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  1. [Warning- Selected simulator P3D does not agree with running simualtor FSX.] Why is EFB showing this and the Aircraft won't connect? But the flight plan shows in Display Unit. Thanks for your help.
  2. What folder in PD3 has the navdata for EFB? I want to set the dataprovider up for PD3. Its pointed to the navdata in FSX at this time. Thanks
  3. Ok I got it. You have to select a folder for PD3 also which is not on my machine. Why?
  4. Just upgraded to 1.5. Select provider Ngraph FMS Data. Go to FSX/AiviaSoft and I get the message above. I do select the hierarchically folder AiviaSoft. Don't understand why it wont take..Thanks for your help. Maurice
  5. Thanks for the update. EFB is one of my top addons for FSX.
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