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  1. Hello, thanks a lot for that ! Matthias
  2. Hello, an EFB like the Aivlasoft is nice for a paperless cockpit So i want to ask if it is possible to include the "Takeoff and Landing Data Card" in any Menu of the EFB? The Pilot/copilot has to fill that out for every flight, so a lot of paper is used. But ut with the EFB it could be done without paper. So if we could have a Menu , maby in the Performance Window, wher we can fill out the TO/LDG Data Card it would be very nice. Maybe it is possible ? Here is a link to the Crads: https://www.fs2000.org/2019/01/27/takeoff-and-landing-data-card/ Th
  3. Hello, i am sorry, but i have another request/suggestion. In my Cockpit i have a Windows Tablet which is connected via WLAN to my Homenetwork. Now, after i start EFB the first time, it loads the Databases, Profile and so on, which is really OK. But after it runs EFB or my Tablet i would say, loast sometimes the WLAN for just a little moment. Then EFB starts loading all the files again. Can this not be changed? I mean the files are loaded and can be used because EFB is not restartet and during a flight i aldo did not change the Scen
  4. Ahh, ok. Thanks for explaining this, understandable. Matthias
  5. Ahh, cool...thanks a lot !! Sorry, i forgot .. what about the Switch to fast change the Networks ( offline/IVAO/VATSIM) ? Possible ? Matthias
  6. Hello, you are partially right. First it is a bit anoying every time before the flight to go in the setup and change the Network ( Offline/IVAO/VATSIM). Maybe it is possible to have a switch or selector in the Radio Window to Change the Network in this Window. It would be more comfortable. Second, if i fly online, but no controller from the online Network is online at the Airport, i want to set the correct Freq. because if the controller comes online i am automatically on the right Freq. But a Switch would be enough and very fine.
  7. Ahh, i think the Problem is that i am flying sometimes at IVAO. Si in the System settings i have activated IVAO as online Network. If this is set, the Frequencies from the chart are no longer displayed in the Radio Panel.. I did a picture with and without IVAO selected. Maybe these Freqs from the charts can be displayed too, even if IVAO/VATSIM is selected ? Matthias
  8. Hello, yes for sure. But there are not the freq. i ask for displayed. Yes, i can enter these freq there, but i ask for freq. infos, which are displayed on the charts like in the picture. or did i miss something? Matthias
  9. Hello, if i have a look at the Navigraph or LIDO Charts for any Airport i have the infos about Frequencies like i marked in the attached Picture. These are important to know for sure. Is it possible to display these anyhow in EFB ? Would be very nice Matthias
  10. Cool....very fast .. thanks a lot !!
  11. Hello, another question about the HDG UP Mode. I use Aivlasoft on my Windows Tablet and allways in MvMap and HDG UP Mode. But whenever i move the Map with the Finger, the MvMap Mode is deactivated ( right so far ), but also the HDG UP Mode is deactivated. Then the MvMap Mode Button starts flashing and after 10 seconds the MvMap Mode is back activated. So far so good. But the HDG UP Mode is not reactivated. Can you change it like that the HDG UP is also reactivated , if it was activated bevore moving the Map with the Finger ? Thanks
  12. Hello, which one do you mean? Including the HDG UP Button in the Soft Buttons or make them configurable ? Matthias
  13. Hello, i love these new Softbuttons. But i want to ask if its possible to add the HDG UP button or make these buttons configurable? That means, that we can decide which Buttons are displayed or not. Matthias
  14. Hello again, i tried and it works fine .. thanks for the info. But i have just loaded a test-flightplan from EDDP to EDDC. After the FPL is loaded i click on PROC to insert SID and STAR. For the SID it works fine, because in the PROC Window is EDDP as Airport selected. But when i then click, in this window ( DEP/ARR is the Window Title, see attached Pic ), in the lower left corner at the ARRIVALS Button, i get the Arrivals from EDDP displayed. Why did i not get the EDDC Arrivals displayed , so that i can insert the STAR into the FPL ?
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