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  1. Hi, I haven't used AIVLASOFT EFB for a while and when I started it up again my plane wasn't visible on the AIVLASOFT EFB flight plan. Thinking it had to be updated, I disinstalled it and re-installed it but still no plane appears when it should be automatic. I have put the plane name but no success. What should I do or is it a bug? Thanks a lot Regards mv121 Edit: Moved to proper forum by Admin
  2. Hi friends, Since yesterday, the client server map is frozen on my computer. It wirks inside its frame but I can't move it or make it smaller or bigger. Is there a command to activate the movement? Thank you all Regards Mv121
  3. Can you please tell me how? I'm eager to learn. Thank you mv121
  4. Thanks for your answer. I am NOT using TOUTE FINDER separately in EFB. I use it within the flightplan planner included in EFB Regards mv121
  5. Hi everyone, I have a question about Aivlasoft and Route Finder you could bring an answer to, I'm sure. When I do a flightplan with SIMBRIEF, I have no problem to load it in the folder FS2020 can access with a .pln extension (see screenshot) BUT... how do I do with ROUTE FINDER? I haven't found the way to the same folder (as you know AIVLASOFT only saves .efbr flightplans which are not read by FS2020 FMC) Do you have an answer to my question? Thanks a lot mv121
  6. Hi, I've just bought the new AIVLASOFT EFB which is great but I have one problem. When I save the flight plan, it goes there (see screenshots 1&2) but when I want to load it on my A320NX, I can't see it (ss3&4) Is it a matter of extension (efbr when the supported FP files are flt or pln? Thanks for your help Best regards mv121 Edit: Moved to proper forum by Admin
  7. Thanks, I've solved my problem.
  8. Hi, I used to have EFB some years ago and now I'd like to buy it for FS2020 (A320NX) As you can see, I'm trying to create a new EFB database but Idon't understand why I can't. When I click "next" I get "No AIRAC data found in selected folder" when the folder was chosen by EFB. What should I do? Thanks a lot MV121
  9. Hi, A little problem I have that I can't solve. I want to land in PARIS CDG on rwy 09R coming from Nice. The route was perfectly followed by the plane. I have made an approach 09R/ILS 09R/ Transition OK13E: no problem... BUTmy plane follows the route impeccably until it reaches the dahed-arrow line. Instead of turning right to approach RWY 09R, it flies on straight on, followinf this line to the west. Why doesn't my plane follow the approach route which I have downloaded in the 777 FMC? I've tried to add points but nothing is working. I had the same problem landing in Edinburgh. I know there is probably something I don't do that I should do but what? That drives me crazy!!! Thank you very much Best regards MV121
  10. Hi everybody, I've just bought the SIMCHECK A300 UPGRADE (with new FMC) The problem is I don't know how to load a flight plan into the A300 FMC from AIVLASOFT. Could anyone be kind enough to tell me how I should do? Thanks a lot and Happy New Year to you all. mv121
  11. Hi, I'm sorry but being a beginner, that's double dutch to me. Would you be so kind as to tell me what to do step by step after I have loaded the flight plan from Route Finder to load it into the PMDG 737. I've read all your brochures but couldn't find it. By the way, I've managed to do it with FSCommander. Thank you very much Best regards Michel
  12. Hi, Thank you, Patrick. I know how to load a flight plan in aivlasoft with rte finder for exemple but how do you load it from Aivlasoft to the actual PMDG 737? Best regards mv121
  13. Hi everyone, After trying AivlaSoft for a month, I've decided to buy it at the end of the trial period. It's really good! But, what an embarrassment! I don't know how to load the flightplans I build into the PMDG 737-800 NGX. I'm sure it's pretty simple but... Thanks for your help Mv121
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