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  1. Thank you for your prompt reply!!! I'll wait your suggested solution. Andrea
  2. Hello, what could be the reason why I get the attached screen when I try to set a procedure for Bangalore Kampegowda International airport (VOBL). I know the airport is new and not included in the standard P3D database but I have the addon correctly installed. I have already updated the server database without any result and I didn't found any other solution reading the manual. Thanks for your support. Andrea
  3. Hi, I have send an email to 'support@aivlasoft.com' as per your request. Regards, Andrea
  4. I have reinstalled everything from scratch and now I dont have the error message anymore. Thanks anyhow for your support. EDIT: I have updated to v1.6.14 and now I have the the error again. Please attached find the screenshots of the files you required.
  5. Yes I did. .Net framework 4 is also installed. Is it needed to install other programs? Thanks
  6. Hi everyone, I have installed EFB into my new PC and I have exactly the same error described in this topic. Has it been solved someway? Thanks in advance. Andrea
  7. I have three pc's in a local wifi network with the following configuration: the main with win 8.1 running FSX and DataProvider and the other two running DisplayUnit, one with win 7 and the other with win 8.1. My problem is that when I start DU on the client with win 7 it hangs with the connecting message while on the other client the DU works correctly. The configuration of DU for both the clients is exactly the same. How could I solve the problem?
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