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  1. It's all good. Coffee exists for a reason It would be nice to see this as an option. I mean it isn't a huge deal by any means of course, but more of a nice-to-have feature. Thanks!
  2. Hi Urs, thanks for the reply. I did sign my post with my real name. It's in my signature, which I updated immediately prior to posting. I also did read that chapter in the manual. However, I'm looking for an option that automatically enables Heading Up orientation when I begin taxiing. I don't see an option for that anywhere in that chapter, or elsewhere in the manual or on the forums. I know about the option to automatically enable it after touchdown, but is there such an option for enabling it before takeoff as well?
  3. I've done a bit of searching to find an option to automatically enter Heading Up mode in Ground Chart view when I begin taxiing out to the runway after starting up my aircraft, but I am unable to find such an option. Is this possible? If so, how might I go about doing it? Thanks!
  4. Understood. It just seems very counter-intuitive to have some other UI element, in this case the RSB, controlling the procedures window.
  5. The same can be said for EFB v1, but the SID/STAR Overview feature was there, and those of us who used it found it tremendously useful in many cases. It became part of our workflow. For me, I don't keep a Navigraph subscription active all the time. I subscribe twice, maybe three, times a year for a month at a time, and use AivlaSoft EFB as my charts viewer in a way. It's just convenient. It all comes down to being able to differentiate information at a glance. I shouldn't be left wondering what's what during such an important/busy phase of flight. In this case, transitions wouldn't need to be displayed any differently because I can see that the flight planned route is marked a different color. Therefore the waypoint that acts as the transition is just that: the transition. My proposed solution, then, is to make the OK/Close/Whatever button be the right-most button. I actually didn't know this. In that case, since EFB knows your flight plan at that point, maybe it can propose directional cruise altitudes based on the country of origin? That's why I'm asking for an option for that. Of course it doesn't make sense to show procedures that don't apply to a specific runway for example. My thought here is that it isn't user friendly to have to deselect an approach or transition just to be able to select another. The green bar that appears already clearly marks which one is active. Again, it comes down to having to make fewer clicks or touches when told by ATC to fly a different procedure than you had planned. I am very much enjoying EFB v2, and I appreciate all the work that has gone into it!
  6. Mine is working fine with the default 1802 cycle.
  7. First of all, congrats on the release of EFB v2! It looks very nice and works great for me so far! As a user of EFB v1, I have grown accustomed to its usage and the way it presents the information to me. Maybe it's just me being used to that version. I have a few ideas for improvements, if I may, that I think if they existed in v2 would make it a definite upgrade for me. SID/STAR Overviews: I loved the feature where you could view all SIDs/STARs based on the direction of travel. This helped me tremendously to plan my departures and arrivals when appropriate, and gave me a good idea of which one to select or expect without having to view them one-by-one. More prominent display of information: The way EFB v1 displayed chart information was very good. Things like frequencies, restrictions, courses, etc. were MUCH more prominently displayed, using bold font and larger text size. As it is now in v2, those same items are displayed in something like a 12pt, non-bolded style making it very difficult to find those items at a glance. Different color between phases of flight: It would be great to have the SID/STAR portion of the route be highlighted in a different color than the approach phase, for example. As it stands, it's difficult, if not impossible, to determine where a STAR ends and the approach begins. An option to disable collapse of non-selected procedures/runways: When I select a runway, SID, STAR, or approach, all other options are removed until I deselect the one currently being viewed. This may make it a bit cleaner, but for those like me who use the EFB to help plan a flight, it's a bit unfriendly to have to first deselect something to be able to select something else. I think an option to disable that behavior would be great. Add OK/Close/Select buttons where appropriate: In various windows, there is no option to just close them without applying changes to your flight plan. I may want to view a procedure in full without extra windows open to make it easier to view. As it is, I have to keep the window open, or use the X in the top-right, which isn't very touch-screen friendly in my opinion. The proposed cruise level should be appropriate for direction of flight: In EFB v1, it would give you a little reminder of whether to use even or odd flight levels. In v2, it doesn't do that at all. If it's going to propose a cruise level, I think it should also follow the general rules of direction of flight. These are the ones I can think of right now. I'm currently using the demo of EFB v2 and will continue to use it until my trial is up. I would love to be able to upgrade as I genuinely appreciate this software, and LOVE the new features of the ground charts especially. But, right now, I'm not considering purchasing v2 until some of these things are addressed. I'm hoping this constructive criticism will only improve what is already a VERY nice piece of software!
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