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  1. Its here bottom right side - also put some accu-feel with simplecam works pretty nice http://aivlasoft.com/download/index.html
  2. http://aivlasoft.ipbhost.com/index.php?/topic/2219-simplecam-entering-serial-number/
  3. All you have o do is load an aircraft do not zoom out or in leave it alone then use shortcut keys to move the camera as shown in pdf readme - when you get in to a position you like hold down the control key then hit a your desired number on the number keypad A message will appear saying its settings it wait ill its gone to do another - I would set forward view first then the other from there its a good place to start moving the camera from to do your other views
  4. Ok I'm stupid lol works great I was using my yoke to turn to the direction for another view - You HAVE to use the camera adjustment keys to get into proper position for it to work - great program
  5. Any other ideas I uninstalled it and cleaned up any remaining files - re-install and put in reg again same problem I configure the front left and right view - pan with yoke and it goes to front view but I can look left or right - it jumps like it will but will not just stays in front view - like something is stopping it from looking left and right - could there be a setting in p3d that will fix this ? thanks Also read other posts on correct cfg file entry's but they are all ready correct
  6. I have it on - thats not it - when I hit a number it wants to go to the left but it abruptly stays in forward view - if I move around then hit key for forward view it works but thats it none of the others work - thanks
  7. Another thing to add the problem started when I tried to setup cams for carenado hawker 850 if that helps but I would assume it should work in any aircraft
  8. Hi loaded serial number and now for some reason when I hit a num pad key to change view it will not - it wants to but locked somehow - I dont have any settings in fsuipc setup - I checked its blank - not sure why its not working now any help would be appreciated I can only get the front forward view to work if that helps Anyway to start fresh - standard controls xml must be messed up
  9. Done and thanks for info - all set now - take care
  10. Hi Guys: Great program how can I put in my serial number before the trial days are over - not getting that initial screen where I could - I uninstalled it but that didnt help - thanks much
  11. Thanks Urs - I will make sure procedures is checked off and try it - off to work - have a great day Regards, Rich
  12. I am really confused I bought the latest navdata installed for both EFB and CS777 - I have saved out a plan out of EFB as shown 4kb with all I need to get from one airport to the other its all I care about - how do I consistently save out the 4kb file as you can see it does it but also saves out 2kb file which I cant use - you have not explained why it works sometimes and not others - I think all of that info (waypoints made by EFB) shown in the screenshot need to be in a text field to save it out as a 4kb file with all of those way points - thank so much Andy
  13. Hi Andy: Small world - hope all is well I have the waypoints - tjayy - brrro - jaite ect. I am only making a fsx plan so that has nothing to with pmdg - I am importing them into CS777 - I am thinking because all of those waypoints as shown are not in the ATS Routing window it only shows KBOS BLZZR2 KLAX - I am thinking all of these tjayy - brrro - jaite ect - need to be in that window to save out all of those waypoints shown in my screenshot - has to be a process that I am not aware of when saving How do I copy those waypoints from 1 to 12 its not pickable text Thank you
  14. Still doing it notice the flt plan but when I save it out to use its only 2kb no idea why this is happening its not saving the entire plan if it did it would be 4kb ?
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