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  1. Thanks for the reply and no problems with pressing Ctrl+T. At least I know it's no my system so don't need to dig further. Regards Kym H
  2. Firstly, thanks so much to AivlaSoft for Version 2.1. It is fantastic to now be able to use EFB2 with X-plane 11 as well as P3D4.5 I have one little annoyance though and that is that since the upgrade, the server, despite its settings, does not automatically minimize to the system tray (running Windows 10) after starting which was not a problem on my system with the previous version. The "serverSettings.txt" file is just fine and is writable and does contain the following:- [General] GoToTrayAfterStartup = True Is there something I am missing or is this a little bug in the new system? If there is a workaround other than Ctrl+T I'd really appreciate hearing about it. Regards Kym H
  3. Just in case you haven't seen this link isobar. Good luck and enjoy.
  4. This is the best news of the year so far. Thank you!
  5. Hi there Urs. Thank you so much for your rapid reply. Your solution worked and I'm a happy man Thanks again. Regards KymH
  6. I have just installed v1.65 on my Windows 10 Pro System and receive the following error message when starting AivlaSoft EFB DataProvider:- Verifying license means 'not yet licensed' but getting the following error state: IncorrectSystem. After clicking OK on the error dialog box the Data Provider will not run and closes. My system is otherwise perfect. I have reinstalled a couple of times and cleaned out the registry and installed with AV and Firewall off. Any help appreciated. Regards KymH
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