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  1. I am experiencing lots of difficulties after I upgrade MSFS2020 with Update 6. For one thing I cannot create a new flight plan any longer. An any existing flight plans do not properly load into the simulator like before. Is there a fix for this or perhaps a new update coming soon for both the Server and the Client? Thank you George
  2. Is it possible to create a FPL to include one airport landing for refueling (and leg stretching) before reaching the final destination? So far I create two FPL's, one is made from point A to B (the airport to refuel my plane) and the other FPL is from Point B to C (the destination Airport). However, this approach doesn't seem to be very practical to me. Anyway, is there a way to create one single FPL, to include an airport to descend in between? If there is, I certainly would like to know how to do that! Thank you, George Edit: Moved to proper forum by Admin
  3. I purchased 1S2 DARRINGTON MUNI from ORBX , and after I updated the database still, it is not showing at all! Even, if I create a flight plan in MSFS2020, say, from 1S2 to PAKT, and Uplink it to EBF2, it will come up with errors in waypoints, etc. and it would not process. Is there a fix for that? Thank you! George
  4. Thank you for your reply! I have reinstalled both, Server and Client and noticed that EFB2 shows LSZH Zurich Airport when opening for the first time, even thou I did not make a flight plan from that location ever. Thank you again for your prompt response. George
  5. I couldn't find a way to delete the departure airport shown from my last flight plan entries. Is there a way to clean-up all previous entries? So the client would execute a clean start instead? Many thanks, George
  6. I just got the Flight1 GNS 430-530 unit and I load it into my planes, A2A Cessna 182T and Carenado PA46 Malibu both for P3D v4. Although, I have the "Load/Update Garmin GPS System" option checked in the miscellaneous settings, still it does no guide the aircraft correctly. Is there any addition or update I should have to have in order to make this new addition to work correctly? Many thanks, R. George Balzaretti EFB Data Provider version License type: Full
  7. I am using prepar3d v2.5 with EFB version 1.5. So far everything has worked flawlessly. One question thou, when selecting the destination airport, can the runway and the gate be selected as part of the flight plan making? And If it is possible to do that, how do you do it? Thank you, R. George Balzaretti
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