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  2. Hi yes I saw that there are also windows 10 tablets .... but I should spend 300 euros ... my wife calls my homecocpit "the monster". ๐Ÿคฃ I could also put another screen but I have no more space in my PC regards max
  3. Hi Why did you choose not to make an App for Android? it would be nice to have it on a tablet .... regards Max
  4. sorry but I don't think I understood your question correctly ... when I did the installation of the client and the server it opened several windows for me and I acted accordingly so that it completed all the installation for the simulator in use, for NVDATA (he also asked me to flag Navigraph) and installed scenarios .... but it is not a problem ... this does not preclude the purchase of this fantastic software .. it was to understand if it was a known problem or an installation problem ... I will contact a friend of mine who has the license ... let's see if a he appears the ILS card of LIEO ....
  5. to say the vrita is not the default one but I made a flight plan on that airport (having the scenario) and in looking for the ILS I had this problem ... which I then solved by opening the Jeppesen on navigraph .... then today I checked on other airports that I usually frequent in Italy and Europe ... but that of LIEO is the only case for now ... regards max
  6. hi sorry Tipo di simulatore P3D V5 N. build server e client EFB v2 VERSION 2.2 BUILD #126 Configurazione EFB v2: rete o macchina singola networked Configurazione EFB v2: percorso predefinito o personalizzato DEFAULT Utilizzo della versione di prova con licenza o gratuita free trial version Se il problema รจ relativo al database o alle procedure: - Provider Navdata e numero di ciclo procedures ILS. - AIRAC installed (2105) Se il problema riguarda un determinato aeroporto: - Codice ICAO. LIEO REGARDS MAX
  7. Sorry!!! AIRAC installed (2105)
  8. Goodmorning everyone I have downloaded and installed the EFB v2 version ... I must say that it is incredible ... very well maintained and professional ... however I have noticed that some ILS cards are not present ... such as that of LIEO. for runway 23 there were all the other approaches but the ILS one. it was not present, when in the Jeppesen card it exists ... Obviously I have not yet seen the other airports, I hope this is not the case for them too ... regards Max
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