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Flightplan from FS

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11 minutes ago, mroschk said:

But i thought EFB is open for user request changes.

I'm not denying this. But there is no change required as the desired output (= final result) can already be achieved as of today.

We are talking here basically about the order of which data is transfered. You want to keep your FS GPS updated with the current flight plan. Until now, you required a customised solution. Now, you integrate EFB to your system landscape. You tried to do it the way you felt it is right. But it's designed to work slightly different. I explained you in my answers how you can properly integrate EFB into your environment. There is not even a software change required. Instead, EFB will take over the "distribution" function which your own program did so far.

This way, you get all systems served with data as you intend, right?

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