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  1. thanks again for your reply really appreciate your help..i will experiment with it the last two days i have for trial.. thanks and rgds ken
  2. ive zoomed in as far as i can go..it looks like if you laying on the floor and and you see the edge of a book..you cant see anything you have to stand up to read it..ive tried the up and down keys the left and right keys and the page up and down..but all i can is the edge of the radios.. i cant read the radios...did you see the page in the manual where they show the different look..i need the the third line middle picture..it shows tge radios perfectly.. thanks and rgds ken
  3. i am so sorry i fly the PMDG 200-lr and fsx windows 7.. i need the radio panel just like in the manual ..the one that says ...Throttle...the middle picture on the third line...thanks rgds ken
  4. thanks for the fast reply i cant see the radio panel it is like it is lying down....how do i get (on top of it) to look down on it? right now i see it as if i am looking straight on...the page up and down help but not enough... rgds ken
  5. i have the trial version and really love this program one question .....how do i go to the radios panel..ive tried all different ways to zoom down but i can not TIP the camera to see the radio panel the seat is in the way.... i have windows 7 64 bit with fsx any help is appreciated rgds ken hanson canada
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