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  1. Its here bottom right side - also put some accu-feel with simplecam works pretty nice http://aivlasoft.com/download/index.html
  2. http://aivlasoft.ipbhost.com/index.php?/topic/2219-simplecam-entering-serial-number/
  3. All you have o do is load an aircraft do not zoom out or in leave it alone then use shortcut keys to move the camera as shown in pdf readme - when you get in to a position you like hold down the control key then hit a your desired number on the number keypad A message will appear saying its settings it wait ill its gone to do another - I would set forward view first then the other from there its a good place to start moving the camera from to do your other views
  4. Ok I'm stupid lol works great I was using my yoke to turn to the direction for another view - You HAVE to use the camera adjustment keys to get into proper position for it to work - great program
  5. Any other ideas I uninstalled it and cleaned up any remaining files - re-install and put in reg again same problem I configure the front left and right view - pan with yoke and it goes to front view but I can look left or right - it jumps like it will but will not just stays in front view - like something is stopping it from looking left and right - could there be a setting in p3d that will fix this ? thanks Also read other posts on correct cfg file entry's but they are all ready correct
  6. I have it on - thats not it - when I hit a number it wants to go to the left but it abruptly stays in forward view - if I move around then hit key for forward view it works but thats it none of the others work - thanks
  7. Another thing to add the problem started when I tried to setup cams for carenado hawker 850 if that helps but I would assume it should work in any aircraft
  8. Hi loaded serial number and now for some reason when I hit a num pad key to change view it will not - it wants to but locked somehow - I dont have any settings in fsuipc setup - I checked its blank - not sure why its not working now any help would be appreciated I can only get the front forward view to work if that helps Anyway to start fresh - standard controls xml must be messed up
  9. Done and thanks for info - all set now - take care
  10. Hi Guys: Great program how can I put in my serial number before the trial days are over - not getting that initial screen where I could - I uninstalled it but that didnt help - thanks much
  11. Thanks Urs - I will make sure procedures is checked off and try it - off to work - have a great day Regards, Rich
  12. I am really confused I bought the latest navdata installed for both EFB and CS777 - I have saved out a plan out of EFB as shown 4kb with all I need to get from one airport to the other its all I care about - how do I consistently save out the 4kb file as you can see it does it but also saves out 2kb file which I cant use - you have not explained why it works sometimes and not others - I think all of that info (waypoints made by EFB) shown in the screenshot need to be in a text field to save it out as a 4kb file with all of those way points - thank so much Andy
  13. Hi Andy: Small world - hope all is well I have the waypoints - tjayy - brrro - jaite ect. I am only making a fsx plan so that has nothing to with pmdg - I am importing them into CS777 - I am thinking because all of those waypoints as shown are not in the ATS Routing window it only shows KBOS BLZZR2 KLAX - I am thinking all of these tjayy - brrro - jaite ect - need to be in that window to save out all of those waypoints shown in my screenshot - has to be a process that I am not aware of when saving How do I copy those waypoints from 1 to 12 its not pickable text Thank you
  14. Still doing it notice the flt plan but when I save it out to use its only 2kb no idea why this is happening its not saving the entire plan if it did it would be 4kb ?
  15. Hi Urs: Thanks for getting back to me so what I have figured out is the 2kb file only has the dep airport and arrival airport so thats why its only 2kb - so when I saved it with all of the waypoints it did not save all of the waypoints - I have the same flight plan but one of them has all of the waypoints and that saves correctly so must be something I am doing when it saves out it looses all of the waypoints I know they were there when I saved the native ebr file but when I re-open it the waypoints are gone - the native ebr did not save correctly - I know this sounds odd but I did save it native with all of the info - how I figured this out is because I have two native ebr files one had all the info and one did not which is strange as I would not save it without all of the needed info - not sure why it did this Are you adding any future features or is this the final program ? Thank you Regards, Rich
  16. Correct but why is it saving out a .pln correctly (4kb file) and the same exact scenerio it will save it out as (2kb file) which is missing all the waypoint ? - installed as admin and all of that so any ideas why its doing it - thank you
  17. Well I figured out copy and paste but still not sure why when I save a flt pln when I reopen it it has eliminated some of the waypoints no biggie - also just realized EFB is saving out a 2kb file which does not work then the same exact flt plan it saves it out as 4kb file and the CS777 can import that one with all the entire route so why would it be saving out some files correctly and some not ?
  18. Hi: Great software I am not able to load a pln into CS777 it shows the dep airport and arr airport when I import it but no waypoints - so I found a work around - I can hand type in what EFB has made in simbrief.com site and save it out of simbrief website as a pln file and that imports all the proper waypoints but I have to input all the waypoints manually on the site is there a way to copy and paste the information from EFB so I don't have to do it manually or is there a reason EFB is not saving out the flt plan properly that I have missed - thank you. Regards, Rich Sennett
  19. Hi Guys: EFB makes a pmdg rt file but it will not load into ngx fmc, if I use flight sim commander those exports work, any idea what I may be doing wrong ? Rich
  20. Thank you Sir appreciate it, take care. Regards, Rich
  21. Hi Guys: Is there an export for the PMDG ngx737 route plan. Thank you. Regards, Rich
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