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  1. There is a Runways like LOWW were it says localizer not available.why is that???
  2. here is a strange solution i found. i have FSX Steam Edition Only on my computer. but for the database creation i choosed FSX! and bingo it works perfect and the Programm runs .if i choose FSX Steam Dovetail it doesnt.i get the error fileformat not suportet
  3. is your efb2.0 working correct no roblem with airac 1802?
  4. of course it is but you have to pay for it
  5. i have the same problem. it cannot install the airac either from navigraph or aerosft because it is the wrong format
  6. EFB is not working correct.it disconnecting every 2min.since the new big update for windows10 was installed
  7. i have uninstalled it. then install it is the newest Version of efb.the Problem is that it is disconnecting after like 2min then try to reconnect.the same Problem i have with fs comander so i think it is a Problem with simconnect.the disconnecting happens only when efb is connected with fsx steam. when ist runnung alone everything is ok
  8. I have download and install the new windows10 udate this week.since then efb is disconnecting everytime.i have fsx steam Edition. before this update everthing worked perfect.
  9. The Program Has a Problem to draw the correct Chart of the ils map The departure map is okay and the Enroute map too
  10. hi all i have downloaded the new version today. have still windows7 home prof. its not working it say something wrong with net framework.have net framework4.6 installed whats wrong
  11. i have a strange Problem when using vatroute inside efb. ican choose the route when i click on OK it Shows a uge error message mostly with XML. please help
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