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  1. Thanks Urs for the honest answer, I appreciate that. , I finally understand your difficulty's AND the trouble there is with a very outdated simulator. I also came to the conclusion that the best practice is to maintain the airports that I use the most and I did some experiments with ADE170. But to learn that program takes more then a few days. I also did discover the website from Hervé and that took away some of my problems, not all but some. I will do some more research with ADE. I also find that clicking away the FMC message "App course disagree" does not affect some off my ILS approaches. An other strange thing is that when flying with FSIPanel the messages don't appear when I (or FSIPanel) uses the wrong localizer course. And I will try some of the approaches in P3D and Xplane10, just to see how they perform. On the other hand, those messages...... keeps the pilot alert and awake (big smile) Kind regards Jedeen
  2. Hi folks, finaly I sorted it out. EFB does not use the information stored in the AIRAC cycles to produce the approach charts. EFB uses the old (2006) .bgl files in FSX. With the help of ADE (Airport Design Editor) I altered the heading of the runway and compiled my own .bgl. (EDDH_ADEX_JDN.bgl) Stored this file in the AddOnScenery folder......did a scenery update in the EFB Data Provider....and now I have the correct Localizer Course and the correct Approach Course. I don't know why EFB does not use the information in the Navigraph AIRAC cycles. I my opinion all relevant data is there to make up to date charts...buttt UPDATE: I thought I sorted it out, but now when I position my plane in EDDH on runway 15, it sits beside the runway. Has some one some good ideas???? Sure.....I can use EFB for making flightplans and use the moving map.but I also want to use EFB for all those other stuff like frequency's and approach courses, magnetic courses, altitudes, and many more. Regards Jedeen
  3. Hello Jerry, yes....i am under the assumption that Ifly and EFB AIRAC data are the same.and so they should show the same information. As you can see in my first post and in the picture "ILSfrom Aivla.jpg" that I have updated EFB with the latest AIRAC cycle. In the picture I attached to this post you can see that I also updated Ifly with the latest AIRAC cycle. I also updated all the "magdec.bgl" files in FSX with the data from 1-1-2016. I also contacted Navigraph about an issue regarding wrong ils frequency's and they assured me that they used the latest maps, so I assume that they also using the right approuch charts, see the link below: https://www.navigraph.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=30&t=3793&p=16406&sid=49aaf3762615874dfbf0157d78131657 I also checked my settings in EFB data provider and in Navigraph DataManager......I can't find anything wrong. I performed several times a Scenery Data Update in the EFB data provider. So....what am I doing wrong ???????????? Kind regards, Jedeen
  4. Thnx Urs for the quick reply. First off all, my aircraft's are all from IFly, I mainly fly the 737-800 with my home cockpit. I agree there can be differences due to rounding but that's not the case here, I think BTW I only use Amsterdam and Paris airports from Aerosoft (EHAM and LFPG) And yes.....course disagree are there because there are differences between manual input and internal data. I have updated EFB and IFly nav data so, in my opinion, there can be no differences between the displayed data like I showed in the screen shots. Now, to put it simple.......where in EFB can I obtain the correct data to put that data manual in my MCP. ?????? (That's where you dial in the course for the ILS approach) I can obtain that data from the Airac charts provided by Navigraph but in my opinion it should also be possible to get it from EFB. Kind regards Jedeen
  5. Can someone explane me the differences between the two screenshots. I use airac 1611 in Aivla EFB. When I put in the course as mentioned in the Aivla Approach chart, I am getting a course disagree in my FMC When i put in the course as mentioned in the Navigraph chart, everything goes well. How can I get the correct numbers in Aivla EFB??? Kind regards Jedeen
  6. Problem solved. Last week my CDU from Flight Deck Solutions broke down and I did send it to Berlin. In order to fly with my planes I had to use the on screen CDU's. But I got no messages when an approach mismatched a runway (approach disagree) It turned out that I had to uninstall my software for the CDU.....and now all is well Kind regards Jedeen
  7. Hi, The magnetic headings mentioned in the airport information chart from EDDH (Hamburg) seams to be wrong. Also the Approach Course that are mentioned in the approach charts are wrong. Both are 049 in the above mentioned forms but should be 048 I have tried to fix it by compiling a new .bgl with ADE but with no success. I also installed the newest FSX/P3D Navaids but that also did not help. I updated the Data Provider several times and cleaned the caches, but nothing seams to work. I know I am doing something wrong but I don't know what. I have some experience with altering runways and frequency's in ADE, but the above mentioned problem is way above my head. Can some one shines some light on this ???? BTW: flying with IFly 737 and with a course of 048 in my MCP the ILS approach goes well. Kind regards Jedeen
  8. Problem solved I analyzed my TCP/IP trafic on port 51747 and saw that on every [sYN] I did'nt get a [ACK]. It turns out that my personal firewall on my host blocked IP's that EFP was using. So after setting up an appropriate zone I was ready to rock and roll.
  9. Ok, nevertheless...thnx. I wil dig in deeper and I'll find what is wrong. I have to because I like EFB but not with DP and DU on one system.
  10. Hello GG.......yes, you'r absolutely right.....network problems are the most difficult ones. I was only hoping that someone has some idea what I can do. And yes, I pinged my computers withe their computername. I even did a test with changed names...no result. I have 2 other pc's in the network, one with XP and one with Vista. I will install DU on those and see what happends. But I'm glad to hear that at least you are thinking of a diagnostic utility. But keep in mind, such a utility will never be ready. And for my problem......well I wil ask some people who have more brains than I have.
  11. Hello, I am struggling now for 3 evenings and surching in this forum to look for an answer for my problem........DU is not connecting to DP I have 2 computers, 1 Desktop functioning as host for DataProvider and a Laptop on wich I have installed DU. Both machines have OS W7 64Bit and both are conected via LAN. I have properly setup my shares, I can read and write to my shares, I can ping both PC's, I have no conflicting portnumbers according to my netstats. I have setup both my firewalls to permit EFB. I have turned off my virus protections......nothing seems to help to let DU connect to my DataProvider. The yellow banner saying "Connecting DataProvider" keeps on showing and the only button that is activ in DU is the "System" button. Has anyone a suggestion in what I am doing wrong????
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