB is still 110.3. I did run the scenery data update. I am not sure if this has an answer but would be grateful if you have any other ideas. Thank-you. Michael Houghton
  15. Thank-you for the reply, If you looked at my links you will see the FS Commander shows the correct frequency, I haver already installed Aerosoft Rome. So the problem seems to be with the EFB. I look forward to your reply. Thank-you, Michael Houghton
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