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Forum rules - READ BEFORE POST

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The following rules must be followed by everyone who is posting in the AivlaSoft support forum!


1) Before you post ...

  1. Read the FAQs (frequently asked questions).
  2. Read the manual carefully. You will find a lot of explanations therein.
  3. Make thoroughly use of the search function of this forum. Most of the questions have been answered already.
  4. Make sure you have the latest version installed. Support can only be provided if the latest version is installed.


If you carefully have followed and done the steps above and you still cannot find a solution ... go to step 2.


2) When you post your question ...

  1. Please write your post in English. This is a worldwide support forum and all users, regardless of their mother tongue should be able to understand what one is writing. If you are not able to speak English, try to make use of a language translator. Keep in mind that nobody is perfect ...
  2. Use a meaningful title (not just "help" or "problem" or any other meaningless term).
  3. Do not use tags. If everybody is using tags, a really important tag is no longer striking.
  4. Sign your posts with your real first name. You can do this easily by creating a signature to your forum account.
  5. Do NOT start a new thread for the same not yet solved problem if you don't get an answer within the hour.


3) Your post must provide the following information

  1. Simulator type
  2. EFB v2 Server and Client Build #
  3. EFB v2 setup: networked or single machine
  4. EFB v2 setup: default or custom path
  5. Using licensed or free trial version
  6. If the issue is related to database or procedures: - Navdata provider and cycle number
  7. If the issue is related to a certain airport: - ICAO code.
  8. If it's an add-on airport, then the publisher/developer of the add-on airport
  9. Steps to reproduce the behavior


4) Posting of copyrighted material (e.g. navigation data) is not allowed. In any doubt please contact support@aivlasoft.com for clarification.


5) You agree not to post any abusive, untrue, offensive, or inappropriate content or content that is forbidden by law on these forums. Doing so can cause your account on these forums to get banned or removed. You also agree that administrators and moderators are permitted to edit, delete, move or lock your topics when they think this is needed.



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