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  1. Hi guys, Weird thing this weekend. The issue seems to have resolved itself for now. I did 2 flights and all AI aircrtaft where there. I'll report back if it happens again. Seems that I had to bring up the issue for it to go away Thanks Chris
  2. Hi Travis, Thanks for the quick reply Travis. I appreciate it. I will report back withe the missing info. Chris
  3. Hi guys, I dont fly online so I dont know if both problems are related but yesterday I did a short flight from CYUL to KEWR. I use UT2 for traffic along with RC4. The only plane I fly is the 737NGX from PMDG. I started the flight and everything was fine but all of a sudden, all AI aircraft dissapeared from EFB. There was plenty of traffic on my DU. I had to restart the data provider and all traffic reappeared. This issue has happpened quita a few times. Is there any way to fix this? Thanks Chris
  4. Hi guys, I've been using EFB for a whiles now but just recently (last evening) setup the DU on a laptop to be able to check on my long flights when in cruise and not in front on my main FSX machine. I just want to say a BIG THANK YOU Aivlasoft for such an amazing software. It works great over my Wi-Fi network This means i'll be able to have a cold one on my patio in the summer and still be able to know where I am in the virtual world. This software is great! Just wanted to let you know. Have a great day!!! ps: I dont have anymore problems seeing traffic whiles using the NGX. Seems to have fixed itself??? Chris
  5. LOL. Sorry but I dont understand a single word. ...I tried realy! Maybe Urs can answer you on this. Chris Verner
  6. Guys, I dont know if this has anything to do with the problem being now fixed for me but I recently OC'ed my i& 950 to 4.01Ghz and since then, I have had no problems what so ever seeing traffic in EFB. I was having the issue before but now it seems to be working perfectly. Just thought I would let you know in case the extra power was the solution. Chris Verner
  7. Hi guys, Tried a flight yesterday with the NGX SP1 and to my surprise (with traffic to 100) I had all of it on EFB!!! Very nice. Chris
  8. Hi Edwin, Actualy, I copy/paste the route in the EFB route select window. Simple as that. The only export I use is the one in EFB for the 737NGX. I then import it in my NGX via the FMC and then bingo! Fuel is also calculated in Vroute (does a great job). Have a good flight! Chris Verner
  9. +1 for Vroute. I only fly real world routes and it's perfect for that. In conjonction with EFB, you will defenately be in business. Chris
  10. Hi guys, I built my PC from scratch and therefore dont have Norton anywhere on my machine. I'll try the sequence given to see if it does anything for me. I'll let you know. Thanks Chris
  11. Hi Urs, I would like to know who (what add-on company) we need to contact to get this issue resolved since we have established that the issue is not EFB related or NGX related. I'm getting shoved off saying that i'm on the wrong forum (avsim) and so forth. I simply dont know where to turn anymore. Since EFB is my all time favorite add-on (I dont fly without it), It would be great if it worked with the NGX just as good as with the LevelD 767 just to give an example. Any input on this issue will be greatly appreciated. Thanks again Chris Verner
  12. I tried a flight with the LevelD 767 yesterday, online and offline and traffic was showing up perfectly in EFB. I'm pretty sure the problem is only present with the PMDG NGX. I still have to try a few other planes just to confirm. For now, the problem only exists while flying the NGX. Thanks Chris
  13. I havent tried online yet. My problem is offline. Thanks Chris
  14. Hi Aivlasoft, I installed SP4 last night to fix the "no traffic" issue but even after that I did a test flight and could not see other traffic on the EFB. I could see it outside my windows. The installation went perfectly. No errors or anything like that. Am I missing something? Thanks Chris
  15. Awsome! Aivlasoft, you rock! BTW: Tried the NGX last night for the first time......wow! I think I found the perfect combo: EFB and the NGX together = one great flying experience! Thanks Chris
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