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I am running EFB v2 with my P3D simulator and Prosim-Ar A320.

On startup I am told that there is no profile for this aircraft and the default profile will be used.

I am told to create a new profile which I do and name it "Prosim_Airbus_A320" I have used the inbuilt A320 as the base file.

When I try to apply this new profile then I can see that it is updating and is shown briefly in the status display before it is immediately replace back to the default profile again.

Can some one tell me what I am doing wrong here, the snippet from the server debug window shows what is happening.

Thanks in advance


EFB Capture.JPG

efb Capture 2.JPG

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Hi John

No need for a new profile. Follow the manual instructions in 5 Client, §12.2 Profiles Editor, especially the subsection about Airfile names.

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