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  1. I understand and thank you for taking the time to reply. Bob
  2. Thank you, Doesn't allow me to view settings, the program is completely lock up. I'll reinstall as it has been working very well for weeks. As far as putting the weather snap shot on the server, I wish you had not. Bob
  3. Hi, I'm running Windows 10 up-to-date with EFB2 on my client. With the server running, every time I try to open settings the program locks up with a message 'Side Bar Locked'. How do you unlock it? I want to check the weather source. Also, in the future would it be possible to allow the Weather Setting on the server (Windows 10 Pro) to be duplicated on the client, like EFB 1? Like most networked users ASP3D is running on the client. Because of a issue with networking from the server to the client I can't access it directly and use 'Real World Weather'. Thank you for your help and a wonderful flight-bag. Bob
  4. Oops..... working fine now. I forgot I had removed the A320 because of incapability with V4. Bob
  5. The DB builder returns two errors, both concerning the FS Labs A320 path. I'm using Navigraph fms data which is the current cycle. I have EFB1. It will install, however, kicks me out because of DB errors. P3Dv4. Bob
  6. I purchased and was able to get through to the activation computer and it appears to be working. The Windows Fall update is a crap shoot and everyday i find something broke, then the next it works as MS fixes their beta update. I have Ezdoc but that doesn't work now LOL, this little program does everything I need and not as scary as Ezdok. Thank guys. Bob
  7. Thanks but I can't revert to the previous Windows build, I'll have to wait until MS fixes their mess or reset the OS again. Bob
  8. Demo Version I just installed again and now I get a message: "Trying to verify demo license but could not reach any server on the internet." I opened Port 13 and added the program to Webroot to allow throught fire wall. Rebooted and same message. I give up. Bob
  9. Hi, Thank you for the replies, I have several problems since updating Windows 10 Pro to the Fall 2017 update. It created a mess on my machine. Bob
  10. Hi, As soon I as install Simplecam, then load the A320 it crashes P3Vd4.1. In fact I have to uninstall and re-install the A320 to get it to not crash P3d. Has anyone else seeing the same issue? Bob
  11. Hi and happy new year! I have a persistent problem that I'm hoping your expertise with simconnect can help me solve. This is not a unique EFB problem but I'm hoping you might be able to shed some light on why EFB is also affected and lead to a solution. I purchased EFB a year or two ago and it worked perfectly networking between client and FSX server. About a month ago I suddenly experienced the following problem. I would appreciate any ideas as to what can block simconnect locally on two separate computers after a fresh install of FSX with acceleration on each? The second computer I installed FSX on was a new Win7 machine which was installed by the vendor. The only common parts I can think of are the Comcast modem (network), netgear router, diskeeper 12 professional , Webroot AV and Win7 Fire wall. I have opened ports on the Win Firewall and removed Webroot AV. What's Happening: Everything that requires simconnect does not work. Default Planes: All run normally. F1 Mustang: When loading the F1 Mustang an error message pops up 'Network Error - Simconnect is Blocked' . The VC is blank and the throttles, buttons etc. cannot be moved. Aivlasoft EFB: The Data provider starts however cannot connect to FSX. The log shows 'Simconnect Inactive' Networked: I can connect to FSX from my client running Plan-3G via simconnect so it appears to be a local (machine issue). I have all three simconnect files in the Windows winsxs folder and installed the 3 simconnects from the SDK service packs. I am complete baffled. Any suggestions or ideas will be appreciated. Can a new Comcast cable modem or Netgear Router affect local simconncet connectivity? Thanks.
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