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  1. Thank you I gave it a try and it worked. I changed my client IP remote address to my server computers name And set the server IP setting to ANY as you suggested and now works great. Just strange how for weeks setting it up manually with my IP addresses work fine. Then one day stopped working. But thank you very much for your quick response and help and sorry for my short attitude I've had a very bad couple of weeks. Kind regards Andre
  2. hello i can no longer start my server it has been working great for a few weeks the one night i closed down my PC with no issues then next day i tried starting my aivlasoft server and for no apparent reason it comes up with the message SOCKET ERROR trying to create TCP listener. When i dismiss this message it then closes down the whole server software thus making your software totally unusable. I have tried rebooting my PC and also tried reinstalling the server but to no avail. Please can you address this issue as a matter of concern as per the forum discussion it seems I am not the only one facing this problem. kind regards Andre Client_201808031847.txt.zip Server_201808031913.txt.zip
  3. Rebooting doesn't work for me at all Even tried reinstalling many times to no avail I spent $94 aud for a product that is now totally useless. You need to make this a priority issue otherwise I need a refund for something That no longer works Grrrrrrr
  4. hello i spent $94aud and i am no longer after only a week  to load the server

    comes up with tcp listenng error. rebooting pc does not work.

    i need a solution for this now or i want a refund.

    this is crap not acceptable for the price i paid.

    your product is totally unuseable now.



    1. Andre


      and yes i tried reinstalling it to no avail

    2. lonewulf47


      Please refrain from cross-posting. Urs has already answered to your post..

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