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  1. Hi all Is it possible to see where the aircraft has flown, I know the flightplan is there, but if i deviate for weather or any other reason, the actual path I have flown is not visible. Is this possible or even implemented currently? Many thanks Garry
  2. @aivlasoft @lonewulf47 Thanks very much for the ideas, in the interim I just built the flightplan using EFB with the old code and followed that, for the aircraft and weather program I used Simbriefs flightplan, all is resolved. I think I will give Urs example a go, seems straightforward, sorry I missed it in the manual. Thanks for the excellent support. Garry
  3. Hi Oskar I take that back and apologise. So I assume EFB is taking SPIM from my sim, how can I get this to update to SPJC, particularly as yours is up to date. Thanks Garry
  4. Hi Oskar Thanks for the answer, I am using P3d V4.3 as you are. SPJC is displaying correctly in the sim, it is not recognised though in EFB v2. EFB v2 still recognises SPIM. Thanks again Garry
  5. Hello Just trying to fly from SELT - SPJC (Lima). However the flightplan will not load as EFB does not recognise SPJC. The previous name of this airport is SPIM, this is recognised. Anything I can do to rectify this? I have tried with both the provided Navigraph database and also with the latest Navdata Pro database, both have the same results. Thanks Garry
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