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  1. Hi Mr ATC, Thanks for your response. In order to send you the relevant checklist, I started all over. By doing this I solved my misunderstanding. At first I realized that the Item in the checklist are the first level under the name of the checklist. I also was confused by the up and down buttons. The up and down button on the left hand side Inside the checklist window refers to the available checklists window. I completely overlooked the other up and down buttons on the right hand side. And ....... yes it is in the manual (page 115) Everything works fine. V2 was worth waiting for. I love it. Kind regards an once again thanks for your quick response. Jacob Topic can be closed.
  2. When I want to edit an imported checklist I cannot add a child. After selecting a line and press Add Child, a sibling is added. It is impossible to add a child. When I create a new checklist, after entering the name, only Add Sibling can be used. Add Child is greyed out. When I press Add Sibling nothing happens. Please advise me, or make a correction if this is a program error. Jacob Edit: Moved to correct thread by Admin
  3. Just save your route in FSC. In EFB you can select at Saved routes FSX format as well as FSC format. Select FSC format. If you have correctly filled in your path's in settings, you will be prompted in the folder with the saved FSC plans. You only have to fill in the flight level because that is not taken over from the FSC plan. It is that easy !!!!
  4. Same for me. I'd like to buy EFB, but to pay the full price, as there is no end of year discount as the previous years, and a new version announced; I think I will have to wait till things are clear. That is a pity, because what I've seen from the trial version it sure is a favorite add-on.
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