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MSFS 2020 Community & Official Folders issue

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please can you advise.


Most 3rd party addons are installed to the community folder, and when I run EFB database updater, the airports are found and the EFB Client is update with the airport profile etc.


However today, i have noticed after buying from the MSFS store within the flight sim and after the install, the airport has gone into the Official folder. For some reason after an MSFS restart and a database rescan, the airport situated in the official folder has not updated the client profile. i.e the parking posistion and when pressing the'i' next to airport the file locations entry has not been updated, with the newly purchased airport listed.


pls can you advise


many thanks


Darren crosby

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Unfortunately airports which have been purchased through the in-game-marketplace are often encrypted due to copyright reasons. Such airports cannot be read by EFB (see restrictions). I don't know whether this is the case for the airport that you are talking about. Can you provide the ICAO code and the developer?

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Unfortunately we do not have this airport in our collection. You can check in the installation path (path should be mentioned in the 'i'-window of the airport) whether the file type is '.fsarchive'. If so, the airport data is encrypted as I mentioned above.

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Sorry, my fault. You're right, the path cannot be indicated because the file isn't recognized. Look for the respective airport folder in '..\official\onestore'. If you have located the folder, look for the folder '..\scenery'. There you should see the airport file having a postfix '.fsarchive'.


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