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EFB v2 offers the possibility to use "private" AFCAD-BGLs in a dedicated folder in the Server Root Directory. This has proofed necessary for mainly 3 reasons:

1. Some designers do not provide any ground layout due to the fact that their airport has sloped RWYs. RWYs in BGLs are always flat and therefore not suitable for Airports with sloped RWYs.

2. Some designers use ground-layouts with RWY and TWY width set to zero. This is mainly to avoid conflicting issues with RWY and TWY textures.

3. Some designers do not provide any ground-layout at all as they simply "paint" the airport to the scenery and use the underlying default ground layout.


Users may contribute their own Custom Ground Layout BGLs  where applicable. AivlaSoft will collect and verify all submitted BGLs and publishes them in this thread for individual download in zipped format if approved. Please make sure you understand the basic principles of their use. Whenever such a BGL is placed into the dedicated directory, it has the highest prority level and will therefore be used as ground layout in EFB v2. There is absolutely no influence on the installed add-ons. Please observe the following rules:


1. Only use such a custom ground layout IF YOU HAVE THE RESPECTIVE ADD-ON INSTALLED !

2. SIMPLY UNZIP AND COPY THIS custom ground layout BGL INTO THE FOLLOWING FOLDER (default installation): C:\Users\<your name>\Documents\AivlaSoft\EFB2\Server\AFCAD !


4. After having inserted a "private" AFCAD, a rebuild of the database is necessary, as would be when adding a new Add-On (Database Builder, Tab "Update Simulator")


Important Note:

These "private" AFCAD Files will not be part of any basic installer of EFB v2. They need to be downloaded whenever required by the respective Add-On.


Find below a list of all custom ground layouts with a description of the applicable Add-On/Provider and a dedicated downloadlink. This list ist not exhaustive and will continuously be expanded whenever deemed necessary.


File         Add-On concerned*                                                 contributed by


CYBD    Bella Coola ORBX                                                          AivlaSoft

CZST    Stewart ORBX                                                                 AivlaSoft

EDXH   Helogland Aerosoft                                                        AivlaSoft

EGPB    Sumburgh ORBX                                                            AivlaSoft  (only required if sloped terrain is used)

ENJA   Jan Mayen ORBX                                                            AivlaSoft

ENNK    Narvik ORBX                                                                   AivlaSoft

KASE    Aspen Pitkin Aerosoft                                                   AivlaSoft

KCGX    Meigs Field ORBX                                                          AivlaSoft

KSNC    Chester ORBX                                                                AivlaSoft

KTVL    Lake Tahoe ORBX                                                          AivlaSoft

LFHM    Megève Altiport LLN Creations                                  AivlaSoft

LFHU    l'Alpe d'Huez Altiport LLN Creations                           AivlaSoft

LFIP      Peyresourde Balestas Altiport LLH Creations          AivlaSoft

LFKX    Méribel Altiport LLH Creations                                    AivlaSoft

LFLJ    Courchevel Altiport LLH Creations                              AivlaSoft

PAGS    Gustavus ORBX                                                              AivlaSoft

PAKT    Ketchikan ORBX                                                             AivlaSoft

PALH    Lake Hood Seapalen Base Aerosoft (PANC)             AivlaSoft

VNLK    Lukla  Aerosoft                                                               AivlaSoft

YBTH    Bathurst ORBX                                                               AivlaSoft

YBUD    Bundaberg ORBX                                                           AivlaSoft
YCEM    Coldstream ORBX                                                         AivlaSoft
YLIL      Lilydale ORBX                                                                 AivlaSoft
YWVA    Warnevale ORBX                                                           AivlaSoft



* please observe point 1. in the above rules

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