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  1. Hi all- I'm using the trial version. Install went fine. I set the cockpit zoom to .30 in the RealAir legacy. CNTRL + 8 for forward view. CNTRL left arrow to get view out over left engine/wing. Hit NUM 8 to go back to forward view and zoom is now .70 How do I keep the .30 zoom? Thanks, Mark
  2. Hi- I'm using SceneryConfig Editor and was wondering if I have to run the DB manager every time I enable/disable scenery. I'm using photo scenery primarily. Thanks, Mark
  3. Hi all- I'm getting 24kbps download rate trying to get the latest version. Multiple tries. 2hr download. OOkla Speedtest download 29Mbps on Comcast modem. Are your servers OK? Can you supply a different ftp address for download? Thanks, Mark [attachment=0]download.PNG[/attachment]
  4. Hi- I've seemed to have developed a problem recently. Every time I start (fresh boot, not a restart) EFB from my networked laptop, I have to go out and select the DataProvider folder on the host computer. In other words, the selection doesn't stick for future flights. Thanks, Mark
  5. Hi Urs- Server name was typed in incorrectly. Sorry for the trouble-all is working perfect except I think I need to download SP5. I'll check later. Thanks, Mark
  6. OK, here's where I'm at... Uninstalled both provider/display unit. This is a networked configuration BTW which worked fine up until the new HD install. Ran a reg cleaner. Reinstalled both apps, checked for shares and pinged host computer from laptop with 4/4 success. EFB starts fine on host with FSX connection established, etc. Provider opens on laptop fine but hangs with yellow 'Connecting' message and will not open fully. The settings tab is available and I can get in there. Also checked path to provider db which in this case is... \\MARK-FSX\Users\Mark\AppData\Local\AivlaSoft\EFB\AivlaSoft.Efb.DataProvider I just had a though regarding this..do I need to set up a mapped drive on the laptop to the DP in order to get this to work? Thanks for your help, Travis. Mark
  7. I couldn't find a settings file anywhere so I did an uninstall/reinstall and I only get a 'Data Provider has stopped working' warning dialog now. Things seem to be getting worse...
  8. No luck..followed directions exactly and got the same error... http://img84.imageshack.us/img84/19/failsnn.jpg I think its time for a reinstall...this is WAY too much work. Thanks, Mark
  9. Thanks, GG. I'm not at my computer right now, but this should have been much easier than what we both anticipated. 'llI try it in an hour or two when I get back to my FSX computer and we'll see if I can fix this thing. I can't believe that I'm the first person that has run into this... Thanks for the help Cheers, Mark
  10. The DP will not open because it can't locate the required file mentioned above, therefore I can't get into ANY settings unless there's another way.. Thanks, Mark
  11. No luck with AIVLASOFT_1101.exe It's installing in H:\FSX\Aivlasoft\... and the DP is looking in H:\FSX\FMCWP\NavData\fmc_ident.txt Ideas? Thanks, Mark
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