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  1. My greatest wish for Christmas would be an open beta testing of EFB which is X-Plane compatible. My very favourite add-on programme coupled with my very favourite sim (and I do use the others) would be divine. Superb. Fantastique !!! Every week I drop by here...... just in case........... The waiting and hoping has been long... My greatest best wishes to you & your team Shane MOVED TO THE PROPER FORUM BY ADMIN
  2. Good day and thank you for this wonderful wonderful fantastic program. My true favourite since many years back. Now totally magnificent! X-Plane used to be a very poor relation. Now it's phenomenal, once free Orthography and overlays installed. More and more developers are sharing both simulators (P3D & XP. That's the choice for me, anyway). Cross platform add-ons exist more and more every week. Pilot2ATC, FSGlobal Real Weather, PFPX/TOPCAT.. So ??? After you have a long rest, please oh please oh pretty please... Make EFB2 'see' X-Plane ?? I am able to use it there as the best flight planner with SIDS & STARS ((so long as P3D is installed, it doesn't need to be running). I just go to the airport I'm at in XP11 and request that airport manually in EFB2. No moving map of course. How sad. Weather's perfect though! Thank you for reading my silly rant. All the best to you sir. Shane (deepredson)
  3. Hi to you. Same happened here. My Internet Security is AVG. Too stringent for its own good! (Resolved): This is just a silly step-by-step thing which I did. If AVG (that's all I have), open Internet Security (square colored icon), thene menu (top right), then Settings (left of pop-up screen), Exceptions (halfway down page), open 'Browse' (quite hard to see. Grey shaded on mine), and add any place where Aivlasoft is installed (C:\Program Files\AivlaSoft\* (and) C:\Users\Shane\Documents\AivlaSoft\* (if default install). After this, press ok and exit. We're not done yet! Back into AVG, and Menu (as before) and click on 'components' (top left). End of the page is 'Enhanced Firewall'. Open blue 'Customize' text. On this new page, to to the very end and click 'Packet Rules'. At the bottom of THIS page (sigh !), click on 'Add', and type under 'name' column.. TCP (13), then 'Allow' (Action column); 'All' (Protocol column); 'Out' (Direction column). Press OK. Make sure Enhanced Firewall's button is on (green) on previous page. Fingers crossed. PS. Restart PC. (Maybe even un-protect AVG from tray until you get this gorgeous program working! Good luck. Going to get some headache pills and go away now. Shane (deepredson)
  4. Good day to you. It happened here also. (AVG internet blocked). I inserted 'exceptions' to all Aivlasoft folders. Un-installed EFB2, re-started PC, re-installed EFB2. Sorted. (You might have to add more exceptions. Depends on your Internet Security. Hope this helps. Good Luck. Deepredson (Shane)
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