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  1. Thats the Reason why i did not have one. Because i have no Pedastal i can not use a MCP, because at the moment i have the VRinsight MCP Combo V1 https://www.aerosoft.com/de/hardware/flugsimulation/instrumente/502/mcp-combo-boeing-type-mcp-combo-ii?c=708 There are the CRS and all NAV/COM included. But i have a MCP here, but can not put it online because then i can not set the CRS for the NAV's because i have no pedastal. But that is not the only reason i ask. I ask also because the NAV and CRS should be possible to set together. When i can not set the CRS, i can not intercept a radial. That is also for all other , not flying a PMDG or something. They can set the Freq. for NAV, but not the Course. That makes no sense. Is it soooo complicated to include that ?
  2. you see, why i am designing my own little program
  3. yes i did. Why cn i not set this in the EFB? It is important for the ILS or capturing a Radial of a VOR as example. Can it be implemented?
  4. Hello, how can i set the OBS Course for NAV?
  5. Hello, yes for sure. But i thought EFB is open for user request changes.
  6. Ok, i can try if that orks, but tht is not what i want. That , what you explain may work, but i need it directly the opposite way. My Programm is loading the Flightplan into the FS GPS. Because if i do it in that direction, i have not to handle something else then to put in DEP and DEST in the FMC ( Prosim737 ) and then the way is that the DEP and DEST is loaded into the FS GPS, then ASN i knowing about that and now i need also EFB to know just DEP and DEST. That is what i need, in that direction because i dont want to program it in EFB or anywhere else then in the Prosim FMC.
  7. Now you mixed something wrong. First i have written, ASN reads the Fllihtplan from FS GPS directly with that funktion in ASN enabled. Your Answer to that : What should i change ?? I have this funktion ENABLED !! Then i write: So it is not needed to save a file in that folder if you want ASN to have a flightplan loaded. and your answer is I will need to do what ?? The option is ENABLED AS WELL in my ASN !
  8. Ahh, i must chek that tomorrow. But it just did not matterif a file is in the Documents/Flightsim Files Folder. ASN reads the Fllihtplan from FS GPS directly with that funktion in ASN enabled. So it is not needed to save a file in that folder if you want ASN to have a flightplan loaded.
  9. Hello, i really know ProsimUTILS. Not bad, but not for me. I think i must better explain, what my program is doing and what i expect from it. Ok, first scenario is how i did it normally and how it is in real more or less: The SIM is complete OFF, no PC is started, nothing. ( no crew on board) I plan may flight in PFPX and export the plan to MY SERVER. Then i go in the cockpit and start all PC's and also the little Tablet with EFB Client. After all is startet my Program see there is a Flightplan on the Server after i put in DEP, DEST and Flightnumber, matching the Flightplan. Then the FLightplan will be loaded in FS via my Program. NOw also AS is also seeing that and loads the flightplan. Now my Program is copying the Flightplan to the Uplink Dir of the EFB Client and EFB bring up the message and i have the Flightplan in EFB. All ok second scenario is, whenever i fly a little test flight, maybe very short to simulate some special scenarios with Failures or something like that. Now i have no Flightplan file !! Then my Program takes only the DEP and DEST from the FMC and loads only DEP and DEST into the Flightsim, because then also AS can give me the Weather for DEP and DEST. And that is the poiint where i need EFB to load at least DEP and DEST from Flightsim. i can really not understand that quote:
  10. 2) is right, but clearly i mean, that EFB is automatically loading the FPL from FS without saving any file or something. I did that via FSUIP offset, but i think EFB is not using FSUIPC, but i dont know exactly @lonewulf47 because i have the PFPX to plan my Flight. I never do this in the cockpit , why should i ?? Did you ever see a Pilot planning his flight in the cockpit ?? and I never have to know that, becuse ASN is reading the Flightplan from FS, which is loaded and i did that bevore i step into the cockpit.
  11. I think you misunderstand me. I know about the uplink directory. If i save a file inside it will be seen from EFB and loaded. BUt that is not what i explained. I need EFB to load/update his flightplan if a Flightplan is loaded in FS ( not saved in the uplink dir )
  12. Hello, i will try to explain how i use the Flightplan in FS. I am building a Homecockpit with Prosim737. So ia have the Flightsim also from there and it is a B737-800NG, but they only updated the AIR File for the Standard Model. So, after i have created my Flightplan with PFPX, i export them to Aivlasoft and also to FS. The Reason , why i export them to FS is Active Sky. If you load a flightplan into the FS GPS, then Active Sky see this and load the Flightplan FROM FS. If a Flightplan is loaded then in Active Sky, you can tune in 120.00 for the actual weather at the Flightplan Departure, 120.02 for the Destination ( if iam right ) and 120.05 for the ernroute weather i think. Can also be 120.02 and 120.05 is visa versa ... sorry, i am not on my PC at the moment. Also Active Sky can produce a better weather for the Route if a Flightplan is loaded. To load the Flightplanin the Flightsim i have written a little program, which loads the FP automatically , wenever a Route is planned in the FMC of Prosim737. The Reason doing that is because i dont want to use a Keyboard or mouse in the Cockpit, that is the reason why i want to have this automatically. So, if i have not exported a Flightplan from PFPX for the programmed Route in the FMC, the a blank Flightplan is created by my little programm and loaded into Flightsim. After that Active sky reads that plan and i can get actual weather from ASN for Departure, destination and Enroute fully automatically. If now EFB would be possible also to read a updated FP from FS automatically, then i must not enter the Flightpan in EFB. That would be cool !! Matthias
  13. ok, thanks a lot for your help and keep improving EFB
  14. ok, but when i understand you in a right way, it is possible for a later version maybe.
  15. Thanks for the fast Answer. So i think it is a questin about € to get access to the sub-database for the Holdings? If yes, i am willing to pay a little more to get the correct Hoödings, because they are sometimes important to know. (Btw: i want to say that EFB is AMAZING )
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