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  1. Prepar3d, Aerosoft, Feelthere, etc, etc all leave remnants when they uninstall. These remnants are files they did not create or that were modified. Aivlasoft EFB has files in different folders which the user is able to change and/or modify. I don't understand why these user files are not protected in some way. The updater has no problems dealing with a folder which already contains files so "always cleanup ... obvious reasons" does not seem consistent. Please reread the first two sentences of my original post. The point I'm trying to make is to protect the user's data. Rename any questionable folder in the install path and let the user decide if his files are important to keep or delete. Updater already does that. Thanks for taking the time to read this. Jerry
  2. I got a notification of a new version yesterday but ignored it. Got one today and updated the Server, but it would not do the same for the client. I downloaded the Client v2.1.115 from your website. Started the Client installer which told me build 114 was already installed and did I want to uninstalll it. Yes, I did and clicked the OK box. I then watched the Aivlasoft uninstaller obliterate my entire Client folder file by file, INCLUDING 3 personal folders created by me which held backup profiles and a number of text files along with some other files. These personal folders and files were not created by the Aivlasoft installer when I originally installed EFB Server and Client. I've dealt with other installers, updaters, etc which do their work without interferring with any other files or directory structures, so please, I've asked this in the past and am asking again, would your installers, updaters or whatever please refrain from touching folders and/or files that Aivlasoft did not put there. Thank you, Jerry
  3. Build 112. Starting Server and Client notify me of an update. Updater runs from here, not as a separate download. Could you please change the upgrade installer so it doesn't trash the Profiles folder and any user made profiles. I know it's going to do this and I make a backup of that folder, but, still, it's getting annoying.
  4. Here's a profile for the Mustang now that it has been released for P3Dv4. Weights and distances taken from the POH and Cessna Wiki. C510.profile.xml
  5. This profile is for the Carenado Phenom 300 v2. Weights and distances taken from the Embraer website. Phenom300.profile.xml Moved by Admin to General Discussion
  6. Have not noticed it happening again, but if it does I will try to grab some screenshots.
  7. That is exactly correct. CMPS, RNG and VCT were off, ACFT and ARC were on. Just got done with a flight and found that turning ARC on and off made the ACFT icon and Approach Plate disappear and appear. Almost like a toggle.
  8. Win10-64, P3Dv4.3, Avtive Sky for P3Dv4, FSUIPC 5.132 EFBv2 Client build 73, server build 56 Aerosoft CRJ700 Things are going fairly well with this new program, but occasionally the ACFT icon just disappears for no reason. Happens while climbing or descending mostly but could also happen in level flight. Moving map is continuing to update and move so I know EFB is still talking to P3D. Sometimes the icon will reappear after passing a waypoint only to disappear again. Happens in auto mode or manually zooming the display. Same thing with the Approach Plate. I usually hide it until needed but the green Approach tab disappears. Like the ACFT icon it comes back when crossing a waypoint but disappears again. One more on the Sidebar Status window. Occasionally it will show my Simulator as "Auto\Inhibit" in a grey font color. I guess that's coming from the FMS Legs page of the CRJ700. Any help is welcome.
  9. Restore the file from a backup. Run the P3Dv4 installer and let it repair your installation. Reinstall the "scenery.msi" Any chance Airport Design Editor is involved?
  10. Dirk, What version of EFB are you using? I have v1.6.14.0 and it already does all that. Reads and indexes the scenery.cfg AND any sceneries added thru the addon.xml method.
  11. Hi Jedeen, I think you're under the assumption the Ifly and Aivlasoft AIRAC data are identical. They're probably not. I've run across numerous cases where a SID, STAR or approach is different in different developer's AIRAC. Depends on how accurate and up-to-date Navigraph (or Aerosoft) is with their data and how fast they are to update any changes. EFB can only read the data stored in its AIRAC, which might be current with the Jeppsen Charts or years old and in need of an update. EFB does an excellent job providing you, the pilot, with all the information you need during all phases of a flight. Their Arrival or Approach maps show course, altitude constraints, nearby navigation beacons, frequencies, etc, just like the Jeppsen chart. Only difference is Jeppsen is current as of right now, today, while EFB depends on Navigraph (or Aerosoft) data which might be outdated. Both Navigraph and Aerosoft have user forums. Bring any errors or omissions to their attention and hopefully they'll get changed.
  12. You have an old version pf EFB. Download version and see what happens.
  13. Hi Jeff, Had this same problem late last year after updating the EFB program. My paths to the Navigraph data were correct but for some reason it wasn't working. If I remember right changing the location (from whatever was in the EFB settings) to a new location solved the issue. My current path in the EFB Data Provider is now "C:\Users\Jerry\Documents\AivlaSoft\EFB\AIRAC", with the NavData and SidStars directories inside the AIRAC directory. Path in the Addon Mappings of the Navigraph FMS Data Manager is the same. One thing I noticed in your above posts is you're using a forward slash when writing out the path, not a backslash. Did you .....? Are you running EFB as administrator? Hope this helps, but I'll keep thinking if there was something else.
  14. Hi Colin, I was never able to get REX Essential +OD working consistantly within FSX. Sometimes I'd get the current weather, sometimes not. When I switched to P3D I bought a new weather engine (Pilot's FSGRW) and solved the problem.
  15. Hi Ned, Not at my computer right now, but I believe EFB's last flight is stored with all your other flightplans for FSX/P3D. Can't remember the naming convention used but when I saw it sitting there I immediately knew it was created by EFB.
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