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  1. Hi Urs, one interesting fact to add... The FlyByWire A320N for MSFS does not allow to set .x20 or .x70 via the user interface (dial knobs in the cockpit). It jumps from .x15 to .x25. But you can set them via a programmatic interface like SIMCONNECT. I tested this with the EFB and could see that the plane accepts the .x20 and .x70 in this case. As you will fix this in EFB this is might then be not an issue for EFB any longer. I will also raise a ticket in the FlyByWire github for this. Thanks Frank
  2. It's an even more general problem as this discussion in theVATSIM forum shows: Frequency inaccuracies in VATSIM API - General - VATSIM Community Not sure if this is a problem with different planes in MSFS - do the planes usually really take care of this? Should they?
  3. Same here - something changed so that ATIS is not showing any more.
  4. Very customer friendly solution - Love it. Thanks
  5. I also raised this in the vPilot forum: Frequencies which are given with 2 digits but actually need 3 (eg. .220/.225) not working - vPilot - VATSIM Community
  6. I had the same issue today at EDDB: vPilot required: I had to manually change in the plane to hear the controller: I use MSFS2020 and the plane was the Working Title CJ4. Haven't tested other planes yet. EDIT: Have tested the FlyByWire A320n now - same issue. Also I noticed that ATIS is sometimes not displayed in EFB2 as you can see above. EDIT: ATIS also has a third digit which makes me believe this has nothing to do with the sim or plane if EFB2 also has issue displaying ATIS at all with a freq of 123.775 Thanks
  7. Hi Oskar, I was afraid that something like this would be the cause. Copy protection by encryption is understandable but unfortunate in this case. That mean that EFB cannot map any airport which are bought through the store, right? I have found that the airports I have in the Community folder are in fact in the airportFiles_MSFS.txt: EGKK D:\Games\MSFS2020\official\onestore\fs-base\scenery\0501\APX47130.bgl (#0) Base D:\Games\MSFS2020\community\gatwick\scenery\world\scenery\GatwickSCN.bgl (#2) Part D:\Games\MSFS2020\official\onestore\fs-base-nav\scenery\0501\NAX47130.bgl (#max) Base ESGG D:\Games\MSFS2020\official\onestore\fs-base\scenery\0601\APX51110.bgl (#0) Base D:\Games\MSFS2020\community\orbx-airport-esgg-gothenburg\scenery\world\scenery\esgg-airport.bgl (#2) Part D:\Games\MSFS2020\official\onestore\fs-base-nav\scenery\0601\NAX51110.bgl (#max) Base LIMJ D:\Games\MSFS2020\official\onestore\fs-base\scenery\0602\APX50160.bgl (#0) Base D:\Games\MSFS2020\community\quelcertoleo-limj-genova\scenery\global\scenery\quelcertoleo-limj-scenery.bgl (#2) Base D:\Games\MSFS2020\official\onestore\fs-base-nav\scenery\0602\NAX50160.bgl (#max) Base EDDB D:\Games\MSFS2020\official\onestore\fs-base\scenery\0601\APX51130.bgl (#0) Base D:\Games\MSFS2020\community\flyberlin-scenery-simple\scenery\objects.bgl (#2) COM, and more D:\Games\MSFS2020\official\onestore\fs-base-nav\scenery\0601\NAX51130.bgl (#max) Base As long as the default airports have most stands this is not to bad. But for airports like EDDS where there isn't a default at all it means there are no stands or taxiways in EFB. At least now I know the issue - cost me hours today. Thanks for all your effort! I love your software and will keep using it anyway
  8. Nope - otherwise empty. These seem important I also looked into other folders: EDDS - same also empty. EDDH as well ... several others are empty. The airports I have in my community (ORBX ESGG, gatwick) have *.BGL files.
  9. My path would be: D:\Games\MSFS2020\Official\OneStore\aerosoft-airport-eddm-munich\scenery\simwings\EDDM\... Yes: One folder (TEXTURE) with 900 files.
  10. In your dbBuilder logfile I see: 2021-03-17 17:26:43.658 Debug : d:\games\msfs2020\community\aerosoft-airport-eddm-munich\cgl !! Skipped !! (Exclude definition) 2021-03-17 17:26:43.662 Debug : d:\games\msfs2020\community\aerosoft-airport-eddm-munich\contentinfo !! Skipped !! (Exclude definition) 2021-03-17 17:26:43.668 Debug : d:\games\msfs2020\community\aerosoft-airport-eddm-munich\scenery\simwings\eddm\texture !! Skipped !! (Exclude definition) 2021-03-17 17:26:43.675 Debug : d:\games\msfs2020\community\aerosoft-airport-eddm-munich\simobjects\landmarks\eddm_jetway\texture !! Skipped !! (Exclude definition) 2021-03-17 17:26:43.680 Debug : d:\games\msfs2020\community\aerosoft-airport-eddm-munich\simobjects\misc\eddm_simobjects\texture !! Skipped !! (Exclude definition) => so it sees the files in any case. But as you said in airportFiles_MSFS.txt I can only find this: EDDM D:\Games\MSFS2020\official\onestore\fs-base\scenery\0601\APX51140.bgl (#0) Base D:\Games\MSFS2020\official\onestore\fs-base-nav\scenery\0601\NAX51140.bgl (#max) Base
  11. I have now moved the EDDM airport files from Official to Community. MSFS still finds and loads the Add-On Airport. Same result in EFB though - not visible for EFB. I'm out of ideas.... Thanks Frank
  12. I have stated that in my first post - it is the payware airport for EDDM. It is installed by the sim itself when bought ingame. I have the feeling that airports installed in "Official" are not read by your dbBuilder. In my latest test I have removed everything from the Community folder (really everything - it's empty) and deleted the Content.xml. When starting up MSFS it rebuilds the Content.xml like the attached file. I have then rebuild the EFB db from scratch (new db). Logfiles attached. Same result - MSFS shows all stands and has the EDDS airport. EFB does not have all stands for EDDM and does not even see EDDS (EDDS is not in the original MSFS data - comes with add-on (payed or free) or with Navigraph) Content.xml Logfiles.zip
  13. Will try that. This is exhausting - starting MSFS, building db, shutting down, make change, starting MSFS.... I de-installed navigraph data from MSFS for now - the issue is there even without it. What does this mean in the dbBuilder log? 2021-03-17 13:44:20.129 Debug : d:\games\msfs2020\official\onestore\aerosoft-airport-eddm-munich\cgl !! Skipped !! (Exclude definition) 2021-03-17 13:44:20.133 Debug : d:\games\msfs2020\official\onestore\aerosoft-airport-eddm-munich\contentinfo !! Skipped !! (Exclude definition) 2021-03-17 13:44:20.137 Debug : d:\games\msfs2020\official\onestore\aerosoft-airport-eddm-munich\scenery\simwings\eddm\texture !! Skipped !! (Exclude definition) 2021-03-17 13:44:20.143 Debug : d:\games\msfs2020\official\onestore\aerosoft-airport-eddm-munich\simobjects\landmarks\eddm_jetway\texture !! Skipped !! (Exclude definition) 2021-03-17 13:44:20.148 Debug : d:\games\msfs2020\official\onestore\aerosoft-airport-eddm-munich\simobjects\misc\eddm_simobjects\texture !! Skipped !! (Exclude definition) Why is it skipped and excluded? Should this be like this? Also - my AddOn airports are not in the Community folder but in the Official folder as the are but in the sim. Would that make a difference? EFB is not even finding the files: Strange. I will try another content.xml order now....
  14. That's a good hint - that list is very helpful. I guess the Content.XML of MSFS or something else is messing with the priority. Will look into it. Thanks Frank
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