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  1. Just a minor issue report: when creating a new aircraft profile, the units do not coincide with the units selected in the main settings. Best, Peter
  2. qqwertzde

    Documents/Library Window

    Same here. Peter
  3. Hi Urs, you are correct, the ILS approach is not implemented in P3D 3.1. Funny that I could select it in the Q400 FMC Conclusion: though shall not doubt EFB because it is right (almost) every time Thanks, Peter
  4. Hi Urs, thanks for pointing this out. I had quite a few runway misalignments over the years, but never bothered very much about it and clicked OK instead of editing Runways.txt. Of course, adding the lines LRIA 14 15 LRIA 32 33 CYFB 16 17 CYFB 34 35 (I had a recent misalignment at CYFB as well) stopped EFB from reporting a runway assignment problem. However, that was not the actual issue that I wanted to report, and that issue has not been resolved by editing Runways.txt. In EFB\Navdata\Navigraph FMS Data\SIDSTARS\LRIA.txt you can find an APPROACH ILS15 and an APPROACH NDB15. However, neither is displayed on the EFB approach page. While I have seen many misalignment, I have never seen that EFB doesn't display an approach that is contained in Navigraph data. That's why I reported this. Thanks, Peter
  5. qqwertzde

    Prepar3D v3?

    Hi Stratfordman, on my system, the folder is called "NavData" and is located in the EFB main directory. Peter
  6. Hi, I just wanted to report a small issue with LRIA. The file LRIA.txt contains two approaches (ILS15, NDB15), which are displayed on the FMC of the Majestic Dash8 Q400. However, no approach is shown in EFB. I use the latest AIRAC cycle (1513). It might be worth to note that EFB reports a runway assignment problem (Navigation data runway ident 14/32 could not be assigned to simulator runway). EFB displays 15/33 instead. I use P3D 3.0 and have no addon scenery installed in this area except for FTX Global. I ran Simulator scenery update only a few days ago. Best, Peter
  7. No problem here, with P3D 3.0, EFB and vPilot all on the same PC. Peter
  8. qqwertzde

    Prepar3D v3?

    Hi John, I had the same issue but it is easy to fix, see http://aivlasoft.ipbhost.com/index.php?/topic/2056-traffic-button-greyed-out/?hl=traffic Peter
  9. qqwertzde

    Using P3D v3 and 1.6.5

    You may have to review all settings in EFB. I had some strange behaviour as well with 1.6.5 and P3D3, but it turned out that it was just a consequence of my settings being reset. Peter
  10. I have the same problem under P3D v3, also with vPilot. Peter Edit: sorry, my mistake. I just found the related thread http://aivlasoft.ipbhost.com/index.php?/topic/2056-traffic-button-greyed-out/?hl=trafficand was able to fix this issue.
  11. Just in an effort to try being helpful: on my Win 10 system, these fonts really seem to be the problem. If I remove AirbusPFD.ttf, AirbusPFD2.ttf, and CDU.ttf, EFB works fine. Furthermore, a few users have already provided alternative fonts that do work with EFB: A modified AirbusPFD2.ttf can be found at http://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/topic/97403-airbus-fonts-disrupt-windows-10-browser-font-display/&do=findComment&comment=694173 and a modified CDU.ttf can be found at http://www.captainsim.org/cgi-bin/yabb2/YaBB.pl?num=1438520565/0#6 So for me, the only problem left is AirbusPFD.ttf. It may also be of interest that EFB is not the only program affected: I had display problems with Super Traffic Board, and other had issues with Microsoft Edge. However, EFB appears to be the only program that does not start because of these fonts. Best, Peter
  12. qqwertzde

    Cannot start Display Unit

    Having this issue as well. A clean install is not an option for me. Peter