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  1. Thanks Oskar, at least I can stop looking now ?
  2. In EFB v1 you created a file called "Airports.dat" which I believe contained correct Transition Altitudes for airports around the world. Pete Dowsons MakeRwys used to use this file to add the data to a CSV file used by radar contact. that file doesn't seem to appear anymore in EFBv2 and I was wondering if this information is now in a different file that MakeRwys can access?
  3. Just to chip in with my $2. I use PFPX or Simbrief and export to both EFB2 and whichever Aircraft I'm intending to fly in. I also send a plan to the P3d folder as Radar Contact and AS4 will get the plans from there. Once I've added SID's and STARS I save the route in EFB2. SID's should be added in the Aircraft during preflight and whilst STARS can be added then they are better left until you are closer to your arrival so you know wind direction and what runways are active. I too was confused/dismayed when I couldn't export from EFB2 at first but then quickly realised I never needed it in the first place.
  4. If you open the link in Chrome, right click on the page and select translate you will get an English translation that is good enough to get the gist of what is changing.
  5. There was an issue with an earlier version of FSUIPC that caused stuttering but the current version "FSUIPC 5.124a" has that solved, certainly for me anyway. I don't have the A320 so I can't comment on that.
  6. Thanks for that Andy, I'm working now until Thursday next week so I'll take a look then.
  7. Hi Andy if you don't mind and have the time can you give a bit more detail as to what you actually did. I also get low FPS around UK airports and I also have the UK2000 "suite" of airports but I presumed the low fps was all down to the high level of detail in and around the London area. I also checked my EGKK file and it's different to yours. It's in the same place but is "EGKK_AFX_UK2xTRM.BGL". The whole afcad thing is a bit of a mystery to me so you'll have to be gentle
  8. You might want to provide more information like which airport you're having a problem at.
  9. If you search the forum Miquel you need to make a small change to your runways.txt file something like EGCC 06L 05L EGCC 06R 05R EGCC 24L 23L EGCC 24R 23R I've not got access to my flightsim at the moment. so can't be 100% sure
  10. I can honestly say I don't remember doing that in the GPE. I've just looked at the settings/auto-save option for onedrive (right click on the cloud icon in your task bar) in there is the option to choose where your documents and pictures are saved. in my case it's set to "This PC only" I guess in your case its' set to Onedrive. I think this is an option when installing win10. I'm not the best when it comes to backing up stuff to onedrive or anywhere for that matter so I'm probably not the best one to advise on how you should get around the problem I agree though having the ability to choose the folder location would be helpful I'm sure Urs will be along shortly to offer some sage advice
  11. Nigel, I'm running windows 10 and EFB but it doesn't use my onedrive folder. It uses the documents folder within my "user" group
  12. Lets get it working on one PC first and then worry about the networked pc afterwards. Compare my screen shots to your settings and see if that helps you figure out where the problem lies. The firs 4 are from the data provider settings and the last few are from the display unit. there are other screens but these ones should get you working. Obviously you'll need to change path's to match your installation
  13. Hi Paul? you'll need to give us a bit more information about what you can't get working properly. I use FSX.se and ORBX and AS16 and it all works fine.
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