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Simple Cam to look through glass and save clips/pics locally?

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I need a camera that can be placed inside a window to observe the area immediately in front of our garage and front yard at night. I want to be able to view the footage periodically, without first paying for a cloud subscription, or viewing it on my phone, or watching it live, or providing 2 way audio, or otherwise jumping through hoops. My home office desk is right next to the window, so a computer camera on a USB cable is just fine. So is saving the clips/photos to an SD card and transferring them to my PC when I view them every few days or so.

There are streetlights on 24/7 out front, and the pics I've taken with my iphone 7 plus - with no flash - have the all the quality I need. Much better resolution than I need, really. Color isn't needed either. Momix

So far, it looks like a cheap Nanny Cam or laptop cam is my best option: the trail cams have massive IR arrays that can't be turned off or masked, the dedicated home surveillance cams require cloud accounts or other complex downloading procedures, and the "stealth spy" cams just seem to be weak all around. And I'm finding that most product listings (like on amazon) tend to leave out essential information; like the fact that you can save hours and hours of HD video to the onboard SD card, but for motion triggered clips and pics, you have to pay a monthly fee for them to be uploaded to a cloud so you can download them later. VidMate

I'm hoping some of you have successfully used a camera for a similar application, and can recommend a specific make/model. https://pikashow.bio

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