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  1. Lonewulf47, are there any updates to Simplecam for P3Dv 4.3, cause I still can't get it to work with it? Jlund
  2. I don't have the Airbusses, my problem is with QW 787-8/9, and still can't get it to keep the camera views. I can set up a view and lock it to a keypad number, but as soon as I try to setup another view it just zooms back to the first view and zoomed in. I have the latest version of SimpleCam and have tried un/reinstalling it a couple of times, but still no luck. As I mentioned, I didn't have any problems with P3Dv4.2. I updated the client and content to 4.3 , and followed LM's guide how to do it, AND all other addons works fine, just not SimpleCam.
  3. Any news on this topic from Aivlasoft? Jlund
  4. Does EFB need the paid version of FSUIPC to show ai traffic, or is the freeware version enough? Jlund
  5. My Simple Cam worked flawlessly in P3Dv4.2, but like Turambar and Raymond, it doesn't work in 4.3. Jlund
  6. You write under install of EFB: "We strongly recommend using the proposed installations paths" Is that a MUST? I try to keep all my sim stuff out of Program Files or Program Files X86 and instead have all flightsim related on my J: Drive Is it Ok to install to: J:\Aivlasoft\EFB2\Server and J:\Aivlasoft\EFB2\Client ?
  7. No, I haven't contacted them yet. I wonder if anyone else from different countries experience the same differences in the price. Regards JLundtoft
  8. Thank you for the reply. Hope there's an explanation from Cleverbridge on how the figure out the prices. Even though I just downloaded EFB 2, I will hold back on installing it since I can see there's some problems with the database creation.
  9. Still don't get it. It says the price is CHF 47.92 PLUS 25% Vat = 59.90 CHF and according to all the valkuta exchanges I have tried they say aprox Kr. 381 to 385 INCL. VAT, so do I have to add extra 25% VAT (our vat rate in DK) to the price? If I do so it says it's aprox kr 482. So yet another diffrent amount from the kr. 445.88 on the Cleverbridge page. No, I just don't get it.
  10. The price for EFB v2 is CHF 59.90 right? When I go to the purchase screen it convert the price to my local currency (Denmark/Danish kr) and it says kr 445.88 However if I use the latest valuta from different valuta exchanges, they all say that CHF 59.90 is aprox kr.381 - kr. 383 So why the difference of aprox kr. 60 - 63 more when I HAVE to buy it through Cleverbridge? Will it be possible to buy it through Simmarket instead? Regards J. Lundtoft
  11. "There is no changelog, EFB v2 has been developed from scratch." Does that mean that there's no update discount if we already own Version 1? Jlund
  12. Thanks for the reply. Can you show some screenshots of the new User Interface? Will there be a discount for users of v1? Is it enough to have the free version of FSUIPC?
  13. Just realized today that there's a ver 2 in beta right now. Is there a list or something that shows what features there will be in the new version (new things and updates)? Cheers JLund
  14. Thank you, it's not that obvious where it places it, but found it where you said.
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