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  1. Lonewulf... It's working now! Thank you for your help. Yes, I uninstalled the Client, reinstalled it. When I did the update it showed an error and didn't take. I should have done both, but didn't. Again, thank you. Have a good weekend! Alex
  2. Lonewulf...I hope I did this right Alex Client_201904260809.txt.zip Server_201904260809.txt.zip
  3. Hello Guys... I did the update (build #106) for both client and server. The Client never loaded..'Waiting for Server' (local). I have the Server going but the Client never loads. Any help would be appreciated!! Alex B.
  4. Version is 2.0 build #55. When I do a check for updates, system says I have the latest update for your product
  5. I'm having that problem now...and my EFB is up to date. [AutoUpdate] AutoUpdateInterval = 1 NextUpdateCheckDate = 20180722 AutoUpdateBaseUrl = http://www.aivlasoft.com/_updates/ Have also reset Wi-Fi.
  6. I get the same thing..."Currently it is not possible to download online data due to the following reason: The underlying connection was closed ..error occurred on a receive" Not a Vatsim issue, I have the Data Provider running no prob. But when I have it and the Display Unit running, the error occurs
  7. Hello all... I'm not starting to have this problem, bout every 10 min. Is there a fix? Thanks!
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