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  1. I too worry about V2 because V1 is a really excellent program. There are a few improvements that I'd like but not enough to warrant a complete re-write. I just hope V2 is as bug-free as the current version.
  2. Sorry I just have to make a joke: Isn't 2.0 in a holding pattern? Expect further clearance in ??
  3. That must have been the fix--rebooting the server. No errors in one-hour flight today
  4. Me too. Six times on a flight today. Getting tired of having to tend to the error messages.
  5. Just for kicks I ran FSX, Data Provider, and Display Unit on a laptop PC not connected to my 737 sim. When I started up the Online data system I got the same error message: Currently it is not possible to download online data due to the following reason: The underlying connection was closed ..error occurred on a receive This is on a WIn 8.1 laptop. So the error must be associated with a server somewhere.
  6. Four more error messages today during a VATSIM flight. Is anyone from Aivlasoft looking into this?
  7. Five more errors today during a one hour flight. Is this error due to the connection closing with VATSIM or what? It would be useful to know where this error is getting triggered so I can do some trouble shooting. The problem doesn't seem to affect the operation of EFB. Traffic is getting updated. But it's hard to tell with the other online data since VATSIM gets refreshed only every 2 minutes. This only started happening 3 or so days ago.
  8. I'm flying in about an hour will try then. How to tell what VATSIM server EFB is using?? Maybe I'll try changing that??
  9. Me too. Today 5 error messages while flying on VATSIM. All other network connections were working fine. Display Unit says: "Currently it is not possible to download online data due to the following reason: The underlying connection was closed ..error occurred on a receive" Is this an EFB issue, VATSIM, or what???
  10. Well you can run the Data Provider and the Display Unit on a separate PC. You don't even have to have FSX running (but the Data Provider will complain that it can't connect to the sim). And of course you can have the Data Provider running on your sim and the Display Unit on another PC. What exactly do you want to do? EFB isn't really a "planning" application.
  11. The new cycle from Navigraph 1511 has some installation bugs for those doing a manual install. If you type in a folder the manual install puts everything in the C drive root directory. If you Browse to the correct directory, the manual install puts some files in the right place but others not in the right place. This post explains where the files should be: http://aivlasoft.ipb...older-settings/ I don't know if Navigraph's data manager is working correctly.
  12. Thanks Urs. By the way I hope you don't have to go to .NET 4.5 for version 2.0. That will mean it won't run on Windows XP. Yeah I know XP is well past it's prime.
  13. How about some explanation of what this newer version contains.
  14. The radio buttons that choose FS9, FSX, & P3D have been grayed out by Navigraph so that you have to choose the folder manually. See this Navigraph post: http://www.navigraph.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=30&t=2819&start=10
  15. I just installed 1510 and noticed that the folder that it tries to install to is incorrect. A manual install tries to go to C:\Program Files (x86) It should be changed to C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\AivlaSoft\NavData
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