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  1. It worked in my pc. Didn't try in networked pc yet. Tks
  2. Hi, Jonas. Unfortunatelly I'm not near my pc so I'll have to postpone following your instructions, ok? As soon as I'm with my pc will do it and give you feedback. Tks
  3. Yes. I did, KiloJuliett. And tks for answering
  4. Sorry, thought I had my signature. Its Eduardo Passos
  5. I followed installations instructions and run database to get Navigraph AIRAC 1813 and it seemed ok. When trying to run EFB2 server it check for updates & license (everytime!) Then it just crashes with message. Printscreens added.
  6. I have P3Dv4.3 (with FSUIPC5.4) and bought your EFB v2. Followed its installation instructions (it created a folder with 2 subfolders Server & Client). It doesn't work even though Database is brought to up-to-date Navigraph
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